Wesley Clark is inciting violence!

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Published on 07-21-2015 by the American Herald


Wesley Clark, a former 4 Star General of the Army and currently working for Blackstone has been found to be inciting violence by and between the American Society and the U.S. Military.

Wesley Clark has not offered any reason why he has turned against the American Society nor the U.S. Military on behalf of a third party. However, he has obviously made a political decision that does not involve the survival of the U.S. Military nor the American Society. If the American Society is wiped out, the U.S. Military no longer has any support and therefore the U.S. Military is gone. Whatever political decision that was made by Wesley Clark, to continue to use the U.S. Military credentials to incite is considered sedition against the U.S. Military and the American Society.

It would be best for Wesley Clark to come clean with whom he is working for and why. Inciting violence against soldiers in the U.S. Military perpetrated by fear caused by Wesley Clark would be considered an act of betrayal against those soldiers that supported Wesley Clark for so many years.

Loyalty cannot be demanded, loyalty has always been earned and that fact has been proven over and over in history. The ignorant are the ones that believe that they can force others to think a certain way that would be acceptable to the people that Wesley Clark is now supporting outside of the American Society and the U.S. Military.

Wesley Clark has officially claimed exile from the American Society and the U.S. Military by inciting violence by and between the two in an effort to destroy both which has rendered Wesley Clark “stateless”. This means Wesley Clark, in his own words is not a U.S. citizen nor a resident of any of the U.S. states in the American Society. Wesley Clark is foreign to both. This decision was made by Wesley Clark alone and that decision should be honored by the American Society and the U.S. Military.


The facts about an oath of allegiance to a country!

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Published on 07-18-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers,

There have been many negative rumors about taking an oath or affirmation to a particular State or to a country. These rumors have taken its toll upon North America and its development into the light of freedom. 

On or about 7 years ago there was a particular individual that created a nation. He was claiming that the people that joined the nation pledged their sacred honor to the nation and to each other which is the definition of allegiance. That might be true and there is nothing wrong with that claim. However, he also claimed that all property was pledged to the nation as well. The property claim was completely false. 

Governments claiming citizens Property is only if the nation is opening up a line of credit with an international banker/agent. The banker requires an audit of all property to determine how high the number goes in the line of credit. The number is always higher then what the property is worth for the purpose of gaining control of the nation and starting the direct tax process of its citizens.  When the government opens a line of credit with a private international banker, the titles to the property go into a trust wherein the “creditor” is now trustee over the property with full control and the governments citizens pay an insurance premium to cover damages to the property that the international banker has legal title to as trustee.

There is not a form of government in existence that has the ability to own property. If any government claims “government owned property”, that particular government is lying. The real goal of that government that is lying about owning property is really about securing tax free property for the international banker to produce income tax free revenue. Most governments today have been turned into covers for private international banking interests. Everything the creditor does is in the name of the government even though the creditor is only acting in his or her own interests. The government is protecting its creditor over and above its duty to its citizens which could turn into genocide, or if the government is in a time of war, the act could be considered a war crime.

This is why usury in its many legal definitions is criminal. The trap that most governments will find themselves in fairly soon is there will be a choice. Its citizens, or its creditors that are stealing from its citizens.

Another way of imparting this scenario is with a question. How long will a mother of a child allow a step father to abuse her child before she acts to stop the abuse?

Warning, if a Government is requiring anyone to pledge their property to that Government through an oath or affirmation, that requirement would be a lie and a trap into perpetual slavery. When you see the word tenant on a deed to property, at least you now know whom is claiming the property and where to send the maintenance bills. If the creditor wants to be a landlord, then it is time that the creditor starts paying his or her fair share.

Why would anyone pay property taxes for a landlord or any other kind of tax for a landlord?


Perception has been our biggest enemy!

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Published on 07-11-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers,

Perception can be your greatest enemy or your greatest ally. Perception can be the truth or a deception. Example: A child is born, and the name of god to a child is mom and dad. If that child is raised to believe that the color blue is called “red” and the color yellow is called “blue”. To tell that child any different as an adult will be met with ridicule, dis-belief, and scorn against the one attempting to help the adult change their perception.

Here are a series of statements. This path has worked with others.

1: If any European country leaves the European Union, the currency of that country will change.

2: Germany will go back to the Deutsche Mark.

3: France would go back to the French Franc.

4: Italy would go back to the lira.

5: Greece would go back to the Greek Drachma.

6: The United States of America would go back to the Continental Dollar.

The 1789 “new union” U.S. dollar is the same as the European Union Euro that was started in 1999. The people in America perceive the U.S. dollar as being the countries currency and the federal reserve note as belonging to a private central bank that is separate or foreign to the U.S. dollar. People are literally trying to re-establish the U.S. dollar with a gold backed perception. The U.S. dollar was established by a private central bank called “The Bank of New York” established in 1784. The same thing happened to Europe in 1999. Many have been deceived into thinking that a private central bank currency(U.S. dollar=Euro currency) literally belongs to a country when it really belongs to a private central bank that created an overlay survey over the original country established in 1781. The Continental Dollar is the countries currency, just like the Deutsche Mark, French Franc, Greek Drachma, etc… People are more patriotic now then ever whether in a negative or positive. Patriotism is a perception. Will your perception be your ally or was your perception created by an enemy that wanted to re-direct your energy to fight for him?


Sacrifice and Possession Cannibalization in the American Society!

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Published on 07-08-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

When anyone takes an oath or affirmation to The United States of America, there is a unique perspective that allows the individual to see the American Society from an outside point of view. Most believe this is a condition that happens in the spirit, others believe that the perspective is based on a higher education. Either way, a profound revelation is realized and being shared in this article.

The subject matter is soul sacrifice through spiritual liability and the cannibalization of possessions and reputation.  Lets take one example in American Society and expand on that point of view.

There is a case that was heard with a final judgment entitled:

American National, Richard Rexford Reinheimer vs. citizens of the State of Maryland-Final Judgment

By analyzing this case from an outside perspective, it appears that the case is really solid and upon further inspection, it is a solid case and has been finalized.

However, when taking a look at the whole scenario, the case can be understood from a different point of view.

The question is: What led up to this final judgment? How does the American Society really operate on a daily basis? 

The American Society is based on sacrifice and a form of cannibalization. This does not mean that people sacrifice for the sake of others nor does it mean that people are publicly sacrificed on an alter, although Bohemian Grove may be guilty of human sacrifices, but the rumors have not been proven. 

Sacrifice in the American Society means that the people will always hire someone to do their dirty work and create Spiritual Liability for those hired to carrying out the dirty work (crimes).

Examples: In the Richard Reinheimer case, Richard lived in a 2.2 million dollar home. In order to maintain that type of lifestyle means someone else is going to have to suffer or do without. In order to keep that home and lifestyle secure and comfortable, someone is going to have to protect the situation by keeping those that are suffering away from the neighborhood. Someone has to be hired to do that dirty work. In order to do away with the spiritual liability for the condition, someone in the neighborhood is going to have to be sacrificed for the sake of the rest of the neighborhood. Richard’s number was up and it was time to make a sacrifice for the rest, there were even neighbors rummaging through the Reinheimer’s family possessions that had been placed on the curb. The family was worried about the neighbors stealing their things. Why? Because deep down people know that they will be sacrificed by their neighbors and friends.

When Richard turned on those people that were hired to do the dirty work that Richard had been benefiting from for so many years, the hired help took it personal because of their sacrifice due to taking on the spiritual liability (crimes) that are necessary to maintain that form of lifestyle. 

Families do this same thing to their own children. There is always one “Black Sheep” of the family that is blamed for everything that the other siblings do wrong. The parents will sacrifice one to benefit the other children. It happens all of the time and seems to be done naturally.

On an international level, Pope Francis wants everyone to sacrifice their rights so a World Government can be put in place. Did anyone bother to ask whether or not anyone wanted a World Government?  Why would anyone in their right mind give up individual rights to fulfill someones fantasy. What right is claimed to ask people to sacrifice themselves and support through their labor that is taking food out of the mouths of their children to fulfill a religious belief in the form of prophecy? The prophecy could ultimately be completely taken out of context. 

People will complain, whimper, whine, and cry over corruption in America. The reality is not one of them will really do anything about it because they benefit from that corruption in one form or another. They want those politicians to commit crimes for them, they want police to do away with undesirables in society to maintain their vision of success and status. Not one of them will really do anything about the corruption because deep down they know that if they really do something, the others benefiting from the crimes will make the “reformer” a sacrifice. People are hired to do the dirty work because the people doing the hiring want to go straight to heaven without any complications.  The American Society does have a religion and that religion involves the systematic sacrifice of the souls of others. The religion also involves the sacrifice of their own to maintain the preferred condition through cannibalization of possessions.

The question that remains is: When is your number coming up to be sacrificed for the sake of your neighbors? Everyone knows that the bankers are going no where because privately, everyone wants them there for someone to blame so the blamer can benefit from the crimes. Someone to point at and say they are evil. Someone to sacrifice their neighbor so someone can benefit in home flipping and resales.  Someone to blame in Washington D.C. for corruption, while at the same time expecting those same people to kill and murder for the benefit of the society.

There is another way, but the people in this type of sacrificial society will never find that other way because they are benefiting from the Soul Sacrifices, financial sacrifices and possessions cannibalized, and sometimes blood sacrifices with SWAT hits against those outcasts. No need to look any further. The people are benefiting in one way or another.

The American Nationals population is filled with people that have been sacrificed in the American Society with no where else to go. They are outcasts that didn’t fit and were sacrificed in one way or another. If you have been sacrificed because you stood up for the truth or your number came up for a foreclosure (sacrificed) and possessions are cannibalized or you know the truth and cannot take it anymore, then The United States of America is for you. Attempting to fit in the American Society is futile. Once you are sacrificed and your possessions are cannibalized, it is over and you will never recover because your friends and family members do not want to be next.  They will turn on you as if you never existed to save themselves and you become the American Societies dirty little secret.