U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch accused of attempted murder!


Published on 06-20-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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Yes folks you read it correctly, the head of the Department of Justice is formally accused of “attempted murder” on the international public record.

Affidavit link here

All exhibits have been filed with the General Post Master Council and is awaiting a copy with a notary. The General Post Master Council has already completed a full Judicial Review on the case that will be available soon.

This newspaper has been covering a series entitled: “Human Rights Defenders Reports on Commercial Discrimination!” The series has been receiving a lot of attention in certain circles around the country.

This issue as written in the affidavit; happens everyday in America. Many people have suffered due process issues and multiple human rights issues because of the process that has been adopted by the Department of Justice to silence whistle blowers.

Many people cannot leave their homes, they cannot work, they cannot go to events, they cannot see their families in fear of being shot and killed by the same people that have sworn to protect them. Believe it or not, most of them do not blame the police, they know where it is coming from and one man decided to do something about it.

Some really good organizations have been labeled “sovereign citizens” and domestic terrorists that do not realize that is an attempt to kill the people that are a part of those organizations. They simply do not take it serious. 

The weird part is that once an individual has been labeled, the same people that entered that profile into the system are the first to say that the people they just marked for death are not dangerous at all as written in the affidavit, yet they continue to act as if they are dangerous and trample all over their basic human rights and political rights. Everything is done to the profiled individual on a hush, hush basis.

The profiled individual’s families are harassed, they are told that the profiled individual is dangerous and a danger to society, they are told that the profiled individual wants to kill the officers families yet there is no hearing on it, no formal charges, no court date to prove the accusations, no nothing other than guilty, pay the fine, or spend time in jail. It is the most peculiar thing ever witnessed.  Nothing is ever proven, yet people hear these accusations and the rumors spread throughout their friends and families and the profiled individual is isolated and their lives are ruined. Not to mention that every time they talk to a police officer, their lives are literally at risk meaning they can be shot at anytime without recourse to the officer. If there is any mention on the news, the victim is trashed as a anti-government domestic terrorist. Then comes the gang stalking because most of the time the individuals cell phone is being tracked. The purpose of gang stalking is to ultimately push the profiled individual to violence and suicide which is attempted murder so they can either be killed or placed in jail for a long time. 

Examples of gang stalking:

1: Police or sheriff deputies drive down the street at a normal speed, then when in front of the profiled individuals home, they slow down real slow at a snails pace, and then speed up real quick and do the same thing on the way back.

2: When the profiled individual goes to the store, 4 or 5 police cars show up and drive real slow behind the individual when walking into the store, then they wait until the individual leaves the store and follow them back to their homes. Most of the time the individual is being tailgated by the officer behind them following them home.

3: Most are placed on probation and the maximum amount of time that a license can be suspended is suspended, a huge fine is placed on them yet they have no way to work and therefore cannot pay the fine or the probation officers fees. These fines and suspentions are done without any due process and with no hearing. Since their reputation is ruined, most business owners go out of business and thrown in jail over and over for not paying fines. At the same time the individual is accused to being anti-government for not paying fines, or accused of not appearing in court when the individual has no way of getting to the court because they cannot drive and do not have the money to pay for a ride. 

Warning: Be careful what you say in America, you could be saying something that could place you under this profile without even knowing it.

Alot of the details are in the affidavit for anyone to download and read. Take a look, it happens everyday in America and is the main form of commercial discrimination in America because it is being done on behalf of a foreign power.


Human Rights Defenders Report #2 on Commercial Discrimination!


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THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST would like to thank all of its readers for their support for this Newspaper.

In Human Rights Defenders Report #2 on Commercial Discrimination, the discussion will be covering the human right to employment.

First we have to cover this debt issue that seems to be coming up over and over in the media. If people cancel all foreign instruments and evidences of debt against their birth certificates, an illusion is created of being in or out of a system. The reality is, if the people do not accept the foreign claim of Manhattan Island against all property of the people and accepting the condition of collateral for its debt claim against them, then the Bank of New York Mellon starve those people out of their homes and place death warrants against them through its federal union created by the STATES. Most people have not experienced this direct form of commercial discrimination. It is a reality and many are coming forward that will reveal an epidemic of commercial discrimination happening in America and how severe the discrimination has become. It does not matter their race, it happens to everyone equally that do not accept being used as collateral and being referred to as “collateral damage” rather than human beings or people.

Second, a social security number was not intended to be used as a brand nor can it be used as a form of identification. As a matter of fact, it is illegal to even ask for the number unless the request is made from the Social Security Administration. Today the number is being used by the courts, thousands of private companies, banks, and many other places as if it was normal. The removal of that privacy means in reality that the SSN has become a brand like what was being used in the death camps of Nazi Germany because it is being  required to receive any sort of services no matter where you go.

If the individual believes in privacy, then that individual is discriminated against in the form of suspicion and verbal abuse when it states clearly in the following quote the reality of the situation: LINK

Social Security Number Usage

Section 7 of the Privacy Act (found at 5 U.S.C. § 552a note (Disclosure of Social Security Number)) provides that:

“It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or local government agency to deny to any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose his social security account number.”  Sec. 7(a)(1).”

This means a social security number is forbidden to be demanded by anyone regardless of who they are or what they do. Yet, everyday, the state courts are demanding the disclosure of a SSN otherwise face prison time for contempt or death which is nothing more than a result of commercial discrimination.

Whenever anyone refuses resources to people because they follow the laws is a form of slavery and the branding of another (slave) which is the result of commercial discrimination.

The Bank of New York Mellon claims 28 trillion in assets and also claims a debt against every family in America including but not limited to new born babies. The question is: How did that happen where all of the assets of a country ended up in the hands of a few men and women?  

Apparently these few individuals believe that their union does not have to follow its own rules in order to avoid international commercial discrimination convictions. Here are their rules: LINK

If the people do not stand up for themselves and their many rights that are freely acknowledged, this commercial discrimination will continue and become worse than it is today. People are being conditioned which is no different than when an abuser conditions their victims to normalize misplaced priorities. Altered priorities is the most confusing of the conditioning process because the abuser appears to be sympathetic when in reality, sympathy is the last concern of the abuser.

In the Human Rights Defenders Report #3 on Commercial Discrimination will cover individual cases where it will show the damage that is caused by this sociopathic practice that happens in the everyday lives of people in America.




The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America has signed a Declaration!

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Published on 06-14-2016 by the American Herald

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The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America has signed a Declaration accepting and acknowledging the obligations of  Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

LINK to the Declaration

Link to the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

LINK to the Covenant on the rights of the child


Human Rights Defenders Report #1 on Commercial Discrimination!


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Ever since the article on “Monopolies through the systematic use of Commercial Discrimination in America!” LINK was published on the 9th of June 2016, the amount of hits on that subject were enormous. 

In this report, there have been a few investigations by the Human Rights Defenders still in the files, however, this one is of particular interest because it affects so many people that are in fear and therefore cannot see past the facade.

An American National has been harassed by the Minnesota Revenue Department for about five years before this particular American National claimed a Nationality. 

However, this is the first time that the Minnesota Revenue Department started making threats. Once an entity starts threatening, that means they are feeling vulnerable and using violence to hide the fear. 

The Human Rights Defenders did some checking and found some very disturbing evidence.

1: The Minnesota Revenue Department is not registered to do business in the State of Minnesota:

Untitled-4 copy


2: As noticed, the primary office is in Texas located here: Texas was checked for business registration and nothing. 

Untitled-1 copy

3: However, it does claim to have an office in the State of Minnesota  but it does not show up as being registered in the State of Minnesota:

Untitled-34: Most people would say that since it is a government agency then it would not have to be registered as a private business and therefore this report is junk. However, when the Government of The United States of America requested a .gov domain, it was told specifically that this Government was not a government in the U.S. and therefore could not be issued a .gov domain name. Then we looked at the domain name of the Minnesota Revenue Department and found it has a .US top level domain which is fairly easy to obtain by anyone. If it does not have a .gov domain, then it has nothing to do with State government.


5: So we asked the American National to send a payment in the form of a postal money order so the defenders could track where the money order was going and who cashed it for the purpose of seeing if the revenue was going to the State of Minnesota Treasury and guess what it said:

Untitled-7 copy

So the people will have to ask themselves a couple of questions:

A: Who has the power to run a company that is not registered anywhere and openly claims to have the authority of government?

B: Who has the power to make a postal money order completely disappear?

C: Why hasn’t anyone questioned this thing to find out what this thing is and why it is allowed to do business with consistent arbitrary intimidation and terroristic threatening?

D: Where do the funds go and what are they being used to accomplish?

E: Who gave it authority and why does it have a monopoly which exercises Commercial Discrimination on a daily basis?

The Human Rights Tribunal will wait for a international human rights complaint from the particular American National before proceeding forward. It is believed that the trustee for the Minnesota Bar Association has some explaining to do. This notice will be updated when an update is available.


Monopolies through the systematic use of Commercial Discrimination in America!


Published on 06-09-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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There are certain types of discrimination that people suffer on a daily basis. When most people think of discrimination they think of an individuals race. However, there is a more sinister type of discrimination that is happening in America that has catastrophic results.

The revolutionary war in 1776 started because of commercial discrimination. The Dutch and English east India trading companies were receiving preferential treatment against its competition in the tea industry.

Commercial discrimination policy in the States are a complete joke. Here is an example:

“Pursuant to State Finance & Procurement Article, §19-101, Annotated Code of Maryland, the commercial non-discrimination policy is a State policy which mandates that the State shall not to enter into a contract with any business entity that has discriminated in the solicitation, selection, hiring, or commercial treatment of vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, or commercial customers on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin, gender/sex, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or marital status, or any otherwise unlawful use of characteristics regarding the vendor’s, supplier’s, or commercial customer’s employees or owners.”   Source: LINK

The reason why it is a joke is because the policy comes from a monopoly that has legalized monopolies by not mentioning the fact that commercial discrimination is all about stamping out monopolies and has nothing to do with the subject matter of the quote above. Therefore, the policy does the exact opposite by perpetuating monopolies.

America was founded on equal opportunity for trade and commerce. The innovators of their time prospered because they had an equal opportunity to create a product and then sell the product to would be buyers.

Today, many have to have a number and a mark to buy or sell. The mark is defined as: If you do not think a certain way or believe a certain way, all resources of the earth are hoarded from your industry.

Today, the war on terrorism is all about disguising commercial discrimination. Commercial Discrimination is all about protecting a certain group of people and their interests at the expense of others. 

Recent examples of Commercial Discrimination:

1: The deliberate withholding of non-profit entity numbers from the Tea Party. 

2: The deliberate taking of intangible property or renting the intangible property right to a home or commercial establishment and not selling the home or commercial property itself.

3: The deliberate act of requiring traffic ticket quotas.

4: The Affordable Care Act.

5: Any Executive Order  has been used as a form of Commercial Discrimination because the order itself is not for the purpose of breaking up a monopoly. Its nature is to take from one industry and give it to another industry through force and intimidation. The original intent of the Executive Order was to break up monopolies if the courts failed to act.

6: The Emergency Education Act created a monopoly for the colleges where if someone does not have a degree from one of those organizations, they cannot get a job, even though it has been proven over and over that people without college degrees are consistently more successful than those that have a degree.

Through the constant use of Commercial Discrimination, America has become a political and commercial cult wherein if a certain perception is revealed about a certain industry, the industry  is attacked and support is taken from that industry until it falls back in line with the cult leaders edicts and personal beliefs.

The basic laws of a country are ignored by monopolies because those monopolies use the basics that people need to survive against them to manipulate an even larger monopoly over smaller industries. 

On average, small businesses go into massive debt before the doors even open. This is done through commercial discrimination by larger companies that continually use their monopolies to remind the people on a daily basis that their monopoly exists and “What are you going to do about it?”. The few overzealous and power hungry individuals have setup their own private dictatorships on the local, state and federal levels and not one Executive Order has been written to stop it. Without the order, the Military is useless to stop it even if they wanted to stop it.

Regardless of who is involved in the commercial discrimination, LINK, the real problem is that the country has lost itself and its foundation when it was created because the people today have not even heard the words: “Commercial Discrimination” in their lifetimes and therefore Commercial Discrimination has been able to thrive more now than ever.

Like was written in the first paragraph of this article, people affiliate the word discrimination with race and not industry. To give people a perspective of the words Commercial Discrimination, those two words in commercial jurisdiction are worse than war crimes or human rights violations because the result is genocide and the legal world knows about it and helps perpetuate the practice of Commercial Discrimination.

The United Nations was created to stop Commercial Discrimination; however, the result has been the perpetuation of the discipline of Commercial Discrimination because of its Commercial Discrimination against the existence nation-states and National Governments.