International Public Notice: “Country Name Acknowledgment”

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Published on 08-29-2015 by the American Herald


The Confederation Party for the Government of The United States of America hereby accepts the International Organization for Standardization (ISO’s) acknowledgment of the name of this country.

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The ISO changed the name because United States is not a country and they changed the rules that no private organization can have a code. The all cap letters are normal for International Mailing Format: LINK

Therefore, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS THE SAME AS: The United States of America. The United States (federal zone) and the United States of America meaning the 50 States of the Union are under the name of the country which is; The United States of America. The United States of America is accepted and acknowledged in the family of nations.

This Government offers its gratitude to the International Community for its acknowledgment and working towards correcting these International Conflicts and correcting chain of title.

Accepted on the 28th day of August, 2015,

office of the Secretary of State for The United States of America,



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Published on 08-16-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers,

Before we get started, this newspaper would just like to say that anyone who invents a product should have exclusive rights to that product from 17 to 20 years under a patent system.

That being said, a confidential informant came to this newspaper with a certain discovery. It was a patent number on a automobile registration form. It seemed like nothing at first, however, after copying the patent number and looking it up, the trail lead to other related reports that were and could be of concern.  LINK TO THE PATENT in PDF

If anyone looks at this particular patent, it reads that Standard Register has been assigned the patent to the little sticker on the automobile license plate. Of course, Standard Register will have to pay royalties to the inventor.  Then when looking into Standard Register further to see what kind of company it is, it shows the company has been in business since 1912. COMPANY PROFILE  BROCHURE and looking a little further we found some other basic information: LINK– So we looked up a man named Gerard D. Sowar: LINK  and a particular name came up on the right of the page: Joseph P. Morgan who happened to be Dir., President and Chief Executive Officer, The Standard Register Company.  However, Joseph P. Morgan never comes up on the Standard Register Executive Leadership list on the website: LINK

Meanwhile, The Standard Register Corp. launches a new product and then files for bankruptcy:

1: LINK Standard Register To Launch SMART Franchise 


3: LINK Fahlgren Aids Standard Register Bankruptcy

4:LINK   Delaware bankruptcy judge tentatively OKs sale of Standard Register assets to Taylor Corp.

5: LINK Taylor-Corporation-Acquires-Standard-Register

Does anyone see Joseph P. Morgan mentioned anywhere in those series of documents other than leaving the corp.? We tracked down Mr. Morgan that was the CEO of a failed company that had a stock price of 0.03 cents per stock.

LINK: Uniguest-Names-Joseph-P.-Morgan-Jr as CEO.

The newspaper wanted to know where all of this sideshow was headed when this came up: LINK CREDIT CARD WITH DRIVER’S LICENSE.

Then the newspaper wanted to know what a driver’s license really is and this came up: LINK Systems and methods for identifying an individual. So we can conclude that a Driver’s License is not really permission to drive a motor vehicle as widely believed. It is really permission for a state to interrogate and invade human privacy rights under the cover of responsible party doctrine. Someone really twisted it’s original intent into a weapon against humanity rather then a proper governing tool to protect the innocent.


The present application relates to systems and methods using biometric data of an individual for identifying the individual and/or verifying the identity of an individual. These systems and methods are useful for, amongst many applications, more secure identification of high-risk individuals attempting to gain access to an entity, transport, information, location, security organization, law enforcement organization, transaction, services, authorized status, and/or funds.

Then the newspaper wanted to know if there was a direct link between patents and the Department of Motor Vehicles of any U.S. state and this comes up: LINK Texas DMV improves state vehicle registration sticker and it is advertised like everyone wanted a new sticker when in reality, ask anyone on the street and they will tell you it is just another way to take their money. Did Texas really need to improve the sticker or did it have to gain another patented product and was it forced to sell only patented products to the public? Did the patent time run out on the older sticker? 

States can own patents: LINK Code of Virginia Title 2.2. Administration of Government Chapter 28. General Provisions § 2.2-2822. Ownership and use of patents and copyrights developed by certain public employees; Creative Commons copyrights.

Guide to sell your patent: LINK

“A patent is a right to exclude others from practicing your unique invention. It provides the right to ask the court to force infringers to pay a reasonable royalty and/or issue an injunction preventing future infringement. So, the marketability and value of the patent depends on its infringement status.”

Which brings the readers to this video:

Atlanta TV just aired one of the best take downs, ALEC Exposed”

In the aforementioned video, there are private corporations telling the states to pass certain laws that number 1: Gives the corporation preferential treatment;#2 and just so happens that the states buy patented products which creates monopolies and a corporate operated state thereby forcing the General Public to buy those products under the force and cover of state law.

Did anyone test these products before they entered into the “forced sale arena” to the General Public?

How much more is the price increased by having to cover the license costs and royalty fees that are in existence with selling patented products?

Why wouldn’t the states sell products that the patent has run out and under public domain?

The security of the public domain product could be the brand of the state meaning its Great Seal or other brand secured by the state.

There was further investigation that linked the terms “Dejure” and “Defacto” that a lot of people are using to describe United States inc. The term defacto has a specific meaning when it comes to “Driver’s License” which may clear up a lot of confusion among those that use the aforementioned terms on a daily basis:LINK

“Because a large number of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have no national identification cards and because of the widespread use of cars, driver’s licenses are often used as a de facto standard form of identification. Most identification cards and driver’s license cards are credit card size—the “ID-1″ size and shape (85.60 × 53.98 mm (3.370 × 2.125 in) with rounded corners with a radius of 2.88–3.48 mm.) defined in ISO/IEC 7810.”


“North America

In the United States and Canada, driver’s licenses are issued by the states or provinces, respectively, and do not look the same nationwide. They are also used as a de facto identification document. For persons not fit, not eligible, or who otherwise choose not to acquire a driver’s license, state (United States) or provincial (Canada) agencies – usually the same as the issuer of driver licenses – will issue an identification card with similar attributes to a driver’s license. Identification cards do not enable a person to operate a motor vehicle, a fact typically noted on the ID via the phrase ‘Not a driver’s license’ or similar wording. Florida law allows driver without a physical drivers license to temporarily use drivers permit or current driving records.”

(Monarchs do not have authority over true Nationals of countries)

This is where the concept came from:

“Karl Benz, inventor of the modern automobile, had to receive written permission from the Grand Ducal authorities to operate his car on public roads in 1888 after residents complained about the noise and smell of his Motorwagen.[1] Up until the start of the 20th century, European authorities issued licenses to drive motor vehicles similarly ad hoc, if at all.”

Now this Government happens to agree with Ron Paul when it comes to the “Real ID Act”. LINK  because of the tracking chip and many other issues. Since the U.S. government is not a National Government, the US House had to pass this type of resolution: LINK  because Manhattan Island is under a Monarch form of rule and so is its company known as the UNITED STATES INC.  therefore it cannot create a Nationality for its subjects. 

After reading all of this information and the real reason why “Driver’s Licenses” exist mainly to consent to Human Rights privacy violations and to make a whole lot of money on patented products, the proper move would be for the National Government of The United States of America to come up with a proper solution to the problem: 

National Identification Order link

True Nationals of countries do not need permission to move in their own country.

Article 13

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State.
(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

Therefore the General Post Master Council ORDER does have standing as a solution to the following publishing: LINK



International Public Notice from the United States, in Congress assembled!

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Published on 08-12-2015 by the American Herald


The United States, in Congress assembled is seeking exemption with the States of the Union on the registration of General Post Office vehicles that operate for the purpose of mail delivery by the General Post Office. The original General Post Office operates under the guild lines of the United States, in Congress assembled in accordance to Article V paragraph 5.1  LINK.

If the States prefer that this body contact the U.S. Department of State for this exemption agreement, the authority must come from the State through the U.S. House of Representatives. Please have the proper representative contact this Congress if so desired to setup this type of protocol. The United States, in Congress assembled is obligated to insured that American Nationals with allegiance to The United States of America receive their mail.  Contact


For General Information purposes:

“The first point that must be made is that despite the vast growth of corporate power the courts, except in the area of racial discrimination, have failed to hold that corporations are subject to the Bill of Rights. A mere statement of this fact may not seem very significant; corporations, after all, are not supposed to exercise the governmental powers with which the Bill of Rights was concerned. But this has been radically changed by the emergence of the public-private state. Today private institutions do exercise governmental power; more, indeed, than `government’ itself . . . . . We have two governments in America, then — one under the Constitution and a much greater one not under the Constitution. . . . . In short, the in applicability of our Bill of Rights is one of the crucial facts of American life today.” C. Reich, The Greening of America, 127-28 (Bantam ed. 1971). end quote,+346+F.Supp.+119+%281972%29&hl=en&as_sdt=6,38&as_vis=1#r[2]

The Confederation Party Convention of August 5th, 2015!

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Published on 08-06-2015 by the American Herald


The Articles of Confederation of 1781 as amended on August 5th, 2015.

The Confederation Party (Party) convened a Political Convention yesterday to amend the original Articles of Confederation. The Party members were moving so fast that the last version of the Articles of Confederation were so outdated that many amendments were necessary. The amendments and re-organization will benefit many people regardless of status and is a platform that deals with today’s problems instead of worrying about what happened way back when..


There are so many connections on linkedin it is getting harder and harder to keep up with them all.  The Party knows that many are looking for work and would love to hire them. The problem is getting them paid. The Party is reaching out to the International Community to possibly assist the Party and Government in resolving the following problems.

1: Many Party members have earned, not created out of thin air, millions of Continental Dollars and are millionaires. The problem is moving and exchanging of the currency and moving the currency where it can be spent. The currency comes in digital, paper and soon to be coin.

United Nations Membership

2: The Government of The United States of America has sent its declaration to the United Nations for membership. Ban Ki Moon never contacted this Government and the Party Members heard that the bid for membership was thwarted meaning re-directed outside of United Nation thereby violating its rules. 

War of Attrition

3: The Dutch operating Manhattan Island have been doing everything they can to place as many roadblocks as they can to make sure this Government never functions nor does any good for its country.  This Government approached the city of Washington D.C. for a reciprocity agreement in dealing with automobile registration. This Government can tell when the Dutch of Manhattan Island interfere because the once very interested city administrator begins to move away slowly rather then just saying no or not interested.

Please keep in mind that this Government is trying to operate legally when dealing with automobile registration, insurance etc… Every attempt to operate legally is stopped by the Dutch of Manhattan. The Dutch attempt to dominate and extort this Government claiming that it does not recognize the Government of The United States of America, and then makes legal moves to attempt to stop it which is recognition.  It is like dealing with someone that is bi-polar.

4: The Party does have a Public Bank, (LINK) however it does not have a currency code and all of the universal transit lines are being blocked by the Dutch of Manhattan. There are no universal transit lines that can be used to pay people for their work. This monopoly blocks the Government from paying people which results in no medical care, no way to travel, no way to pay bills with its own currency. It also denies a Nationality forcing its people into a resident alien status under Manhattan Island which is human trafficking. These forced legal conflicts are also called agitation or inciting a conflict with intent to profile by the Dutch of Manhattan Island. The Dutch of Manhattan Island are engaging in a war of attrition against The United States of America and the Government thereof. The Dutch of Manhattan Island, completely foreign to America, through a war of attrition against this Government, are violating the fundamental principles of the Organization of American States. The Organization of American States (OAS) was created to protect America, however, the OAS literally protects the Dutch of Manhattan Island against the American States.

Organization of American States

5: The Organization of American States are in violation of their own charter which null and voids its charter. It is a front organization for the Dutch of Manhattan Island.  The Dutch of Manhattan Island have failed to legally challenge this Government in any forum, venue or jurisdiction. It has accepted and acknowledged its existence and decided to make a war of attrition rather than embracing the fundamental principles of peace as its advertises to the rest of the world.  The Dutch of Manhattan Island and its version of the United States advertise and claim to be the champions of Human Rights and Democracy, however, behind the scenes, it has systematically destroyed the reputation of the United Nations to a point where it no longer functions effectively nor operates under the basic principles that it was founded under. 

Legal Defiance

This Government and Party will remain defiant of criminal activity. No matter how hard the Dutch of Manhattan Island attempt to agitate, incite or whatever means its uses to attempt to push this Government and Party to violence, criminal activity, or corruption, this Government and Party will remain defiant against tyranny to the end. For the International Community to continue to remain silent and indifferent towards the war of attrition currently being waged against this Government and Party is an act of complicity with the tyranny which violates the basic principles of the charter of the United Nations. The U.S. government (Manhattan Island company) has corrupted itself and is taking the rest of the worlds countries down with it.  


Under the rule of repentance, when a people decide not to follow those at war with the Most High, it is up to those at war with the Most High to classify those in repentance as Neutral. This Party and Government refuses to follow those at war with the Most High off a cliff of destruction. A war of attrition against those refusing to follow? 


The Party and the Government of The United States of America is asking the International Community to intervene in this war of attrition against this Government and Party waged by the Dutch of Manhattan Island. The Dutch of Manhattan Island do not have the legal right to intervene in the affairs of this Government nor wage war against America for its own selfish and greedy reasons. This Government and Party will not indulge people in their addictions of materialism which strips the natural resources of this country, Africa and many other countries. We use what we need and leave the rest for the next generation. Greed, insecurity, fear, cruelty and violence is the way of Manhattans Islands version of the UNITED STATES. It is not the way of its people. When is it time to intervene, many countries have watched this Government grow and have embraced its existence. This Government is now asking the International Community to intervene and stop this war of attrition against it.

The Confederation Party



University of Cincinnati Cop Shoots and Kill Man

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Published on 07-31-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers,

Starting from the last posting, LINK

Here is another traffic stop situation and the man was apparently compliant with all State statutes. That compliance cost him his life.

and again, here are some of the comments under the video that have a completely different tone to them.

No he should be and Bob Davis was right same shit happened in sc today the cop was not right he shot the man in the head for no reason at all he did not even have to pull his gun. my father is a police officer he did not have to pull his gun there was nothing to fear he should of called his license in a cop is not legally aloud to open your door you do not even have to talk to a cop let alone roll the window down u don’t have to do shit for a cop legally that’s your own rights #knowyourrights +jmack

Just another day in nazi occupied Amerika.

Every day cops keep proving to be far more dangerous than the criminals they’re supposed to protect people from

The cop made a mistake and then lied about what he had done.  He reached into the car to try and turn the key off and at the same time shot the guy in the head.  Except for the lying piece of shit cop, there wasn’t any danger to anyone – anywhere.  Explain the difference between our society today and what happens in some shit hole third world country.  There isn’t any jar-head.

Now what happened to “everyone needs to follow the laws of the U.S. in this country?”


The cop is always right and should have tased the man for closing the door?

All of a sudden it is all different and everything has changed and the police are the bad guys.  The two cases included a black man, white woman, white man and a Hispanic man. There was a race balance in both cases. Yet the reactions to both cases are completely different in a bipolar sort of way. In both cases, the police were violating the rights of the people by opening the doors of the vehicles, yet the one with the woman making a claim was shunned and the other was condemned. Is it because the one that was condemned, there was a death involved? or point blank range shooting in the head? 

In the first publishing connected to this publishing LINK

Those people were claiming an outrageous claim in the eyes of the U.S. citizens. In the second case in Cincinnati, all of a sudden the police do not have the right to open someones door on the vehicle in a traffic stop. That was never mentioned in the comments of the first case with the woman with the really high pitched voice. 

Some of the facts of the case are simple. Both cases were acts of violating human rights while under the color of law. That much is true. Both cases dealt with pain compliance.  The second case (Cincinnati case) was a case of pain compliance gone too far which resulted in a death.

In the first case, the U.S. citizens complain that those people in the car (free inhabitants) needed to follow the laws of the country and started asserting their knowledge of history. However, at the same time in history, England was asserting that today’s U.S. citizens follow English law under the Monarch which would make them “Sovereign Subjects and Domestic Terrorists” according to England.

The second case, (Cincinnati case) the man was compliant with the U.S. law and did not claim he was not subject to U.S. law, yet that cost him his life.

In the first case, the traffic stop was literally illegal and everyone backed the police officer in the comments section of youtube.


Traffic Stops

A traffic stop normally occurs when a law enforcement officer signals a motorist to move to the side of the roadway and stop. The stop constitutes a seizure under the Fourth Amendment because it interferes with the motorist’s freedom of movement. In order for the stop to be valid under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the officer must point to specific and articulated facts to support a reasonable suspicion or probable cause of criminal conduct.

“For example, weaving and improper lane changes may not be sufficient to show the pretext of a traffic violation unless it is also shown that the motorist’s driving posed a safety issue to another vehicle.”

The example part of this article never came up in the video so the stop was illegal in the first case (Article 4 inhabitant). 

The second case (Cincinnati case) the stop was legal in dealing with a plate missing, however, the reason for the stop was resolved because the plate was in the glove box, there was no reason to ask for a drivers license nor go any further. A warning would have sufficed.

We hope that you have enjoyed both articles and have possibly seen yourselves in the mirror. Don’t let these two cases go to waste, learn from them and resolve the multiple problems that are very apparent.


Illegal lane change that got out of hand!

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Published on 07-31-2015 by the American Herald

Dear Readers:

An article came out in the Blaze that was entitled “

Woman Argues Laws Don’t Apply to Her Because She’s a ‘Free Inhabitant’ — Watch How Well That Goes Over With Officer    LINK

This newspaper heard something in the video that was very revealing, around the 4:31 mark of the video, the officer uses the term “Pain Compliance”. LINK TO VIDEO

Now the woman may or may not have a crazy claim that being a “free inhabitant”, however, a well trained Human Rights Defender looks through all of the theatrics and watches both sides of the confrontation.

1: The officer did not have to tow the vehicle, it was registered and insured according to our sources.

2: The officer started an investigation without probable cause to do so. There were no weapons in the car, no accident had occurred, no alcohol, no illegal drugs, the automobile was not being used as a weapon endangering the public safety. No aggressive driving, the automobile did not fit any description of being used in a bank robbery or any other crime.  There were no wants or warrants.

3: However, the officer used the terms “Impeding an investigation” and “pain compliance”. The American Herald agrees that the conflict is easy to make fun of if there is an individual that is benefiting from the violence of the people protecting them.  Sacrifice and Possession Cannibalization in the American Society!

The situation, no matter how crazy people sound in their claims, did not have to turn violent. The term “Pain Compliance” was used.

Pain compliance is a euphemism [1] for the use of torture[2][3] to control a person[4][5] or animal. The stimulus can be manual (brute force, placing pressure on painful areas, or use of painful hyperextension or hyperflexion on joints),[6] use tools such as a whip or electroshock weapon, or use chemicals such as tear gas or pepper spray.

The purpose of pain compliance is to direct the actions of the subject, and to this end, the pain is lessened or removed when compliance is achieved. This provides incentive to the subject to carry out the action required. LINK

Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or

Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological pain and possibly injury to an organism, usually to one who is physically restrained or otherwise under the torturer’s control or custody and unable to defend against what is being done to him or her. LINK

The woman asked for a superior several times. There was no reason for this situation to escalate the way it did. All the officer could have done to save his ego was write a ticket and let the courts settle the matter. 

Here are some questions and answers to contemplate.

1: Which industry has full control over the Department of Motor Vehicles?

A: Insurance Industry

2: Who is passing the laws in that State?

A: The lobbyists including but not limited to insurance companies, LINK

3: Which industry has full control over all State legislatures?

A: Insurance industry because they insure the States.

The real reason this woman was tortured through pain compliance was because she failed to purchase a certain product whether it was a license, or other product. People will claim that she was disobeying the law. However, when a private corporation is passing the laws, then is it really a law?

Once people get passed the crazy sounding claim by the woman about not having to comply with U.S. laws, and dig a little deeper into the issue, you can clearly see that the people behind the curtain causing these conflicts are simply cashing in on pain compliance.  Watch what happens in the future when pain compliance is used under the excuse that someone did not buy an insurance policy under the Affordable Care Act that no one read what was written by the insurance industry in that act.

Hopefully by now everyone can see what it is really like to have a monopoly over commerce and what kind of tyranny that can be enforced on anyone regardless of how compliant they are to the law.

If you read some of the comments under the particular video, you will see all kinds of cruel and unusual statements.

She’s quoting the Articles of Confederation which was the first constitution of the United States. It was the constitution during and immediately after the Revolutionary War. It was replaced in 1788 by our current constitution. Basically it was our rough draft. She’s quoting a law that has been void for 227 years. The intent isn’t even close to what she’s claiming. He didn’t illegally arrest her. She was arrested for obstruction of justice. On a side note, she has a really annoying voice.

This comment is completely false and has been proven to be false through publication.

Ahhh… the sweet sound of a misinformed liberal jackass facing reality. Such sweet music to the ears of the sane.

This guy likes pain compliance and torture and actually believes he is sane.

Good job by the officer… I would’ve had to seriously restrain myself from tazing her ass repeatedly!!!

This guy is considered a danger to society!

Dude I am so glad I dropped didn’t follow through with being a cop. I would have been fired 2 minutes into this.

This guy needs a psych evaluation as soon as possible.

Dealing with the claims of being a free inhabitant or other claims.

1: Prove the woman wrong with knowledge and logic, not torture and abuse and threats of major psychical harm. If you can’t prove your case without force, you don’t have a case. Just because you think someone else is wrong on an issue is not a green light to torture and abuse them, the American Society is nothing more than a pure ego driven society when this happens.