Notice from the Department of Transportation for the Government of The United States of America


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The Department of Transportation for the Government of The United States of America states the following:

1: Anyone with a history of drinking and driving within the past 10 years need not apply for a driver’s license.

2: Anyone that has their license suspended for habitual offender meaning multiple tickets for various reasons other than a victim of political persecution need not apply for a driver’s license. 

The Department of Transportation has a zero tolerance position on drinking and driving and other nefarious acts such as under the influence of any form of mind altering drugs that place others in harms way.

The driving rules within the Government of The United States of America are internationally and universally the same as all other jurisdictions.

Anyone found drinking and driving or committing any other nefarious act shall undergo a full recall of the driver’s license agreement wherein it is the right of the trustee to appeal the decision by the Department of Transportation with the General Post Master Council in accordance with the Surety Bond agreement.

end of notice


Open letter to Donald Trump!


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Dear Mr. Trump,

The Government of The United States of America hears you!

There was one particular point you made in last nights debate that spoke volumes as to why this Government was re-built.

“You said that 20 trillion dollars has been spent and there is nothing to show for it.” “The airports look like airports in third world countries.”

When a King in a Monarch form of rule squanders his fortune, he is no longer a King.

The look on Hillary Clinton’s face when you said that they had nothing to show for the money that was spent was priceless because reality hit her right square in the face.  You said she has no money to deliver her promises which is absolutely true.

The infrastructure in the States is in shambles, the roads are horrible with potholes and sinking. The inner cities look like Syria and business opportunities are next to non-existent without having to bribe everyone on the local level.

American Nationals are business people from all walks of life. They saw the near future and decided to do something about it.

The Government of The United States of America has the Continental Dollar in lawful money and legal tender. It is pegged to the Silver Certificate.

The Continental Dollar is interest free and debt free money connected and backed by incun.1454.b5 to take care of the serious issues you spoke of last night.

The people in this country are just beginning to see and understand their predicaments and realize the gravity of their situation. They are beginning to resist their oppressors which breaths new life into the rule of freedom.

The gravity of the situation was realized by this Government way before this Government was reformed into a republic.

The Government of The United States of America had to record the 1789 constitution for the purpose of preserving it because of the foolishness of the people of not acting quicker to keep their nation in tact.

You, Mr. Trump are the first man that this Government can see as someone that would work with people regardless of political views.

You, Mr. Trump as president for citizens of the United States, does realize that regardless of religious, political, or other causes, that business and trade is the first and foremost on the agenda of the people regardless of any other claims made by them.

Through the right of self determination, the American Nationals have established a foundation to rebuild the countries infrastructure.

The Government of The United States of America is ready to partner with the U.S. to work together and combine the attributes of both to rebuild this country for the benefit of the next generation.

The Government of The United States of America agrees with your immigration policies, and have no issues with any of your political views.

You are a business man Mr. Trump, you also make hard business decisions which is necessary regardless of consequences which is needed to rebuild this country and make it great again.

The light of freedom has been preserved by this Government, but it needs men like you for the rest of the world to realize that those representatives in Washington D.C. do not represent this countries views or values that made it great. Those representatives need leadership to lead them back to reality.

This Government will be contacting the 50 Governors with similar subject matter.

Please keep in mind this Government is not about power and take over, it is about the next generation that is in desperate need of leadership and guidance so they do not fail in their quest for the light of freedom.

Feel free to contact this Government anytime or when the time is right.

Kind Regards,

office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America,

John Harold Fulks

Email: [email protected]




Why are so many people in jail in America? Part 3


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The Human Rights Defenders International have been hard at work investigating these sovereign citizen claims around the country.

One such claim is sponsored by a private company called: “Star and Shield Insurance”. It produces the following video:


Taking a closer look at the sponsors of the video reveals a fascinating web. Please keep in mind that most people claiming that the law does not apply to them is a misnomer. They are saying that the law of private membership associations do not apply to them and see the states themselves writing their own private laws in the name of their States and attempting to enforce it upon them. The little private organizations writing laws of their private companies and using the State to enforce those laws upon non-members of the public would in fact be a legitimate complaint. 

How many people know that the DMV’S are private membership associations claiming the power of a state to enforce their collections? Not many…

The Star and Shield Insurance unincorporated group suffered a ethics complaint on February 28th, 2011. The Florida Attorney General was quick to come to its defense. LINK

There was one particular part of the newspaper article wherein it read: “Hadley concluded that there is no evidence that Eslinger’s duties with the insurance company affect his public responsibilities as sheriff.”

Well, that is not exactly true because Eslinger withheld and the Attorney General withheld a piece of evidence that would in fact made the ethics compliant very validLINK

It mentions:

Donald Francis Eslinger
Sherriff, Seminole County
Lake Mary, Florida
Under management and control of the private group.

When the insurance commissioner Kevin M. McCarty

Office of Insurance Regulation performed the company examination, he changed the name to: “Reciprocal” which hides that the Seminole County Sheriff was in fact directly involved with the company. 
Hereinafter referred to as the “Reciprocal”.

Most of the people labeled “sovereign citizens” are not afraid of people in office doing something that they should not be doing. So their lives are threatened by the vary people that are supposed to be protecting them.
To the General Public:
Imagine how it would feel that if you knew a law enforcement officer was doing something they were not supposed to be doing, illegal or otherwise and now those vary same people that you trust and respect threaten your life and the life of your family.

Second: Imagine that those same people convince your family to turn against you and call you crazy and violent. Further, imagine that being arrested for something that you have never been charged with and treated as if you are violent and a threat.

Third: Imagine that those same people attempt to push you to violence so they can have an excuse to murder you and smear your name in the newspaper as being a violent sovereign citizen domestic terrorist.

Does this sound like what the communists do is attack you and then claim you attacked them?
It appears that the insurance companies are the people behind the sovereign citizen accusations which happen to run the country. They did manage to insure to themselves forced business because you go to jail if you don’t get insurance and it appears as if the local law enforcement wanted a piece of the profits for services rendered to the insurance companies. 

It appears that Eslinger is playing the game like everyone else based on the rules handed to him. He gets tired of risking his life to fill the pockets of others so he decided to go along to get along. Can you blame the man, he is human like everyone else?

White Mountains Insurance Group Limited in Burmuda bought Stars and Shield Insurance in 2013, so now it is offshore and can avoid anymore of those pesky ethics issues.  LINK
Good Luck suing that insurance company for any valid claims if it wants to deny those claims to those same officers that offer their full faith to their superiors.

Take a quick look at the endorsements and support section of the website.

Can anyone say “conflict of interest”: using a public office for private gain,
1: “Tax Evasion”: Offshore company,
2: “Anti-government”: does not want to support the United States Government
3: “Does not believe that the United States Government has jurisdiction over them”: Protected by the Attorney General
4: “Does not believe that the laws apply to them” Never gets a ticket for speeding or anything else,
5: “Violent towards others”: Shoots and kills people for not following commands,
6: “Pain Compliance” for not going along with the money scam.  LINK
Judge Joe Brown says it best:

This article in no way is defending real criminals that use the information and ideology that sovereign citizens use to break the law. However, it appears that the corruption has spawned a movement of people that are tired of being forced to be complicit with scams and schemes perpetrated by the communists in the states.

Further, since the Muslim Brotherhood runs the F.B.I. They are doing their best to start a revolution: LINK

Since the Muslim Brotherhood and the Communists are working together to subvert the principals of the country as a whole, the next generation does not have a chance because this generation is so easily deceived and very gullible. 



Why are so many people in jail in America? Part 2


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In this series published as “Why are so many people in jail in America?” This is part 2 of the series.

The following Judicial Review issued by the General Post Master Council on 09-19-2016 should clear up some issues people are having about the differences in United States, the United States of America and The United States of America. Many have tried to decipher the differences, however they were missing a key piece of evidence hidden in plain site.

Everyone that reads the judicial review will have a clear understanding of today’s world. Further, they will be able to completely understand U.S. politicians where it pertains not only to the wording of their speeches, but the subject matter of the various speeches published from time to time.


The title of the review does sound boring, however, there is information that will change the course of the country if understood and enforced.




Why are so many people in jail in America?


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Many people have asked why so many people are in jail in America. Most of those questions are coming from people from around the world. They watch in total disbelief as to why there are more people in North America in jail then there are in 194 countries combined.

Earlier reports in 2013 suggest that there are at least 10,000 people in jail in every U.S. state that have been in jail for over 5 years without an arraignment. Many have claimed that indefinite detention was passed to cover this liability of holding people for years without any formal charges or arraignment.

There are literally hundreds of organizations that stay busy  researching court records and do achieve getting people released that have been in jail for 10 years without charges or any arraignment. These facts are hidden from the rest of the world while politicians from the U.S. go to other countries and lecture those countries leaders about human rights violations and criticize their judicial systems. 

The judicial systems in America receive more free air time on television then any other organization in North America. Court cases and who was arrested and who did what is blasted all over the news on a daily basis before anyone is convicted of anything.

The masses believe that if someone is arrested, they must have done something wrong because no one is arrested unless they do something wrong. This point of view is a very gullible position to maintain because when those very same people get the full arrest experience, they are the first ones to protest against it. 

When most of those people are abruptly awakened to the judicial process, they quickly realize in an instant that there is no law in the U.S. states judicial process. Everything that happens to those newly  awakened souls is on the whim of the court officers. Their futures are determined on the feelings of someone they do not even know nor have ever met.  The most basic realization is that money talks, money is freedom, pay the man and he lets you go until he needs more money. 

For those that do not know anything about their state judicial system, let’s discuss the realities as to why so many people are in jail in North America.

There is a process called “pain compliance” that is being implemented against everyone when arrested. Even in the most minor offenses against the U.S. states.

Pain compliance is done in a way that psychologists call “passive aggressive”. This means that someone means to hurt you or even torture you, but it is done in a way that the victim will question their own sanity or ask themselves, “Did I see or did I experience violence being perpetrated against me by a court officer?” or “Did I just see that?” 

Here is a list of conditions of pain compliance. This list is compiled to help those people know when they are being tortured:

1: When arrested, the officer begins to ask personal questions that have nothing to do with why you are being arrested and then begins to use the badge and uniform to give the benefit of his or her advice on how to live that sounds more like an excuse to inflict pain and talk you out of a lawsuit against them. Folks, that officer is a witness against you, what do you care what their advice is or why would their words matter to you?

2: Booking you before being taken in front of a magistrate. When an individual is being booked before being taken in front of a magistrate to determine if the arrest was valid is the definition of a police state. This condition allows the officers of the private detention center to implement pain compliance before appearing before a judge. In the military, they call it “softening up the subject”, the  legal term is called “pain compliance”, in the real world it is called “torture”.

Forms of pain compliance are:

A: Cold temperatures. In all private detention centers the temperature is around 60 degrees. People are purposely placed in cold rooms with little to no cover to stay warm. These conditions can cause “hypothermia” where the core temperature of the body  can fall into dangerous levels that can cause death.

B: Lack of water, food and sleep. The private detention centers have very  little nutritional value in their food and booking officers love to withhold water and other essentials to stay alive so that the victim will comply with the illegal booking process. If you don’t answer questions you don’t get food, water or a blanket to stay warm. They also slam doors and leave lights on for the purpose of sleep deprivation before going to court. Medical attention is also withheld if the private detention center officers inflict a wound. The deprivation of medical attention is designed to keep the incident off the record to avoid a lawsuit and make the victim believe there is no law or recourse/justice for crimes committed by the private detention center staff. Essentially, the pain compliance is designed to plant in the minds of the victims that the private detention center officers are gods and cannot be touched.

C: Constant threats of more serious charges are always the case which is a psychological pain compliance program used to soften up the victim to accept any less form of future torture that is offered by the judge and accepted by the prosecutor. This process is how the court officers achieve guilty pleas with a lesser sentence. A not guilty plea is usually met with a harsher sentence and more pain compliance.

D: Constant ridicule from private detention center officers in the form of political ridicule, religious ridicule, personal ridicule, or any other benefit of their personal opinions.

E: Strip searching a victim when it is obvious the victim does not have any drugs on them or have been strip searched an hour before. This is common in all prisons if a individual is being transferred.  It is done to create a condition of humiliation.

F: Cleaning up the accused and offering them food, water or other comfort to hide the pain compliance process from the General Public when the accused is going to court. Everything that is done to the victims is done behind the scenes which is passive aggressive behavior. Wife beaters like to hide their abuse and go to great lengths to hide their abusive activity.  

G: Hiding evidence or ignoring evidence during a trial which happens all of the time on a daily basis. The judges normally rush a trial on traffic and other minor offenses to make more money and ignore key pieces of evidence that could land those judges in jail. Most of the time spent by court officers is hiding past crimes committed by the court officers and hiding evidence to evade future civil lawsuits.

H: All private detention centers are privately owned and all court officers have shares in the detentions centers themselves. This means that the more people that are in their detention centers, the  more money that is made by the court officers and the police. The payments are made to the court officers privately in order to keep the information away from the public and avoid the appearance of conflict of interest.

That is the basis as to the reason why so many people are in jail in North  America. Like it or not and offended or not, pain compliance is a reality in North American and the U.S. states.



The National assembly welcomes the Private Attorney Generals Across America association!

American Herald-Logo-Grey

Published on 09-06-2015 by the American Herald


The National assembly for the Government of The United States of America welcomes the Attorney Generals Across America association.

The people working within the Attorney Generals Across America association have been speaking and attending various meetings for the past couple of months.

Good impressions have been formed on both sides and all believe that this relationship will mutually benefit both parties. 

In the Official assembly record, it reads:

“FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that the Government of The United States of America shall recognize that the “Private Attorney Generals Across America” association shall have the authority of representation of the States of the Union within the States of the Union in the capacity of a private attorney general representing and on behalf of resident aliens and documented American Nationals within the States of the Union if so desired by resident aliens and documented American Nationals within the States of the Union, and”


The American Herald will keep the International Public Community up to date as this relationship further develops in the future.


The National assembly extends “Legal Tender for debts public and private” capabilities to the Continental Dollar!


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Yes folks, you heard correctly, legal tender for debts public and private.

Lets clear some things up before people start going haywire over the Legal Tender for debts public and private act of 2016. LINK

According to HJR 192 and the public law and statute that was derived from that resolution, the wording is very specific in the resolution. LINK

The part being referred to is the last paragraph of the first page and reads into the second page of the document at the link provided above.

The resolution is very clear as to why it was written and still operates today in much the same way. Many people have mis-interpreted the resolution to a point of going to jail for a time for not paying bills and a lien is placed on private court officers because it is believed those people are breaking the law.

The resolution was written in such a way that the wording is a means to an end of the U.S. emergency thereby leaving the emergency as a voluntary condition rather then a compulsory condition.  The way in is the way out.

The United States, in Congress assembled has passed the Legal Tender for Debts Public and Private Act of 2016 with additional attributes that came from the National assembly to make sure that the act operates the way it is intended.

LINK to the act

LINK to the official assembly record.

The more disturbing piece of information that came through this emergency situation is that the people that have kept this emergency in place for so long have accomplished nothing other then establishing a long record of human rights violations.

Here are some concerns that can be resolved right away: 

1: No, the Continental Public Bank is not authorized to re-loan any promissory note to anyone else.

2: No, there is no interest on any loans in the Continental Dollar legal tender.

3: Yes, the current merchants, banks and businesses are authorized to accept the Continental Dollar Legal tender without violating Public Policy and further cannot be refused as payment for debts public or private.  Further, there will be a code in the serial number that distinguishes the Continental Dollar legal tender and the Continental Dollar lawful money. LINK

4: Yes, in the act and the official assembly record, there is an end to the perpetual emergency and full resolution that provides a clear way back to the rule of law.

The people that have been studying this fiat currency issue will see this avenue as the answer to their concerns right away, others will have to take some time to read and absorb the information provided and come to their own conclusions as to whether the solution will work for them. Please read the act and official assembly record carefully before coming to any conclusions and share with your friends and family that may be able to use this foreign disaster relief program to their benefit. 


The United Nations never legally existed on paper!


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On 09-14-2012, the Universal Postal Union received a document from the Government of The United States of America pointing out that the General Postal Union Treaty was never signed by a plenipotentiary (representative) of the Government of The United States of America.

For those that do not know, under the Law of Nations and International relations, the stile of an entity is everything. This means that if Spain and France wanted to create an agreement by and between each other, the parties have to read Spain and France. The parties cannot be altered in anyway otherwise the treaty is null and void. 

Example: The treaty cannot read Espania and Franc unless that is the proper translation within each countries languages. In English, the parties have to be Spain and France otherwise the treaty never happened.

When the General Postal Union was created in 1874 (became Universal Postal Union “UPU”4 years later) and the parties that signed the treaty to create the organization convened, there was a change in one of the plenipotentiaries entities. For those people that have never heard of the UPU, it is an organ of the United Nations that provide Global Postal Services and is responsible for the existence of all of the addresses of each office of the United Nations. If the United Nations offices do not have a legitimate address, the office does not legally exist. If the office never legally existed, anything that the office signed never happened. 

Here is a copy of the document sent to the UPU with proof of service receipt: LINK

If everyone will notice in the treaty that the entity/country that was listed and invited to the signing of the treaty was “The United States of America”.

However, the plenipotentiary that showed up and crashed the party was one: For the United States of America: JOSEPH H. BEACKFAN.  According to the official record, Joseph H. Beackfan was not invited to sign anything and was not a plenipotentiary of The United States of America when he signed the General Postal Union Treaty.

According to today’s history books, The United States of America was supposed to have been replaced with a new country name and constitution in 1789, yet there it is again one hundred years later. The countries name The United States of America is also mentioned again in South Carolina’s declaration to leave the Union which sparked the Civil War.  

The Government of The United States of America has attempted at least four times to correct the problem and the UPU keeps ignoring the solution. Instead, the UPU has resorted to different forms of pain compliance (form of illegal torch er) against the Government of The United States of America to keep it quiet. The Government of The United States of America does not go away because for those in the know, it has the blood moon. LINK

As a result, the Government of The United States of America was able to recognize the Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, as the head of the Postal Department in its Executive Branch as if USPS never existed. LINK

The silver certificate and the Continental Dollar along with the Continental Stamp are in circulation within The United States of America.

The UPU is without any legal addresses for the United Nations so that private club never existed and is responsible for making fools out of 194 countries and committing  a fraud against the  whole world.

The Government of The United States of America believes that this mistake was on purpose so that the United Nations could be dis-credited and the New World Federal Republic could come in and save the day with a new world government. Now that the plan is out in the open, any body claiming to be a World Government is illegally claiming a position and existence under an illegal and or non-existent Treaty and non-existent address.  

The Government of The United States of America is expecting more pain compliance to be exacted against it, however, that is what psychopaths do for a living. It is ignored and the  Government of The United States of America moves on to re-building the States of the Union. The Government of The United States of America did withdraw itself from the General Postal Union Treaty about a year after that aforementioned document was sent because of the refusal of the UPU to correct its fraud. The UPU was given 4 times total to acknowledge its mistake and correct, yet chose to implement pain compliance to cover it up.