The Heavens Demand it of the Powers That Be!


Published on 10-31-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

It is not expected that many will fully understand this International Demand from the office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America. However, those that do understand have been reminded.

The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America hereby issues the following International Demand!

“I, John Harold Fulks, being duly elected to the office of Governor for the Government of The United States of America, along with the National assembly hereby fulfilled all of the obligations of the 33 + 3 requirements for full recognition and acknowledgement of existence.” Publication Link:

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A look at the United States Government from an outside point of view!


Published on 10-27-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Here are a few points of view to consider:

1: There are reports and proof that elections are rigged and yet people are told to go out and vote and they do vote as if it counts, and as if it is not rigged thereby expecting a different result.

2: A General is convicted of one count of mishandling top secret documents and is looking at five years in jail. A woman does the same thing and is allowed to run for President.

3: Local governments are told that driver’s licenses do not exist because there was no transfer of intangible property to create the license. Their answer is that a human rights compliant driver license is invalid.

4: Local banks are offered National currency that is legal tender. Their answer is they are afraid there will be a run on the banks because the currency they use now is so unpopular. 

5: It is pointed out to the cities that their charters are illegal, even by United Nations standards because they operate as private membership associations and not by popular elections. Yet, the general elections matter.

6: There is ample proof that the banking system is rigged against the people yet when National currency is available to them, they don’t use it. 

7: The shadow government is revealed to people that being the AAMVA and not one comment. 

8: People are shown over and over that an oath or affirmation is required to claim a Nationality and they decide to trade that most precious gift for a credit card, a bank account, and a drivers license that does not legally exist and not recognized by their revered constitution. 

9: People cheer at rallies about their rights, yet have never read their own constitution.

10: There has never been a President of the United States of America in accordance to the Constitution for the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States. Why don’t people know this, because they never read it!

11: The people believe that one man is going to fix all of their problems in four years which took 100 years to create.

12: People believe that their debt can be paid back when in fact, when attempting to pay the debt is designed to go even higher. The more you pay, the higher the debt because the greater the dishonor to your own country.

This newspaper has plenty more where these 12  points of view came from and will be publishing them periodically in the near future. 


The Secret of the U.S. Supreme Court


Published on 10-22-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

The Secret of the U.S. Supreme Court is the most sick twist concoction ever devised by the human brain.

Luckily, the information needed to put a halt to this sick plan came to the right people.

People have been watching the U.S. Supreme court make interpretations that are taking the privacy rights of their subjects for a while. It has been chipping away, one by one, over and over and claiming that the interpretations are constitutional. These interpretations are cunningly issued with the most diabolical thinking that the human brain can achieve.

Many have heard of a shadow government, but it remains a secret to the people because of lack of understanding.

The shadow government is simply a private membership association. A private membership association is nothing more than a club.

There is a particular association that has received the corporate authority of the U.S. congress. This transfer has happened over a period of years. It has everyone’s Social Security numbers, addresses, pictures, credit card numbers, bank accounts, credit history, and everything else that can be imagined about a person. The information can be bought for 50 bucks.

The association is responsible for the real id act, North American Driver License Agreement, Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991, International Registration Plan, SAVE Act and Worker Registration, AAMVANet, HR 418- A National ID Bill and many other communist policies that violate every human right imaginable.

The association openly received its power in 1993 when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommended it. Apparently it takes a simple recommendation for representatives to traffic their constituency to private organizations.

Here are a few conditions that affect everyone’s life because of the association that has been enacting policies in a closed board meeting: 

1: Everyone needs a state drivers license to open a bank account, to cash a check, to gain employment, to rent a home, to enter a court room, to receive electricity, or anything else that is necessary to basic services.

The reason why all of these communist acts are determined to be constitutional is because the U.S. congress nor any states will be enforcing any of those acts on anyone publicly. 

It will be the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) that will be enforcing its communist agenda through each state DMV as sub members of the association. The DMV of each state simply deals with registration and titling of motor vehicles. The AAMVA enacts everything else and simply has to ask the U.S. congress for anything it needs and it is done. The states fall in line with state legislation and there you have it. 

The AAMVA controls every aspect of the lives of people and no one knows about them. That is why they are called “the shadow government”. The association was started in 1933. LINK

The same group of people took over both company political parties of the U.S. and is simply destroying the customs and traditions of the country as a whole. The customs and traditions of the country as a whole were never shared by the United States Government of Manhattan Island. They were simply tolerated because they were good for business. Christmas especially. 

The real nice thing about Article 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is that Article 8 removes all immunity’s provided under Article 1, 5 and 14 of the company U.S. Bill of Rights for nefarious acts. If private associations commit nefarious acts of any kind, its immunity is null and void regardless if a contract exists. 

The number one concern is how a private membership association can claim government powers and authority and do it in the dark under shadow government type disclosure. That sounds pretty nefarious, don’t you think?

At the very least, the result of this International Public Notice is that whenever confronted with nefarious communist acts, people can bypass the police and straight to AAMVA in a civil law suit. AAMVA is in every aspect of your life, your media and your thinking. It is time to bring AAMVA out of the shadows and into the light for the purpose of explaining why it and all of its associates feel that the lowest form of government on the planet “communism” where only the stupid can be manipulated into believing that communism is a good thing and not a pure criminal idealogy of a nefarious nature.





The sovereign citizen movement and ideology is now being enforced within the courts of Minnesota and its federal courts!!

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Published on 10-20-2016 by The American Herald

International Public Notice

The Government of The United States of America is now accusing Minnesota for violations of Human Rights and charges are expected to be file within the Human Rights Tribunal as early as today.

Allegedly, Minnesota nor any of the other 49 states can prove that their union is legal that was created after the civil war. This means that the states are notwithstanding on anything they are doing under any compact agreements that have been made. The Compact Agreements made by and between the states are not regulated in anyway by anyone.

Today’s compact agreements are riddled with human rights violations and since Minnesota likes to say in one case it does not have jurisdiction over American Nationals within the States of the Union while in other cases it keeps and places an American National under pain compliance, it appears that Minnesota is known as a bi-polar state.

The properly vetted claim of first in time first in right by the Government of The United States of America places the United States Government in the back seat along with the states and union it created.  The United States Government is looking at so many human rights violations, it will remain in debt for its crimes for many generations to come.

Mr. Derusha filed a motion to dismiss under Title 28 rule 17b. The local courts ignored the motion and a AO91 form has been filed at least four times. The local chief judge has ignored the AO 91 and so have at least 3 federal judges. This means that there are judicial corporate officers claiming and identifying themselves as sovereign citizens.

The sovereign citizen movement and its ideology is now being enforced in various courts in Minnesota and other states by court officers. They believe the court rules do not apply to them nor are they subject to upholding human rights. Many of the sovereign citizens within the courts are there for the money and create many court schemes to collect money from unknowing victims. The sovereign citizens within the courts believe they are a privileged class of people and the law does not apply to them. These sovereign citizens within the courts and various law enforcement agencies harass people for payoffs. They look for bribes for the privilege of using Title 28 rule 17b and various other courts rules and remedies.

It is best to hear it from their own mouth:

These self proclaimed sovereign citizens are extremely dangerous and pay people through its political parties to cause riots to further their political agenda which is nothing more than terrorism by definition in patterns and practices. These sovereign citizens reach all the way to the Department of Justice in some cases. Their human rights violations are being addressed and the violators will be brought to justice. 


under the heading: “Government of The United States of America v Minnesota” about 6 entries from the top.


International Public Notice to the taxpayers of the City of Los Angeles!


Published on 10-10-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


To the taxpayers of the City of Los Angeles:

A Human Rights Defender was recently pulled into the City of Los Angeles Detention Center called “LAX”. 

The Human Rights Defender, “HRD” was chained up with Compton Gang Members. Those Gang members notified the HRD of what is called a T.U.N.A. fight. T.U.N.A. stands for “Turn Up Non-affiliated fight”.

Here is the quote in an affidavit:

“The affiant was chained up with inmates who were Compton gang members. They informed the affiant of what is called T.U.N.A. fight. Turn Up Non Affiliated fights where inmates in certain dorms that are not gang members are matched up and forced to fight each other, while gang members bet on the fights. If the non affiliated
choose not to fight then they are beaten by the gang members. This
activity is allowed within those facilities known as Wayside and Super Max and even encouraged to manufacture longer sentences which produces more money for these private detention centers. Rehabilitation is never mentioned within the private detention centers.”

This means that the Bill that is sent to the State of California to house these inmates from the privately owned Detention Centers are being padded by allowing these fights to proceed.

Please keep in mind that the local, state and federal office holders are all involved in these events held by the gang members meaning they do not attempt to intervene to stop them. The reason for non-intervention is because most if not all of the Judges are personally invested in the privately owned detention centers.

The U.S. representative Maxine Waters has been notified of these events and her office has been faxed the affidavit. She chose to ignore the fax and move on as if the report never existed.

Further, investors were paraded around to invest in the private prison system while the prisoners were in lock down and selling the investors on the idea that the prisoners were being treated like human beings and boasting on how much they were doing for the prisoners. The investors were being shown the model section of the detention center and not the real detention center.

This means that the people in various offices have all conspired to steal from the taxpayers.

Any commercials on Television claiming to rehabilitate the inmates is a facade.  Any advertisement claiming to attempt to keep children out of gangs is a facade.

The course of action that is recommended at this time by the taxpayers of the City of Los Angeles is to shut down the privately owned detention centers immediately throughout Los Angeles County before they completely destroy the economy of the State of California with its perpetual crimes against multiple human rights.


Spineless Soros (hereinafter “SS”)

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Published by the American Herald on 10-07-2016

George Soros, also known as Spineless Soros (hereinafter “SS”) has the audacity and made a decision to write a check to Black Lives Matter members, some 50 to 60 of them to go and beat up one 17 year old boy because he posted “Blue Lives Matter” on Facebook. LINK

What kind of man sits in his safe office, hides behind his bank account and gives himself permission to attempt to start a race war among children?

What kind of man would give himself permission to push his own sick agenda on others using violence and taking advantage of the less fortunate? Meanwhile, Manhattan Island is harboring a international criminal and protecting this sick twist.

If the man had a spine, he would use his fortune to improve the lives of people less fortunate and rebuild everything that the present federal representatives have been neglecting like simple infrastructure.

Instead, SS decides to push the sickest agenda he can find and ever thought up by man and use his blessings and fortune to become a living nightmare to the world itself.

Where are the Manhattan Island prosecuting attorney’s, the police, anyone with a spine to clean their own house.

Who knows? However, there is an afterlife where the bank account won’t matter SS, and there is nothing you can do about that.


Protecting yourself from the Gambling Cartel!


Published on 10-05-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


If anyone makes just a few observations meaning take a look around and begin to put two and two together, they will quickly come to the realization that North America is nothing more than a very large gambling casino.

Many have tried unsuccessfully to obtain some measure of a constitutional right within the private courts. The path to a possible constitutional right is available to those that can see that narrow path.

The Monarchs of Europe set up the system in a peculiar way that would allow those that wish to stay out of the gambling scene while maintaining the fact that the people that are obtaining the constitutional right are not a party to the Monarchs constitution. The illusion of a constitutional right is well hidden and a little difficult to explain even though the evidence is right in front of people everyday.

In a federalism setup, you have God’s law, mans law and rules. All three must be in harmony with each other otherwise the Monarchs are in violation of their oaths.

In 1933, all gold and silver was removed from trade. The reason for this is because it is unlawful to gamble with gold or silver within God’s law. Therefore, “HJR 192” had to be created.

Now people trade with gambling chips called money when it is actually nothing more than a gambling chip. These chips are taxed even though there is not a law in existence that requires it. It is bragged by the casino owners that the tax code is enforced by the federal courts without a law in existence to justify the enforcement. However, the gambling cartel are cunning and are very meticulous about not offending the Monarchs of Europe and placing their titles at risk by offending their crowns. Everything that is done by the stock market owners is done privately as to not offend God which will spark retribution from Vatican City.

The rest of this article will reveal a little known secret of the gambling cartel.

That secret remains in private membership associations. Many people think of them as clubs which is just one type of private membership association (PMA).

The protection for a PMA is extensive. The Monarchs of Europe made sure that the whole process was secure.

Here is the shell for the law that protect PMA’s.

Article one, five and fourteen of the Bill of Rights.

Then laws, codes and finally rules:


Laws, codes and rules have a way of isolating those that wish to not be involved in gambling and those that love to gamble, some might refer to the same terms as war and being neutral in a conflict. 

“Title 28 Rule 17 B”, is a rule that protects privacy, contracts, or anything else from state interference and United States Government/Manhattan Island interference. For instance, if a state is holding an individual under a specific rule, and the individual does business as a private membership association, “rule 17 B” overrides all state rules because the states cannot write any laws that impair the obligations of the contract. There is no law or United States law that can be used or quoted to hold or charge anyone unless the PMA has committed a nefarious/evil act.

The Communist Party has figured out this little trick about the Monarchs of Europe and use it against them all of the time. The Communist Party also figured out that the Monarchs of Europe operate as PMA’s along with all government agencies, governmental bodies, or any other so-called “Public Entities”. This newspaper has proven over and over that the courts give the illusion of a Public Trial but in fact all trials are private trials manufacturing commerce for the courts and justifying a contract with the defendant (“defendant’ is a form of membership within the club) through pain compliance.

Every time any court officer is faced with possible charges against them, “Title 4  rule 17″  is used to protect those officers.” LINK It has the same wording as Title 28 rule 17b”

The Monarchs of Europe write off any form of charge or claim against its interest as: there was a valid private contract in existence, the individual was violating God’s law with indulgences, or any other reason to justify the criminal act if one has occurred.

“Title 28 Rule 17 B” is the only place in the whole body where an outside individual can claim a constitutional right. Those rights protect the overseas businesses of the Monarchs, it is not for associations protection.

Please keep in mind that the federal judicial system is infested with communists and sharia law, so it may take a few times to get any case heard. There is also another item used to enforce “Rule 17 b”, it is called a “AO 91 form”. If used correctly, it does force the communists to act on any case.

Notice: If anyone would like to form a private membership association please contact the office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America to obtain a list of organizations that form PMA’s at a fraction of the cost.