The constitution for the United States of America is now recorded!

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Published on 01-26-2016 by the American Herald


It was requested of the Government of The United States of America to record the original constitution of 1789 within its office of the registrar for the Government of The United States of America. The request was honored: LINK

What does this mean?

Since the 1787 entity created and signed by George Washington was derived from a company, the entity has remained a company since 1787 as recorded.

The recording of the constitution for the United States of America, 1787 within the office of the registrar for the Government of The United States of America qualifies the entity so recorded for funding from the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America. That funding is debt free and interest free funding. 

The recording also places the entity under the regulatory authority of the United States, in Congress assembled. Everyone should know by now that the United States, in Congress assembled has been reformed into a republic form of Government and therefore anything regulated by it shall be regulated under the same form. The human rights report added to the recording documents are not under enforcement. The record was evidence of its existence as a company so it was added to the recording along with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the American Declaration of the rights and duties of man.

As far as the Government of The United States of America is concerned, the constitution for the United States of America is a contract and shall be regulated as a contract and strict adherence to the terms thereof.  The funding shall be regulated under the terms of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All laws shall apply to federal employees only and shall be human rights compliant within its wording.

There shall be some changes that will be published in the future and the Government of The United States of America and the General Post Masters thereof are honored to serve as the keepers of the constitution for the United States of America and uphold the contract. 


amended on 02-18-2016 for the purpose of entity continuity.

Certified Copy

Introducing the new and improved USC Chamber of Commerce!


Published on 01-24-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Introducing the new and improved USC Chamber of Commerce! WEBSITE LINK


The USC Chamber of Commerce has been reformed from a private membership association to a non-governmental organization sovereign entity.

The USC Chamber of Commerce has a very unique mission other then the purpose that all chambers of commerce fulfill. That unique mission is to serve as a forum to bring an end to the war by and between the land and the sea.

If you are not familiar with the war, the Monarchs of Europe and the world have been fighting over the worlds shipping ports, and the land barons have been fighting over the worlds railroads and lands.

The war has been fought for a very long time and it is time that both sides come to an agreement and end the war over world commerce and who controls it. Sharing is the best policy. It is time for all sides to come to the adult table and take liability to begin the peace and reconciliation process.

Welcome to the new USC Chamber of Commerce.


Introducing the new virtual Embassy of the Government of The United States of America!


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Introducing the new virtual Embassy of the Government of The United States of America! WEBSITE LINK

There are many groups out there that believe they have entered the “dejure” state and have removed themselves from a “defacto” corporation. In reality they have signed a piece of paper which is about it.

The reality is that when The United States of America was first formed, all foreigners were required to enter the country through The United States of America and thereby enter into one of the original sovereign states.

The way they stayed in those sovereign states was through oath or affirmation which separated them from their home country which is required through the doctrine of the set-apart spirit. Here is a copy of one of those rare books that have a record of that oath or affirmation and a list of those people that took the oath or affirmation: LINK

If the law of nations is broken or ignored, if the scriptures that spell out how to form a nation are ignored, no matter what people do they will not have standing. Like it or not, the Government of The United States of America is the only gateway to your original state and to its sovereignty.  Yes, all states were built the same way with a sovereign side to them carved out from the original 13 sovereign states. Today they are called the 50 States of the Union.

People can place all of the notices they want on websites and telephone poles, it does not matter. The international process was setup by the people that fought the revolutionary war of 1776, and there is nothing that can change that fact.

The people today were trafficked into Districts and their mothers signed the document called a birth certificate. We can’t change that fact. The only way back is through The United States of America and the Government that has been setup and established to accept and document people that wish to reclaim their inheritance. The constitution of the United States is not the way back to the original states and their sovereign status contrary to popular belief.

The Government of The United States of America website has the links to every part of the Government and its services and functions. Everything has been simplified and there are many people that have seen the light when it comes to this established process.

People that claim residency or a Nationality within The United States of America are not subject to the Government of The United States of America. They are free to go start assemblies and re-populate their states on its sovereign side of the state where the state constitution does matter and has standing. The rest of the processes that people dream up are not complete and therefore notwithstanding.

Wake up and claim your Nationality and have it documented by a real Government!

About Page of the Virtual Embassy website: LINK

This site is the official virtual embassy for the Government of The United States of America. Most if not all Government services are linked to this site or are on this site. The National assembly hopes that people that have had difficulty maneuvering through all of the Government sites will find this one to be more convenient.

Many large countries are moving towards virtual embassies. Virtual embassies serve the same function as an onsite embassy and cheaper to operate. A country never has to worry about their embassy being attacked and saves millions in security, staff and building maintenance.

This Government hopes that this site will serve the needs of American Nationals and others more efficiently and effectively.

The ambassador for this official virtual embassy is: Susan Kay Hanzlik

The ambassadors email is: [email protected]

This virtual embassy adheres to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations ratified in the year nineteen hundred and sixty-one and subjects itself to international diplomatic protocols in its operating procedures and codes.

Thank you.


Introducing the newest version of the Continental Dollar!


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Introducing the newest version of the Continental Dollar. The main changes and improvements are adding the words: “National Currency” and adding the newest version of the Great Seal for the Government of The United States of America.

The currency is asset backed, interest free and debt free. Here are the 1’s, 5’s and 10’s pasted below. The other 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 will reflect the same changes from the older versions. The older versions will still be honored and does not diminish in value in anyway.

The office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America is designing versions of the currency that it hopes people can be proud of and inspired by these newer designs. 

20160118-1 CD-Front

20160118-1 CD-Back

 5 front

5 back

10 front

20160118-10 CD-Back


The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America issues a pardon for two members of the Hammond Family!


Published on 01-15-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

Dear Readers:
In light of this story published by the American Herald entitled: “Hammond Family; are they being helped?” LINK
The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America decided to act on this matter.
A pardon has been issued and published in this newspaper under “INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE”.
The document itself is published here: LINK
Along with other documents published:
State of the Union: 
The problem with the country and the Union involves property registration. No one is registering their property with the U.S. Treasury. People are registering property and securities with the Security’s and Exchange Commission and other instrument registration entities which reach down to the local level. These registrations end up in the hands of the Bank of New York Mellon which boasts a 28 trillion asset base. When assets are registered with the Bank of New York Mellon, that means more assets and more federal reserve notes printed which is not debt free currency. 
Many people claim U.S. constitutional rights yet none of them have registered their property with the U.S. Treasury. Therefore the U.S. Treasury is empty and cannot issue U.S. Treasury notes that are debt free and interest free. No assets equals no notes. The Bank of New York Mellon knows that the U.S. gave up its city-state national currency and when that happened, the U.S. constitution became null and void.
The banks give the people what only appears to be constitutional rights as evidenced in the Hammond case and many other cases. The bankers are very cunning at making something appear as something else.
The Government of The United States of America is offering to accept registered property which allows the  release of Continental Dollars that are debt free and interest free.
The reason why this is available is because in the other State of the union, it was announced that the administration is pro-islam and pro communism. To register any property within the U.S. Treasury would cause an even bigger theft ring then there is now.
This Government is willing to adopt the constitution for the United States of America and be the keepers of it. It does not mean it will be giving up the Articles of Confederation as amended August 5th 2015. The reason is that the States need to have their own elections and forego any type of federal elections from the people. There is no reason for two separate elections.
The people within the 50 states of the Union use to vote for their Congressmen and Senators in State elections. Then the Senators would vote for a President every four years as the representatives of the people from each state. A President is supposed to deal with the States, not the people directly. The people are supposed to have a representative called a congressmen or senator.  A State of the Union is supposed to be directed at the Senate which in turn is directed to the States, not the people directly.
A communist country allows for its leader to directly subject its people to that dictator. That dictator invites him or herself into everyone’s home and starts talking about their personal lives and announces it to the world in an attempt to reach the people directly to appear as a concerned father and a great leader. This is highly UN-professional behavior and communicates to the world of a self professed father and god to the people.
Education, healthcare, benefits and other programs is not the executive branches business. The executive branch is supposed to make trade deals with other countries, bring in business which in turn creates jobs. Not involve itself with social issues of the people. The executive branch is restricted to State level relations with Senators and Governors, that is it. Anything else is a violation of federalism canon which restricts sovereign powers commerce.  This means that inter-state commerce and intrastate commerce retains its sovereignty. Since the U.S. Treasury does not have any assets, that particular constitution cannot be enforced and therefore the country has fallen into a Islam and communism combination void. Another way of putting it is a Police State that is governed by arbitrary decisions of a ruthless and self professed dictator.
The Government of The United States of America has its own elections coming from General Post Masters of the General Post Office. It can work with states, however, it does not deal directly with the people of those states unless a resident declaration has been declared or requested by State residents that have claimed a Nationality by oath or affirmation.
The Government of The United States of America can also deal with human rights violations as it pertains to interstate commerce and reestablish the divide between intrastate and interstate commerce like in the example of the Hammond case. It has other abilities, however, to many to list in this notice.
It is hoped that this country survives whatever it has within its destiny. The Government of The United States of America is doing its best to correct the problems and has the jurisdiction to correct the problems if the States are willing.

Hammond Family; are they being helped?

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Published on 01-12-2016 by the American Herald


Dear Readers:

Please watch this video and challenge yourself to figure out what is wrong with this picture?


The first thing that jumps out is where is the county court order to take the fence down?

The Militia that took the federal building that belonged to Harney County Oregon has yet to establish law and order.

1: If there is lawlessness in a county, militia has the same restrictions as any military. It also has the same duties and responsibilities as any military in the world, if a military force is going to invade an area to assist the people.  

2: The militia has to find the mayor, track down the charter, call for a town meeting and appoint temporary office holders, verify the population by taking a census, then setup elections while upholding law and order during the process with regular patrols and answering to the concerns of the people.

3: There are many people claiming that the constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are not followed by the republicans and democrats, however at the same time violate the same documents. If one side does not following two simple documents, that does not give rights to the other side to violate the same documents while trying to enforce the terms on others at the  same time (two wrongs do not make a right). If there are leaders lacking, it is up to the people to take the lead, however, in this case of the Oregon issue, it appears to be an arena and an episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

4: Where are the rights of the people that work for BLM and their trial?

A: Where is the indictment from the county grand jury?

B: Where is their defense council of which as human beings the BLM employees are entitled?

C: When was their day in court?

D: When did the trial occur to take the fence down?

E: What is the difference between the federal district courts and the people of Harney County, Oregon? 

Further, the last question is: Which side is not violating the human rights of everyone in America and the duties and responsibilities of man?

During this episode of the Jerry Springer Show in Oregon, the Hammonds went to jail and are still there. Law and order has not been established when there has been plenty of time to do so. The militia has diminished themselves to private free lance mercenaries, and now the U.S. Military has the legal right to intervene to re-establish law and order as a military force.

We are sure the Hammond family is thanking the Bundy family for this one. The whole process has turned into nothing more then propaganda machine for a constitution and a bill of rights that has not had any real force and effect since the Pan American union of 1933, and nothing has been accomplished as far as any hint of justice for the Hammond family, if in fact their human rights have been violated.

On the other hand, people are very well aware that there is corruption in the judicial system and every other branch of the company, however, stooping to their level accomplishes nothing. The people have to be better then their leaders in order to earn the right to lead.


State or Government owned Property?

Published on 01-07-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Dear Readers,

This article has been a long time coming. There have been some articles/notices published in the American Herald about the communist party. However, this article is going to cover a mechanism by which the particular party has been committing crimes against the people in America.

The country itself has been unknowingly representing itself as a communist country to the rest of the world. 

The people made a political decision to convert to communism without even knowing that a political decision has been made, recorded and documented. The decision was hidden within a private contract under a deceptive term. The deceptive term was re-defined in a law dictionary so the people would UN-knowingly make a political decision to change their political party to the communist party.

The whole plan was to create a real estate bubble which popped in 2007. There were three words placed in the deeds to define any transfer of property where the owner was transferring an interest in property rather than the property itself thereby the owner was never the real owner. When the words were added, it made the owner of the property a tenant and the State the owner that created a rent situation or a fixed fee that resembled a rent.

When a situation arises where the people live in State owned housing, former private property becomes public housing.  When a situation arises where the people were swindled out of private property ownership by  a cunning political party that exists illegally within a country, it becomes international crimes, political crimes and an act of war against said country.

When a candidate is running for office and calls himself a socialist, and that individual is not arrested right away, that is a problem.

There is a movie called “The Big Short” that explains in detail what happened in 2007 and why millions of people were forced from their homes. It is a highly recommended movie to watch.

The three words that were added to almost every deed are “in fee simple”. The words were cunningly placed in what is referred to as a “habendum clause”.  An habendum clause is not legally required to be added or a part of any form of deed in order that the deed is legally valid. All that is required is that the granting clause is present within the deed, yet the states will not record a deed without an habendum clause present and that the wording include “in fee simple”.

Fee Simple is defined here and also in blacks law dictionary as:

“Highest form of legal estate in freehold land denoting complete ownership.’Fee simple’ means ownership that will not end with the death of the present owner but will descend to his or her heirs. ‘Absolute’ means that owner’s rights of ownership are not limited by any condition. And ‘in possession’ signifies immediacy of those rights. Also called by its short form ‘fee simple.'” –

That definition of fee simple is a misrepresentation of the truth because the origins of fee simple are somewhat different in its definition and more expansive:

In English law, a fee simple or fee simple absolute is an estate in land, a form of freehold ownership. It is the way that real estate is owned in common law countries, and is the highest ownership interest possible that can be had in real property. Allodial title is reserved to governments under a civil law structure. Fee simple ownership represents an ownership interest in real property, though it is limited by government powers of taxation, compulsory purchase, police power, and escheat, and it could also be limited further by certain encumbrances or conditions in the deed, such as, for example, a condition that required the land to be used as a public park, with a reversion interest in the grantor if the condition fails; this is a fee simple conditional.[

Further, the word “fee” and its origins can be found here: LINK

in part it reads: “The word “fee” is derived from fief, meaning a feudal landholding. Feudal land tenures existed in several varieties, most of which involved the tenant having to supply some service to his overlord, such as knight-service (military service).”

These aforementioned definitions beg some simple questions.

1: Are the States operating as a monarchy or a communist state? They are definitely not operating as any form of republic where the people own private property where those metes and bounds of private property ownership make up the territory of the State. This is why communism is illegal and a threat to any country. The State cannot exist without private property ownership making up the States territory.

2: Why add and require an habendum clause to a deed when it is not required to properly convey property?

3: Why would a state want to retain allodial title to private property which would deprive the people of land ownership thereby placing the people in public housing?

4: Before the real estate bubble burst, why would the mortgage companies promote and train all of its employees to add “fee simple” to all of the deeds?

5: This is what it states on a mortgage QNA website: “Fee Simple is a legal form of ownership. This is the most common form of real estate title. In a fee simple ownership, you have “absolute ownership” subject to basic government rights such as taxation and subject to deed restrictions.” So how is something absolute if there are restrictions?  LINK

Therefore, this form of vesting implies absolute ownership even though in reality absolute ownership does not exist within the agreement. LINK

To clarify, fee simple means that the owner has a complete legal right to the owners interest in the property and not necessarily to the land itself which would mean that the property, if not privately owned would revert back to the state held as public property thereby converting all private property to public property and all homes to public housing.

6: Which political party promotes the people living in public housing and completely despises private property ownership?

It would be suggested that the people, if they do not like communism, either amend their deeds and record them meaning  the amended deed should remove the habendum clause which is not legally required to exist within any deed in order for the deed to be valid. (Habendum Clause: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD in fee simple absolute)

The people were politically deceived into making a political decision unknowingly switching to the communist party which is a crime under international law and  the law of nations of which the American Bar Association is a subject thereof.


The psychology of Communism

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Published on 01-05-2015 by the American Herald


Dear Readers,

The psychology of Communism is a very simple concept. However, difficult to explain in a newspaper article.  

We can start out with a few questions to better understand:

1: How many decisions in the past 30 years that have come out of any court in any of the States or the federal courts that wasn’t the worst decision that could have been made in any court?

2: How many decisions out of the courts that have released criminals or have basically slapped the hands of a criminal and the honest and good people get twice the sentence for something that is minuscule in comparison? 

3: Why is it that there are more people in jail in America then the rest of the countries combined?

4: Why does a man or woman serve three years for a murder or rape and 20 years for killing an eagle or other animal?

5: Why do police clearly murder people on tape and there are no charges filed, released for whatever reason, back on the job after a 30 day paid vacation?

6: How is it that people can be killed by prison guards and nothing happens other than an investigation and the decision is normally not guilty  as a result of the investigation, when on tape it shows a clear murder?

All of these questions reveal a pattern of behavior. Each act that happens on a daily basis is done on purpose. The purpose is simple, conformity and obedience.  It is a form of training and has nothing to do with judicial decisions or government policy.

Here is what a communist wants:

1: The communists want people to believe the problem is greed and corruption.

2: The communists want people to believe that something cannot be fixed because the decision has already been made.

3: The communists want people to forget the past because there is nothing anyone can do about it now and concentrate on the future and we can all do better together. This happens when confronted with a crime committed.

4: The communists want people to believe that as long as people are obedient and loyal, they will never get hurt.  

The main goal is conformity. Conformity is a value just like a car or property. The reason why bad decisions are made, and mistakes are made is a form of training. The training consists of bad decisions, and the bad decision has to be obeyed otherwise the crime of non-conformity, also called an offense, has been committed against the state.

All laws in the communist party are not really laws, they are rules of conformity and to be obeyed. The rules must be obeyed even if the rule does not apply to the situation.  Political correctness is also conformity and not a law. It is a rule established by the communist party on what is authorized to say and what is not authorized to say.


If people protest a decision made by a court. The protesters are often called “anti-government”. Many would say  they have a right to protest, however, to a communist, the protester is anti-government because if the protester was a conformist, then the government can do no wrong and there is no reason to protest.

Everyone that criticizes a politician in Washington D.C. is either anti-government or committing some act of terrorism or could possibly be a terrorist in the eyes of a communist. The main stream media usually reflects this pattern.

Many people would say that free speech, gun rights, religion and other basic freedoms are a necessity to keep a government from becoming tyrannical. People that believe that way are terrorists, right-wing extremists, anti-government and dangerous to society according to the communist party. 

Why go through all of this training. The reason is simple, control over other people and their thinking is worth more than gold itself.  All of the minerals in the world are minuscule in comparison.  

Why spends billions to train a whole country in the pattern of conformity and obedience? Because the control and obedience can be bought and sold just like a well trained and powerful soldier.  A perfect obedient soldier is worth more then a military jet or a fleet. The return on the investment is enormous.

The civilian population will ask, what does that analogy have to do with everyday civilians? The conformity and obedience is for one purpose. People trained to conform and obey every command without protest or question will work for pennies on the dollar to support their political party.

Every communist country that has ever existed always pay their people next to nothing and live in run down public housing. They always drive cheap cars and have to watch government sanctioned television shows. They will always have a selection of government sanctioned clothing and food or school uniforms that are required. Public transportation is always free because it is paid through 70% to 80% taxation, however, the state is always struggling, always in debt, always corrupt, and can never supply the people with what they want because there are enemies everywhere and all over the world and those resources are needed by the government to protect the people. 

Does any of this sound familiar? and can anyone say “slave camp”?


The incorporation of 1871 explained in detail!

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Published on 1-2-2016 by The Confederation Party

Dear Readers:

The Confederation Party is a party that re-formed the original Confederacy of 1781 into a republic form of Government. People want to know why and how does it pertain to today in their everyday lives.

Here is a bit of history that many people know about when talking about the 1871 incorporation of the U.S. and they are fighting to return to what they think is the original constitution and a Republic form of government.

This is a part of history of 1871 that most people do not know about and how it pertains to political parties today.

Here are some known facts:

1: In 1860, the Congress of the United States suffered a walk out of the southern states which rendered the Congress of the United States sine die.

Adjournment sine die (from the Latin “without day”) means “without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing”

2: The day that the southern states walked out was the day that the Republican and Democratic Parties ceased to legally exist as political parties and have been doing business as the Republican and Democratic party “in name only”. “In name only” means that its original intent of existence no longer exists and the parties constitution was severed from those political parties. The republican and democratic parties constitution fell under the Communist Party in 1860 and was reformed into a fascist system called corporations today. Corporation is another term for dictatorship.

“UNITED STATES incorporates in England In 1871 the default again loomed and bankruptcy was eminent. So in 1871, the ten miles square was incorporated in England. They used the constitution as their by-laws.Not as authority under the Constitution but as authority over the constitution. They copy righted, not only the constitution but also many names such as, THE UNITED STATES, U.S. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USA and many other titles as their own. This is the final blow to the original constitution. From here on out, the UNITED STATES was governed entirely by private corporate law, dictated by the banks as creditors.More Bankruptcy Re-organizations Then, in 1909, default loomed once more. The US government went to the Crown of England and asked for an extension of time. This extension was granted for another 20 years on several conditions. One of the conditions was that the United States allow the creditors to establish a new national bank. This was done in 1913, with the Federal Reserve Bank. This, along with the 16th Amendment, collection of Income tax, enacted February 25, 1913, and the 17th Amendment enacted May 31, 1913, were the conditions for the extension of time. The 16th and 17th Amendment further reduced the states power. The UNITED STATES adopted the Babylonian system. The people of the 50 Union states together maintain foreign sovereign immunity.”

3: The bankers were true believers in Karl Marx that introduced the Communist Manifesto which is the mission statement for fascists. The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism:  LINK

4: What really happened in 1860?

A: The Congress of the United States went sine die.

B: A new U.S. Congress was convened under the Communist Party.

C: Today the Communist Party is referred to as the shadow government when in reality it is called a shadow government because the Communist Party is doing business as the Republican and Democratic Party thereby politically misrepresenting itself therefore referred to as “shadow government”.

D: 1872 was when the Communist Party passed the Conformity Act of 1872 wherein the legal definition is the following:

“Conformity Act is a 1872 federal statute which provides that the practice and procedure in federal district courts (other than in equity and admiralty matters) must conform to the practice and procedure used by the state courts for like cases. The Act provided that in common-law causes in the circuit and district courts of the United States, the plaintiff shall be entitled to similar remedies, by attachment or other process against the property of the defendant, which are now provided for by the laws of the State in which such court is held, applicable to the court of such State. The circuit or district courts may, from time to time, by general rules, adopt such State laws as may be in force in the State in relation to attachments and other process and the party recovering judgment in such cause shall be entitled to similar remedies upon the same, by execution or otherwise, to reach the property of the judgment debtor, as are provided by the laws of the State within which said circuit or district courts shall be held in like causes, or which shall be adopted by rules as aforesaid. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which became effective in 1938 superseded the Conformity Act.”

5: The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the state courts rules are all under the  shadow government and therefore do not apply to the 50 states of the original Union of 1781. The Communist Party works closely with Islam because their missions and organizations are almost identical. 

The concept that is widely used today is a term called “Separate and equal Station”. That condition is used specifically for religious beliefs and political parties.  Since communists do not believe in a deity, the political side of separate and equal station is usually recognized by communist parties mainly because the communist party mutually benefits.


The U.S. constitution is under the Communist Party doing business as the Republican and Democratic Party. The U.S. constitution is used as by-laws for the fascist structured corporations controlling the people through consumerism.

The only way out was to go back to the original Government of 1781, claim it and reform it by another political party not registered with the Communist Party through its Internal Revenue Service.

Many claim that removing voter registration removes people from the fascist system, that is just the first step, the next step is to join another political party under the original The United States of America and United States of 1781. 

In the oath and affirmation of the Government of The United States of America reads in part:

“Therefore, I, __________________________________, hereby accept and acknowledged that my particular Nationality is counted as one of a permanent population of all fifty “one of the United States” within the metes and bounds of The United States of America.”

Doesn’t this qualify asThe people of the 50 Union states together maintain foreign sovereign immunity.”

Once the people gathered within the original Union within The United States of America, they needed a Political Party and Government outside of the Communist Party otherwise fall prey to that party like the Tea Party. So the Government of The United States of America was re-formed into a republic and was all done by the Confederation Party. 

This is why these particular American Nationals are recognized as:

“American National Status Recognition as NON-CITIZEN/NON-RESIDENT ALIEN TO THE U.S. OF AMERICA” LINK

Anyone that sees the Government of The United States of America as a threat in the form of treason against the United States might want to take a closer look at the political party they are serving. Everything is a matter of perspective. The United States that most people think is the one they should have allegiance to is a secular UNITED STATES created from the original United States of 1781. The secular communist UNITED STATES is made to appear as the original United States. The American Nationals within The United States of America have allegiance to the original United States of 1781 and therefore conformity is not an issue, not the secular UNITED STATES created by the Communist Party in 1860. When people throw the word “treason” around, they might want to look in the mirror.  

The Communist Party doing business as:

“Democrats have removed God from the Democratic National Committee platform. LINK “

and then restored it due to the displeasure to many in the crowd: 

LINK however never restored it in writing which is required. 

This is also why a lot of politicians get fined and not imprisoned because they are following the communist doctrine of conformity=submission which appears as criminal acts to everyone else who are loyal and have allegiance to a Republican form of government and a Bill of Rights (1789). The only problem is that the type of Republican form of government that the people are loyal to is simply the absence of a monarch and not a true republic made up of the people. LINK

The deception is revealed when the people of today turn their power of attorney over to what they think is a Republican form of government when in reality, they are literally turning their vote and power of attorney over to a Representative of the communist party in control of a fascist system.

To criminally charge a communist from someone that is loyal to a Republican form of government and a Bill of Rights under a pretended political party would violate the communists political and human rights. This is why it is so important to separate ourselves with another political party outside of the communist party if you do not share the communist political views.

Now that this part of history is revealed to those that read it, should remove a lot of confusion and know that a choice has been established with the Government of The United States of America with the original United States, in Congress assembled within it.


1928 – “The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution” by H. G. Wells is published. A former Fabian socialist, Wells writes: “The political world of the Open Conspiracy must weaken, efface, incorporate, and supersede existing governments. The Open Conspiracy is the natural inheritor of socialist and communist enthusiasms; it may be in control of Moscow before it is in control of New York. The character of the Open Conspiracy will now be plainly displayed. It will be a world religion.” end quote