The General Post Master Council amends the “Zero Tolerance Policy” to include exile!


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International Public Notice

Due to recent events in the State of Oregon wherein crimes of indifference have occurred in retaliation for exiling certain parties in the Carolyn Rousseau case, and further when people claim a Nationality bringing lots of baggage with them, the General Post Master Council amended its “Zero Tolerance Policy”.  Zero Tolerance Policy is just a title and not necessarily a policy, it is a specific rule and judicial procedure of the court itself. The term “Zero Tolerance Policy” was the name of the rule and judicial procedure for foreign communication purposes.   LINK

The human rights defenders received multiple conflicting reports of the death of Carolyn Rousseau. Every report was different coming from the State of Oregon.  The only conclusion at this time  is negligence at best.  One report came from someone that witnessed Carolyn’s death stated ” We let her pass” as if it were a justifiable and humane thing to do.  To this day, not one of the reports offered to let Carolyn’s husband visit her body to say goodbye before cremation.  Carolyn Rousseau’s death came two weeks after the exile judgment was published.  All of the exiled were democrats. 

One of the amendments are as follows:

IT IS HEREBY NOTICED that any attempt to publicly slander or otherwise demonize a documented American National,
Declared Resident, or General Post Master with the use of inflammatory labels including but not limited to “sovereign citizen”, “anti
-government” “anarchist”, “radical” and the like, will result in an immediate charge of attempted murder brought against the perpetrator(s) by the Government of The United States of America wherein their person shall be placed in EXILE within three days by Executive Order, and
This rule applies to all jurisdictions within the metes and bounds of The United States of America, foreign, domestic, or other. The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America is ready and willing to sign any order against those people that do not respect the human rights of others. The exile order could also be applied to those that are immigrating from other countries. The American Nationals that have already claimed a Nationality with very little baggage have not been harassed and have been left alone. The Government of The United States of America inherited the Carolyn Rousseau case that started back in 2008. The Government of The United States of America is usually very tolerant of foreign torts and human rights violations, and further, take great pains in solving the problems diplomatically,  however, when there are people at war with humanity, toleration must take a back seat for the safety of those coming forward from the next generation.
Carolyn Rousseau’s death did not happen in vain.  Our prayers are with her husband where may he find peace.  


Introducing the amended Social Compact Agreement and Declaration of Rights for RESIDENTS and American Nationals!


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International Public Notice

Back in the day when all of this started with the claim of the original Confederacy of 1781 and General Post Office of 1775, a Social Compact Agreement was signed and published by the original claimants. Much has changed since that time so here is the amended Social Compact Agreement if interested in reading it. LINK

Further, a Declaration of Rights was written and published back in 2012 for RESIDENTS and affirmed American Nationals which has been amended February 20th, 2017. LINK:  This particular Declaration is a requirement for RESIDENTS and American Nationals that are not General Post Masters to sign in order to serve on the Great Jury in one of the judicial districts of The United States of America. LINK

There is a lot that can be accomplished if we all work together.


How to fund a Government without direct taxation!




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The resolution agreed upon by the committee for the Government of The United States of America was and is a simple resolution that is human rights compliant when it comes to the concept of direct taxation.

Governments have become enemies of their own people through the concept of direct taxation. The concept has caused many revolutions and downfalls of many governments over thousands of years. However, there is a resolution to the problem.

The problem of direct taxation has been resolved while at the same time funding all local, state and federal levels. Direct taxation has been the root of all human rights violations in America. 

The resolution is called “The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty of 2016”.

The Land of Milk and Honey comes from an ancient event back in the time of the Israelite’s and Yahweh. The term implies and expresses that the resources of the land possessed belonged to the people and was apportioned equally to each one of the people under their control. The natural resources were not intended to be controlled by a privileged few. 

The resolution is simple:

1: Accept and acknowledge that the people control the minerals of the land they possess.

 2: Properly regulate the producers and consumers.

The articles of the resolution are as follows with commentary in red lettering and presented in the form of a Treaty:

The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty of 2016


The Government of The United States of America, committed to the principle that all people should prosper from the minerals within the metes and bounds of their respective countries, hereby brings forth this agreement entitled “The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty of 2016”.

The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty has had long term implications that the control of the minerals within the metes and bounds of each country rests with its people. The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty is human right compliant in its entirety.

Convinced that the historic mission of the contracting parties is to offer to man a land of freedom and a favorable environment for the development of his personality and the realization of his just aspirations and Independent Human rights;

Conscious that the historic mission has already inspired numerous agreements, whose essential value lies in the desire of the people to live together in peace and through their mutual understanding and respect for the independence of each member, to provide for the betterment of all, its independence, equality and law;

Convinced that compacts by and between the people in Social Compact is an indispensable condition for the stability, peace and development of the these Articles;

Confident that the true significance of solidarity and good neighborliness can only mean the consolidation on this continent, of a Compact of individual freedom of thought and social compact based on respect for the unalienable rights of people;

Persuaded that its prosperity and its contribution to the progress of the prosperity of its neighbors and of the world will increasingly require intensive continental cooperation;

Resolved to persevere in the noble undertaking that the struggle has conferred upon the contracting parties, whose principles and purposes it solemnly affirms;

Article 1

Each contracting party shall repel any attempt of any third party to justify the invasion of the contract by and between the people and their government in violation of Article 21 section one of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) for the purpose of gaining unlawful control of the minerals without just compensation to the people thereof. Split titles to property shall be repelled.

Article 2

Each contracting party shall express the will of the people through its elections which forms its Government and its Sovereign Public Bank. The people contracted with their government through declaration, oath or affirmation or as otherwise provided shall retain the right as expressed within Article 21 section 1 of the UDHR.

Article 3

Each contracting party agrees to collect royalties on behalf of the people, through the terms as provided by the code that governs a certain license for the exclusive use, manufacturing, reforming, altering, or otherwise used exclusively by a private party for the purpose of producing goods for consumers. The royalties shall be apportioned equally among the elderly, and or otherwise qualified to receive Social Assistance in accordance with Article 22 of the UDHR.  

The royalties can be collected at the time the manufacturer sells the goods to the retailers under a percentage thereby avoiding direct contact with the people. If the IRS never has to collect taxes and starts collecting royalties on behalf of the people,the IRS is no longer considered a tyrant collection agency. The people would never see an IRS agent in their lifetime. The producers would deal with the IRS directly or through agents. The Government is funded  every time the consumer buys a product from a retailer which forces the politicians to do their job by creating jobs and market places. If revenue falls, the IRS confronts the politicians. The retailer does not spend time and resources collecting sales tax and looking for alternatives to paying employment taxes etc. The people do not spend most of their time avoiding direct taxes through overseas tax schemes. There is more money for the people to spend on products which creates more jobs and relieves the Social Security system of fraudulent claims. Mental stress is relieved because the royalties are apportioned equally among Social Security Administration accounts once the Government bills are paid and the people can request personal bills are paid out of their own royalty fund in Social Security. IRS agents are loved and supported and wipes out a million pages of incomprehensible IRS policies. Everyone wins and all social and funding issues between the people and Government are resolved. (the resolution goes in a hundred different directions at the same time in a positive light, too many to write in this article)

Article 4

The producers shall enjoy certain immunity under the license governed by the doctrine of codification to reduce the impairment of production to be determined by the contracting parties within their own spheres and governed by the UDHR or as otherwise provided for the purpose of protecting the producer from certain injustices against producers committed by consumers and their representation.

This makes it very attractive for producers to become producers and therefore creates jobs.

Article 5

The consumers shall enjoy certain protections from producers seeking to diminish their quality of life. The protections shall be funded by the collections of royalties and regulated by the contracting parties through Article 21, section 2 of the UDHR.

This gives the people a remedy that has standing against GMO’s and other harmful products on the market.

The Land of Milk and Honey Treaty wherein its subject matter was inspired by the covenant made by and between the Israelites and their God, the UDHR and having experienced the oppression that is within the ability of man and his thinking, is hereby established.

Ratification and Entry Into Force

The present Treaty shall remain open for signature to the American Nations, States and countries on the American Continent and the countries from the other six continents which shall be ratified in accordance with their respective constitutional procedures for proper recognition. The instrument of ratification as written in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French or other texts of which are equally authentic, shall be deposited with the USC Chamber of Commerce, which shall transmit certified copies thereof to the Governments for purposes of publication. The instruments of ratification shall be deposited with the President of the USC Chamber of Commerce, which shall notify all signatories of said deposit. Any deposit by any country on the seven continents shall serve as a gateway for open commerce and trade by and between each country that is a signatory and makes said deposit of an instrument of ratification.

Notice: If anyone finds an negative issue with this resolution, please comment below this article.



A Well Regulated Militia?


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The second amendment of the constitution for the United States of America is very short and not defined in its entirety basically because it’s meaning was common knowledge back when written: 

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

There are some folks that have defined that amendment rather well which opens a whole other side of thinking to the condition of the country as a whole: LINK


There is no doubt the Framers understood that the term “militia” had multiple meanings. First, the Framers understood all of the people to be part of the unorganized militia. The unorganized militia members, “the people,” had the right to keep and bear arms. They could, individually, or in concert, “well regulate” themselves; that is, they could train to shoot accurately and to learn the basics of military tactics.

This interpretation is in keeping with English usage of the time, which included within the meaning of the verb “regulate” the concept of self- regulation or self-control (as it does still to this day). The concept that the people retained the right to self-regulate their local militia groups (or regulate themselves as individual militia members) is entirely consistent with the Framers’ use of the indefinite article “a” in the phrase “A well regulated Militia.” end quote


It is an absolute truism that law-abiding, armed citizens pose no threat to other law-abiding citizens. The Framers’ writings show they also believed this. As we have seen, the Framers understood that “well regulated” militias, that is, armed citizens, ready to form militias that would be well trained, self-regulated and disciplined, would pose no threat to their fellow citizens, but would, indeed, help to “insure domestic Tranquility” and “provide for the common defence.”end quote

Whats missing in this whole debate?

The fact that the people are recognized by the second amendment in the States as Militia and not as the people. This line of thinking changes the whole dynamic of the system when looked at from the view of the United States.

Federal Courts recognize the “Defendant” and the “Plaintiff” which does not include and or excludes the Militia as recognized in the second amendment. If the court exclusively recognizes a defendant or plaintiff, yet the people are recognized as the Militia, then the issue of jurisdiction should always come up. If the framers understood that the people are the Militia in perpetuity, then the courts should recognize that fact and convert their documents to the correct parties or settle the country with a civilian population.

Lets go in a different direction in this line of thinking.

1: When the people started voting for a President, were they voting for a commander in chief of all the militia within the States? Is this the reason why executive orders seem to apply to the people and or “militia”? 

2: This line of thinking would also make the whole country a Military country where civilians literally do not exist according to the second amendment and its interpretation.

If all people are recognized as Militia, that would mean that no matter what people do for a living, they are recognized as Militia from the United States point of view, therefore we have a condition of Militia attacking Militia and attempting to bypass the second amendment by calling them anything like “anti-goverment” or “sovereign citizen”. Why would the people from the United States point of view attempt to change the status of the people from the recognized status of Militia? Why call the Militia residents and US Citizens?

Gun Control would be defined as an attempt to dis-arm the Militia. Militia trying to dis-arm other militia through gun control methods are in violation of the second amendment.

The second amendment was designed to stop wars because if everyone is Militia from the commander in chief to every man, woman and child, then there is no one to vilify or kill.  The second amendment did not deal with religion, or politics, it dealt with people and all of their differences which brought them altogether to stop killing each other.

The thinking behind everyone being recognized as Militia means that when someone is murdered, it is recognized as one Militia member murdering another which is a threat to domestic tranquility. Murder literally means treason as defined under the second amendment. 

When police kill or the police are killed, that literally means Militia members killing militia members according to the second amendment. The second amendment removes the privileged class of people concept from society.

The funny part of this whole scenario is that the people attempting to destroy the second amendment to establish a New World Order, are literally trying to destroy the the original concept and intent of a New World Order — one based on mutual status, respect and peace.

“Compartmentalization is the greatest threat to domestic tranquility”


Hillary Clinton does not qualify for president!


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Presented by the Government of The United States of America

Hillary Clinton (hereinafter “Hillary”) does not qualify to hold any office of a president due to the fact that Hillary has already served two consecutive terms in the aforementioned office. 

1: Hillary is married to William Jefferson Clinton.

2: Under the marriage contract, Hillary is the same as William Jefferson Clinton:

31“For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” end quote

3: In accordance with the contract (constitution), there was an amendment adopted wherein does it read:

Quote: The Twenty-second Amendment, adopted in 1951, prohibits anyone from ever being elected to the presidency for a third full term. end quote

4: Therefore, Hillary and William Jefferson Clinton are running for a third full term  of which neither of them have the authority to do in accordance with the contract.

5: For those that are anti-marriage and believe the woman is separate from the man regardless of vows etc. This next quote is for you…


Courtesy Library of Congress.

Unlike the President, the role of the First Lady is not addressed in the Constitution. Both the role of the Presidential spouse and the title have shifted and formalized over the history of the United States. The spouse of the President is not elected to serve and yet, because the White House is both the residence and the office of the President, public service is inherent to the role. Traditionally, the wife of the Presidents served as the hostess and was in charge of all things domestic; but that role has grown. Beyond defining the role of First Lady, even counting them is difficult as more women than just the spouses of the Presidents filled the role of White House Hostess, particularly in the 19th century. Widowers and bachelors and others would call upon surrogates to fill the role when a spouse was unavailable — a role that itself is a social surrogate for many of the ceremonial functions of the Presidency.   end quote

6: Technically the first lady, the position that Hillary took in the White House for two terms is specifically connected to the presidency and therefore has already served for two terms in the White House in the same office Hillary is trying to take for a third full term. Since Hillary is still married to William Jefferson Clinton, technically William Jefferson Clinton is attempting to maneuver his way around the two term limit through his wife and therefore is openly defying the terms of the office in front of the whole world. 

7: It is common knowledge that the oligarchy has been playing musical chairs with various offices for the past 50 years and have been watching each others back in certain cases. However, it appears that someone miscalculated this move made by the Clinton family.

8: Any election won by Hillary cannot be honored.

9: Any other woman in the country that has been a permanent resident of the United States for a period of 14 years would qualify to hold the office of the presidency except Hillary Clinton.

10: Example: If a man works for a period of time and receives a pension after retirement, even if that man dies, the surviving wife will still receive the full benefits of the pension after the death of her husband because they are considered one in the same in the eyes of the law.

Presented by the Government of The United States of America



National Security Breach by creatures of the state! Part 2




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Presented by the Government of The United States of America!

In part one of this series of presentations, the subject matter consisted of Titles of Nobility and how a nobility has been created within a title. Part 2 will expound on some of the very slight changes that have been made to achieve this secular nobility of a privileged class of people within America.

We are going to use some examples of documents from the State of Maryland. The State of Maryland is just an example because this same example exists within all of the States of the Union.

Here is an example:

In 1867 and before, the style of the enactment clause for the State of Maryland is this: ” Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Maryland”.  Example document from that period: LINK   If they wanted to extend sections to enactments they would write Further be it enacted… or “And be it enacted” which is an addition to existing law.  LINK

In 2004, it all changed to this: “BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF MARYLAND”  and the explanation for the all caps is an addition to existing law. LINK to a proposed BILL because they don’t bother to place the actual statute on the internet. The State of Maine is a good example: People are supposed to accept this document as a statute: LINK

It has been witnessed that all of the STATES have changed the enactment clauses to all capital letters. Caps in Eng­lish de­scend di­rectly from the Latin al­pha­bet. So why place a Latin alphabet in an English document when there are no exceptions for all capital letters in an enactment clause nor in the 8 rules of capital letters in the English language: LINK

When anyone enters a foreign language into any document the subject matter of the document becomes foreign. Therefore a foreign STATE has been created in a State. Example: A copy of the 1867 constitution of the State of Maryland in the Declaration of Rights it reads We, the people, LINK yet when it was amended in 2015, it now reads WE, THE PEOPLE,  LINK

Now, WE, THE PEOPLE are under a foreign language of Latin and placed themselves into a foreign STATE from the original State of Maryland, then absorbed the original courts into circuit and District Courts.The official language of the United States is English.

It goes even further, that same privileged class of PEOPLE are also sticking bills to the people of the State of Maryland without their consent under Chapter 239 of the acts of 2001 Section 1, paragraph 1: LINK

That is called slavery and or forced labor after the act of trafficking of persons to a foreign STATE.

Further, if the privileged class of PEOPLE desire their own foreign STATE, it is a violation of the Law of Nations to attempt to use the former State or any of its people to pay their bills: Ҥ 4.What are sovereign states.Every nation that governs itself, under what form soever, without dependence on any foreign
power, is a Sovereign State, Its rights are naturally the same as those of any other state. Such are the moral persons who live together in a natural society, subject to the law of nations. To give a nation a right to make an immediate figure in this grand society, it is sufficient that it be really sovereign and independent, that is, that it govern itself by its own authority and laws.”

Further, an unequal alliance has not been established by and between We, the people and WE, THE PEOPLE as written in section 5 of the Law of Nations. “§ 5. States bound by unequal alliance.”

This situation would mean the the privileged class of PEOPLE would be responsible for their own debts. Therefore, the privileged class of PEOPLE are responsible for the STATE AND NATIONAL DEBT.

Further, every time the privileged class of PEOPLE enforce their foreign laws against the people, that would be considered, human trafficking, forced labor, kidnapping, theft, unlawful imprisonment, unlawfully detained, and a host of other crimes too many to list here. 

The so-called “corrections in their private detention centers” benefit a privileged class of PEOPLE because they are sticking the Bill for their services to the original State of Maryland. We, the people of the State of Maryland are being subjected to the privileged class of PEOPLE’S laws that do not apply to We, the people of the State of Maryland because they are written in a foreign language. This mess all started with the cause of Pleading for another for a fee.

Lets explore some speculations:

What if those same privileged class of PEOPLE were looking to replace the existing slave pool with Muslims. Further, F.E.M.A. camps were built to exterminate the current slave pool and replace them with Islamic slaves to work in the factories and extend profits. LINK     LINK 

Slavery is legal in Islam.  This same privileged class of PEOPLE are not unfamiliar with building Nations within Nations or STATES within States where Islam is a foreign nation to the United States and is strictly forbidden from establishing itself in the United States.

Think about the police officers that pledged themselves to uphold STATE statutes and place their lives on the  line everyday thinking they are serving the original State when in fact that are serving a foreign STATE to the detriment of their own families, possibly themselves and everyone they know today.

We can go further with this line of thinking, however, it would be redundant to do so. There will be people that would say that differences in wording does not mean anything, however, it does mean something in documents that pertain to the law.

Presented by the Government of The United States of America!


National Security Breach by creatures of the state! Part 4


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Presented by the Government of The United States of America!

Informing the people:

Statistics: According to the Current Population Survey, 1.1 million attorneys were working in the United States in 2012, but the Labor Department’s Employment projections program places the figure at 759,800.  LINK

Many would believe that there were more in existence, however when broken down to the numbers, look under the section entitled “Number of Active & Resident Lawyers Per Capita” on the link above and that will give people some perspective.

In all legal relationships, the number one requirement in any document is to define the legal relationship so that all parties have a meeting of the minds.

Example #1:

A husband and a wife have a legal relationship. Basically the Husband married his ex-girlfriend and fiance when she became his wife and vice versa. Now the husband and wife relationship is defined and each party knows their place in the relationship. However, the entering of the public into the marriage does not have any legal relationship defined within the marriage. Any part of an agreement that is not clearly defined is considered null and void for vagueness because it is impossible for a judge to determine if or when the public was injured in a divorce because the legal relationship of the public in a marriage is not defined. The marriage parties read husband and wife, not husband, wife and public, therefore it is impossible for the public to claim a tort against the husband and wife in the case of a divorce.

Example #2:

In the constitution for the United States of America it reads: 

“No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.”

The particular part in this example is “Citizen of the United States”. Today people are called U.S. citizens. Notice that there is no legal relationships defined between the U.S. citizen and the Citizen of the United States. When no definition of a legal relationship exists by and between two entities, one is not in anyway connected to the other.

The only way to connect the two entities would be to write: “and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States also known as a U.S. citizen,”. So which constitution is the U.S. citizen connected to or under? What legal relationship does the U.S. citizen have with the 1789 constitution? Where are the rights of the U.S. citizen to claim a document that does not recognize the U.S. citizen as existing in fact? Where is the bridge between a U.S. citizen and a Citizen of the United States?

Example #3:

Where is the bridge and legal relationship defined by and between many terms that are used to describe people in different situations and how do they all relate to each other?

Definition of a “resident”: someone who ​lives in a ​place.

What or where is the legal relationship defined by and between the words resident and place? What are the duties, rights, and responsibilities of the  resident in a particular place? Is place defined? Where is the word resident in the constitution for the United States? Does the constitution for the United States of America recognize residents? 

General Information

If any legal relationship is not defined, then it is not a part of something that is claimed to be associated with it. There are almost a million lawyers give or take a few. If there are in fact that many lawyers that are members of the American Bar Association, anyone would think that at least one would start defining or begin a practice in the field of “legal relationships” to dispel confusion among the people as a benefit to society therefore giving the American Bar Association the claim of a benefit to society.


Immigrants take an oath or affirmation to the constitution for the United States of America, yet are called U.S. citizens. That is called “bait and switch” especially if the constitution that the immigrant is taking an oath or affirmation too does not recognize a U.S. citizen. That condition also opens the country to many charges of Human Trafficking and therefore qualifies as a National Security Breach. 

Does this report to the people need to go into anymore examples before they are convinced that there is a National Security Breach or that the American Bar Association is not doing what it was designed to do and that the members of said association are doing everything else other then what they are supposed to be doing? 

The one and only purpose of a lawyer is to define legal relationships as a third party neutral under an advisory position for the purpose of resolution and settlement under peaceful settlement of disputes. The practice of representation of a party is outside of the scope of the term advisory and defining legal relationships which violates neutrality, therefore removes the immunity of neutrality.

Corruption is easily defined: When an elected representative changes the legal relationship of the people as it pertains to their government without the consent of the people through free and open elections.

Presented by the Government of The United States of America!


National Security Breach by creatures of the state! Part 3




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Presented by the Government of The United States of America!

This is part 3 of the series revealing the National Security Breach that resides under the nose of many people that have a suspicion of a problem yet have not quite seen the big picture.

In the past two articles, the term privileged class of people is obviously referring to members of the Bar Association. The Bar association(s) have a sordid history.


The most recent history involves a very sore subject for most, however, is a part of this series. It involves the start of WWII. Believe it or not, WWII was started by the Bar Association under a different name. It was called: “German Bar Association”.

“The German Bar Association was among the numerous “ideologically aligned” organizations and associations that in 1933 adopted rules explicitly excluding Jews from their ranks.”  LINK

It made all of the laws of Nazi Germany, for example:

“New Restriction on German Lawyers
September 17, 1935

Berlin (Sep. 16)

No German lawyer will hereafter be permitted to advise his clients in matters concerning Jews unless he first secures permission from his Nazi district leader, it was announced here today.

The president of the Federal Chamber of Jurists today circularized all lawyers to this effect.”

Please keep in mind that the restrictions imposed on German Lawyers were self imposed because the German Bar Members were making all of the laws of the new National government at the time.  LINK

In 1933, immediately after seizing power, the BNSDJ [Bund Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Juristen, i.e. Association
of National Socialist German Lawyers] was founded. In 1936
this organization was converted to the notorious Nazi ‘Association of
Law Protectors’ [Rechtswahrer]. ‘Law Protector’ was the Nazi code
language for systematically destroying the democratic legal system
and replacing it with Nazi / fascist dictatorial law.  LINK QUOTE PAGE SIX


Associations are inherently privately owned organizations. State governments do not regulate those associations because they are protected by specific human rights.

That paragraph should shock the conscience because almost every politician in State governments are lawyers and members of the American Bar Association: LINK

If the constitution of the United States of America has all but been obliterated, who does anyone think is responsible for that obliteration?  The most common sense answer would be the UN-regulated Bar Associations.

Please notice that the word “associations” is used in the plural sense. This is because there are at least three different Bar Associations in existence in this country and may be more:

1: Jewish American Bar Association: LINK

2: Muslim American Bar Association: LINK

3: American Bar Association: LINK

Please notice that these associations practice racial segregation. They also practice in three different forms of law. Why is it O.K. for Bar Associations to practice racial segregation, and yet if someone mentions racial segregation that is not a part of the Bar Association, they are racist and trash? It is because the lawyers have raised themselves to a privileged class of people. 

Which organization created the Nazi Party? That would be the Bar Association again. How many people died in WWII? Millions and which Bar association is responsible for all of those lives?

The National Security Breach has been defined as having a very large private membership association that has completely taken over all of the lives of the people including their money: LINK   LINK

The private membership association is completely un-regulated and is capable of destroying the constitution of the United States of America privately while publicly claiming to uphold it under the claim of “rule of law”.

How can they uphold something that does not recognize the profession as explained in Part 1 of this series?

The private association has destroyed it and therefore it was requested of the Government of The United States of America to at least record the constitution of the United States of America for the purpose of preserving it for those that wish to serve under it.

Nefarious Acts

Private membership associations are vulnerable in one area: Nefarious Acts committed within the Association. Technically, the nefarious act has to be committed against one of its members.This is the reason why lawyers do not place lawyers in jail and the individual has to be disbarred before being  charged with anything. This is a long drawn out process.

However, that would mean that the people that are being accused and charged under its laws within its STATE not knowing that it is a private membership association would be mis-representation of its true character to the General Public. Nefarious acts are considered human rights violations. 

One of the human rights violations (nefarious acts) that is most commonly witnessed is: Article 21. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

(1) Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.

(Lawyers are not freely chosen representatives and are not elected. The private membership association has lodged itself by and between the people and the State governments by making the people the enemy of the State and the State the enemy of the people. If anyone whistle blows against a lawyer, they are labeled a domestic terrorist. This legal framework insures a steady flow of clients that can be represented for a fee that is not recognized by the State constitutions.)

(2) Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his country.

(People have a very hard time receiving benefits from their own governments because it usually takes a lawyer to get those benefits approved)

(3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

(Once again the lawyers in office write the laws that are advantageous to their profession and therefore free elections are impossible to obtain further advancing their powers and privileges.)

The only forum that offers no immunity to private membership associations in existence is a national tribunal:

Article 8. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law. LINK

When The Human Rights Tribunal International was established, the first of its kind in 50 years in America. The American Bar Association scrambled to establish human rights commissions etc. all over the country to give the appearance of defending human rights. The rules setup in those organizations are so limited in scope that it is impossible to qualify for its services. Further, each of those organizations were designed to segregate the races again meaning that many races are excluded from their services. 

The Government of The United States of America is the only qualified Government to regulate private membership associations and has the ability to stop these nefarious acts all around the country. It needs your support either by alliance or endorsement. Or simply claiming residency or going forward to a Nationality on the State level.

Forming a real Grand Jury has been offered but ignored.

Based on the history of these Bar Associations organized as private membership associations, to let these associations go un-regulated is a breach of National Security and therefore to restore the peace and tranquility of the people, regulation must be accomplished to stabilize the country and avoid uprising by the people or another world war started by the Bar Associations thereby repeating history. 

The United Nations was created to stop events like Nazi Germany, however the Bar Associations still go un-regulated and therefore has failed in its mission this far. The Government of The United States of America is still wiling to work with the United Nations to setup a regulatory system for these Bar Associations, however, it is expected that one will be setup but regulated by the lawyers themselves and the authority of the people will once again be ignored.


Presented by the Government of The United States of America!


National Security Breach by creatures of the state! Part 5


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Presented by the Government of The United States of America!

This is part five of a series called: “National Security Breach by creatures of the state!”

The Government of The United States of America receives a lot of messages about accounts held by the U.S. Treasury and people attempting to discharge debt with their birth certificates. They also create bonds, (not written correctly) or a promissory note to attempt to pay court fines or pay mortgages off etc….This type of information has been going around the internet for years. None of the information is accurate and a mess has been created from people simply attempting to find and define legal relationships by and between themselves and the U.S.

Of course, those people doing the research have been demonized by the attempt to define a legal relationship. The demonizing is coming from the  people that have failed to fulfill their purpose.

However, Part 5 of this series is going to attempt to explain Global Accounts in an attempt to dispel confusion.

The General Population of a country do not have a clue as to what a global account is or where it came from because they exist in global commerce. However, technically the people of the world have been noticed of their existence. 

Origins of Global Accounts:

1: Each individual has a soul that has its own space or claim to a space within time and the universe. One object cannot claim the space of another.

2:In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

People complain about private central banks creating money out of thin air calling it fiat currency. The previous quote describes the origins of the global accounts. Global accounts are derived from the beginning of creation itself. The particular part of the quote is: “And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep”. Meaning that all creation was manifested out of darkness without form and void. The “word” was added and therefore something was created from nothing to existence with the spoken word. (contracts are spoken words that create something from nothing)

3: The globalists were brought to this understanding and unfortunately became corrupt and drunk with the power of the knowledge. Today, the Catholic Church claims trustee status over the Global Accounts. However, they have failed to define the legal relationship of primary trustee status and everyone’s Global Accounts. Without the legal relationship defined, the claim is rendered arbitrary and notwithstanding. Therefore, in 2012, the Government of The United States of America claimed Independence from that arbitrary trustee claim: LINK

Based on the subject matter of all of the scriptures in various bibles, the legal relationship by and between the Global Accounts and the people is identity, otherwise known as a Nationality. This means that the Global Accounts recognize National currency’s as it stands today. Private central bank currencies are notwithstanding nor have a valid legal relationship with the Global Accounts of the individual that has a universal right to stand as trustee for their individual account.

General Functions of the Global Accounts:

The function of a Global Account as it pertains to a particular people is underwriting. When people, also known as a “maker” of a promissory note, buy an asset , the asset meaning for example a “house” becomes an asset deposited into the Treasury of the Government. The National Government entity guarantees repayment of the promissory note. The promissory note becomes an asset of the Treasury of the Government which in turn is underwritten by the individuals Global Account which is recorded in the Gross Domestic Product. The net domestic product is based on how many payments have been made to the producer (builder/supplier) by the consumer. This arrangement designates the builder/supplier the creditor and the consumer the debtor. Any default (dishonor of a promise created into existence from nothing) of the promissory note is covered by the Global Account of the debtor which guarantees payment in full to the creditor. Banks are not creditors, they are accountants keeping track as a third party clearing house. Banks cannot lend money.

Interference by creatures of statute:

The creatures of statute divert the assets from the U.S. Treasury and the Treasury of the United States including but not limited to court cases. Court cases are considered promises and therefore are counted as an asset. The promissory notes are sold to private investors and underwritten by private title insurance companies. This diversion creates a black market meaning a Global Black Market not recognized by any constitution of any country in existence today. All of the countries abandoned their National currencies and have allowed these arbitrary trustees through quasi power of attorney to go into the individual Global Accounts and take the amount of promissory notes and place the amounts in their pockets thereby exposing the maker of the promissory note to arbitrary interest and UN-necessary debt obligations to a point where a home is not worth buying. The funds created by the makers of promissory notes are hidden all over the world in various entities in countries that do not have taxation. LINK  Take a look at the database and all will see that most of the entities created are done so by Bar Attorney’s. The funds that are funneled to those entities come from creatures of statute.

The Continental Dollar of the Government of The United States of America does qualify as a proper legal relationship by and between the National currency and the Global Accounts of each individual that prefers to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of trustee of their own Global Account. 

The office of the Treasury for the Government of The United State of America is attempting to contact the Treasury of the United States to work together on this Global problem. This Government does not know if that particular Treasurer understands the problem and is qualified to help with the resolution of providing a bridge to the people and their Global Accounts. The Global Accounts cannot be accessed directly by the people because of the subject matter of the book that governs those accounts. A Government with a National currency/money has to create that bridge according to the agreement.

There is no reason for a currency to be backed by particular gold and silver when the Global Accounts are already backed by all of the minerals in the world according to the law governing the Global Accounts.

There it is in so many words as to what the Government of The United States of America is attempting to resolve and its mission to connect every American to their Global Accounts thereby manifesting prosperity and peace. The Government of The United States of America is dealing with a lot of obstacles in this mission and is requesting assistance from the International community. 

Presented by the Government of The United States of America!


National Security Breach by creatures of the state! Part 6


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Presented by the Government of The United States of America!

In part 5 of this series the subject matter detailed Global Accounts and National currency.

Part 6 will go into more detail about the Global Accounts and the kind of life that is being withheld from the people.

It was mentioned in part 5 about the maker of a promissory note and how it is underwritten by each individuals Global Account. The one point that is in need to bringing to light is the fact that the people set the value of the National currency. Today many organizations are setting the values of the private central banks script. Setting the value of the currency is the control of the currency. The printing of currency is not necessarily control.

Under the Global Accounts monetary system, a homeless individual can sign a promissory note in any amount they wish and can live in any home they wish.

There are a couple of options:

1: The individual can sign a 99 years lease with low payments and live in a 5 million dollar house after signing a 5 million dollar promissory note. This is with the option of moving after the 99 years are up or paying off the loan.

2: The individual can sign a 5 million dollar promissory note and make very reasonable payments and pay if off when able to do so. When buying and selling homes the promissory note is what is sold, not the home itself.

3: The reason for the home remaining an asset of the Government is for printing purposes. When a 5 million dollar promissory note is signed, 5 million is printed and placed into circulation which provides the rest of society with a potential of earning 5 million dollars. The Government does not deal in interest so the amount of money in circulation does exist to pay off the loan over a long period of time. The asset is also secured for the creditor/ builder in the case of a default on the payments. The banks job is to keep track of the payments and declare payments made as a third party clearing house in the favor of the debtor or creditor. 

3: If the debtor pays off the loan, the debtor has a clear title and a declared promissory note in the debtors favor. This is called allodial title to property. Allodial title consists of two parts, a clear deed absent an addendum clause, and a declared promissory note by a third party clearing house.

There are some other arrangements that can be made to solve the homeless issue. Instead of selling condominiums separately, the whole building can be sold in one lump sum and apportioned among those that live in the units. Each unit has their equitable part of the building as a whole. Depending on the amount of units and the total of the mortgage of the building, people could realistically pay 50 per month to live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath condominium plus monthly maintenance costs which creates jobs for the community. There are many resolutions like this one and too many to write in this publication.

These arrangements are not far fetched at all if the world was not dealing with people trying to control the world. The real story is America is under constant attack to quash an idea, freedom and liberty for all.  The attacks are coming from within and from Europe. The attacks are manipulated on a grand scale.

Example: Today, a divorce is always tilted in the woman’s favor no matter what in any court.  This is a slight manipulation of men to build resentment in men. The resentment built within a man makes him susceptible to the teachings of Islam and the Roman Catholic Church because both organizations have a long history of fighting and destroying women. Like it or not, that’s a fact.  

The history of the Roman Catholic Church has nothing to do with Christianity. The Christian in America is under attack from within. Many people do not realize that when Christians came from Europe to re-settle in America. Those Christians were escaping the slavery of the papacy. Don’t believe it, check out a 1841 Statute at Large of South Carolina that did not recognize a papists as having Liberty of Conscience which means they did not recognize the papacy as being Christian at all nor did they recognize the Papacy as a religion:

christian south carolina statutes at large 1841

The papacy, through various secret organizations has claimed trustee status over your individual account without any authority whatsoever. The papacy doesn’t even believe in the Bible nor do they use it, follow it or practice its teachings, yet have claimed something that is completely foreign violating the law of nations.  However, on television they use a lot of Christian symbols and proclaim to be Christian when its history shows the exact opposite where the Papacy took over Jerusalem from the Christians and gave it to Islam. See the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”.  This same scenario has happened over and over. Pope Francis comes to America and all of a sudden Islam takes Washington D.C. and placed Islam in key positions over the U.S. Military. 

If a Pope gives to Islam over the Christian, how is that Christian? The world is dealing with a religious war. However, through knowledge and education, Americans have a fighting chance. If not, hard lessons are learned through hardship which results in experience. A video will be released about this subject by the Department of Public Relations for the Government of The United States of America.

If those that are interested in a National currency would like to start investing in Continental Dollars, go to this website and open an account: LINK

A Nationality can be claimed here: LINK

An oath or affirmation of allegiance and fidelity and claiming a Nationality is a Christian tradition, yet has been lost among Christians today. Birth Right citizenship is a Roman Catholic tradition. Christians have been converted without realizing it.

Presented by the Government of The United States of America!