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IT IS HEREBY NOTICED, that the following websites are published and all of their contents are published as international public notices and public notices. 

IT IS FURTHER NOTICED, that any future documents published on any of the websites listed below are also published and classified as publications by the American Herald Newspaper to fulfill the requirements of International Public Notice and Public Notice.

IT IS FURTHER NOTICED, that all publications of documents on this website and all of the website links listed below are not compartmentalized into separate publication processes. This page is intended to make the publication process more efficient and cost effective for the Government of The United States of America.

IT IS FURTHER NOTICED, that any and all publications on the websites below and any and all future publications on this website and the websites listed below hereby have the express and implied permission of the documents signors to be published as an International Public Notice and a Public Notice through the office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America or independently by the American National(s).

Government Directory

USC Chamber of Commerce

Department of Transportation


Secretary of State

Department of State-Publications

National Status Claims Office-Claim your Nationality

General Post Master Council

RESIDENT Declaration within The United States of America

Entity/Business Registration

The Confederation Party

Join the Confederation Party

Elections Central

General Post Office

Government Offices

Address Request Form

General Post Office Address Directory

National Great Registry

Human Rights Tribunal


Human Rights Defenders

Proclamations from Human Rights Defenders

General Post Office Video Releases

Reign of the Heavens Society

reign of the heavens society Temple

Reign of the Heavens Video Releases