Spineless Soros (hereinafter “SS”)

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Published by the American Herald on 10-07-2016

George Soros, also known as Spineless Soros (hereinafter “SS”) has the audacity and made a decision to write a check to Black Lives Matter members, some 50 to 60 of them to go and beat up one 17 year old boy because he posted “Blue Lives Matter” on Facebook. LINK

What kind of man sits in his safe office, hides behind his bank account and gives himself permission to attempt to start a race war among children?

What kind of man would give himself permission to push his own sick agenda on others using violence and taking advantage of the less fortunate? Meanwhile, Manhattan Island is harboring a international criminal and protecting this sick twist.

If the man had a spine, he would use his fortune to improve the lives of people less fortunate and rebuild everything that the present federal representatives have been neglecting like simple infrastructure.

Instead, SS decides to push the sickest agenda he can find and ever thought up by man and use his blessings and fortune to become a living nightmare to the world itself.

Where are the Manhattan Island prosecuting attorney’s, the police, anyone with a spine to clean their own house.

Who knows? However, there is an afterlife where the bank account won’t matter SS, and there is nothing you can do about that.