Albert Pikes overlay survey of Washington D.C. is notwithstanding!



The committee for the Government of The United States of America hereby addresses Albert Pike, a well know Lucufarian created an overlay survey declaring that the pentagram of Washington D.C. was in fact a lucifarian symbol thereby giving credit (to a foreign deity well known for nefarious acts against human beings) where credit was not due.

The overlay survey filed by Albert Pike was a corruption of the truth of the pentagram and its origins and therefore caused many people to follow said deception thereby declaring their persons as enemies of human beings and causing fear, strife and contention among the people.

An example of the nefarious acts committed by Albert Pikes followers can be found in a report issued by the Private Attorney Generals Across America Association found here: LINK Published on 08-20-2017 by the REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST.

The example proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that people with uniforms on a local level do in fact pose as state agencies when they are classified as local units that have nothing to do with the states. They are Lucifarian private membership associations that commit a host of human rights violations on a daily basis for the purpose of worshiping their god, committing crimes and filling their pockets with Albert Pikes religious script.

In Albert Pikes overlay survey, he declares the pentagram as a religious symbol when in fact it is a language derived from North Africa created by the Berbers. The pentagram has nothing to do with Baphomet like it has been depicted here:

and here:

Surveyed by this man depicted here:

and memorialized here:


under this seal:

Therefore, the clear understanding of the symbols is depicted here:

The pentagram is not one symbol, it is a combination of four letters of an ancient alphabet when placed on top of each other forms a meaning. The pentagram was hijacked by Albert Pike wherein he corrupted the letters and their meaning thereby corrupting its purpose and dis-honoring himself, his family name and his origins.

Therefore, everyone can see that the fear created by Albert Pikes survey is notwithstanding and the survey shall hereby be withdrawn from the history books, removed from any form of chain of title, and burnt as trash to be thrown out and never to return again as if it never was in existence.

Further, the statue of Albert Pike should remain as a reminder for future generations to remain forever vigilant against these types of surveys, that are a corruption of the truth, created by sick people that suffer from an inferiority complex and turn to surveys that cause fear, strife and contention in an effort to create a facade of importance and meaning to their ego for the purpose of dominating others.