The American National Union assembly condemns the U.S. Dollar as a misrepresentation of the country!

Published on 08-24-2017 by the American Herald

Public Notice

The American National Union assembly condemned the USD as a misrepresentation of the country itself because of the perverted “religious symbols” all over the script.

The reason for the concern has nothing to do with the fact that it is a fiat type currency or any other reasons that have been claimed in the past.

The currency itself has caused confusion and human rights violations in other countries.

Example: A Christian goes to another country and uses the U.S. Dollar while claiming to be Christian. The people of that country look at the currency and realize that there are Illuminati religious symbols that are demonic in nature printed on the currency. In that case, the Christian could be attacked as an infiltrator or spy because the script itself made the Christian appear to be a liar because in the minds of foreigners, the money is a representation of the allegiance of a people of a particular country.

Could this scenario be the reason why Christians are being attacked all over the world? It is a very good possibility! Misrepresentation is a serious crime in international law.  The silence of the Christian Churches over this issue could mean that those churches are in reality demonic because the preacher asks for donations every week that has demonic symbols all over the script and never says a word about it.

Even though the demonic claim to those symbols has been debunked, LINK the advertisement campaign towards the claim of those symbols being demonic has already damaged those symbols beyond repair as it pertains to this generation. Please keep in mind that this action taken is not an endorsement for Christians, it is an action to reduce human rights violations against a particular group of people and to correct a misrepresentation that has endured since the false claims made in 1868 by Albert Pike.

Other motions to be heard next week by the Great Council will be:

1: To condemn CNN and MSNBC for inciting and to shut those organizations down for the War Crime of inciting.

2: Classify ANTIFA as a terrorist organization and to condemn their activity as war crimes for attacking civilians on a regular basis. 

3: To condemn and classify Southern Poverty Law Center as a terrorist organization by actively attacking civilians on behalf of a foreign power and a foreign communist organization.

and a host of other issues that are in desperate need of addressing within the States of the Union.  Please join the original American Union of 1774 here: LINK  to petition the Great Council with other motions and issues that need to be addressed. If anyone would like to read the official record, it is also posted and published as a matter of record here: LINK