Manhattan Island and the Netherlands run to Vatican city for help!

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Published on 06-10-2015 by the American Herald


Dear Readers,

An interesting story came across the desk of the American Herald about a specific agreement made by and between Vatican city and the United States of America. LINK

On the surface it looks like something completely UN-related to the subject matter of this International Public Notice. However, looks can be deceiving.

Everyone knows that “the United States of America”, the U.S. and the United States are corporations. Any knucklehead with a working knowledge of the internet or a library can verify that information in a matter of hours.  Yet Vatican city attempts to make a treaty with those entities. Why?

For those that do not know, this next image is “United States and US” started in 1784:


Founded June 9, 1784; 230 years ago
Headquarters 1 Wall Street, Manhattan, New York 10286
United States
, U.S.
Area served

This is the city of Washington D.C. under a completely different flag: LINK

The United States-US claims jurisdiction over the city of Washington D.C. in that same map. The reason for this claim is a port:

Quote: Georgetown is a historic neighborhood, commercial, and entertainment district located in northwest Washington, D.C., situated along the Potomac River. Founded in 1751 in the state of Maryland, the port of Georgetown predated the establishment of the federal district and the City of Washington by 40 years. Georgetown remained a separate municipality until 1871, when the United States Congress created a new consolidated government for the whole District of Columbia. A separate act passed in 1895 specifically repealed Georgetown’s remaining local ordinances and renamed Georgetown’s streets to conform with those in the City of Washington. end quote

Whenever a port is created, a district is created for the administration of that particular port. In this case, all of the U.S. states use Washington D.C. as its administration for its port meaning all of the states use the same port and administrate that port for each state from the House of Representatives. The foreign Manhattan Island claims the District of Columbia as its District by placing the fifty star flag of the company over the White House.  The corporation created in 1787 to administer the port is called “the United States of America” which is not a country. It is a corporation created to administer a port on behalf of the United States-US on Manhattan Island. Manhattan Island used the United Nations to give United States of America a country code which is a total fraud. Manhattan Island is under the charter of the Netherlands where there is a place called the Hague. The Hague is where the International Criminal Court resides and protects the Netherlands from International crimes.

Along comes an International Complaint of Human Rights Violations from the Government of The United States of America against the Organization of American States. LINK

The report claims that U.S. citizens have been trafficked to the United States-US by the corporation called “the United States of America” thereby making the U.S. citizen not eligible for any protections as Americans and foreign to their native land.  Further it places all U.S. citizens as subjects of the Netherlands Monarch.

The Organization of American States received the report on Monday by Notary Presentment. International Protocol is that when a report of that nature reaches an International entity, it is sent to the Hague, (International Criminal Court) (ICC). Apparently the ICC instructed the United States-US to make a deal with Vatican city.

Quote: June 10, 2015 – Today, the Holy See’s Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, and the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Kenneth F. Hackett, signed an historic agreement between the Holy See (acting also in the name and on behalf of the Vatican City State) and the United States of America to improve international tax compliance and exchange of tax information in view of the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). end quote

Then the article proceeds to call it a crime to withhold your money from the poor:

Quote: As Pope Francis frequently reminds us, evading just taxes is stealing both from the State and from the poor (cfr. Homily at Domus Sanctae Marthae, 11 November 2013). Every person has in fact the duty to contribute, in charity and justice, to the common good, according to his own abilities and the needs of others, by promoting and assisting the public institutions dedicated to bettering the conditions of human life (cfr. Gaudium et Spes 30). end quote

FATCA is nothing more than a International Human Trafficking character and also makes the U.S. citizen an invader against other States.  The mere presence of the U.S. citizen in another country null and voids that countries laws and equal protection of the law within that country. It forces the country to commit human rights violations.

Here is the obvious part in this whole scenario. The Government of The United States of America is being setup as an enemy of religious rights of the United States of America. Lets Explain:

Vatican city knows that the United States of America is a corporation and not a country. It strikes a treaty with a corporation that operates as a corporation and not a country. The corporation, the United States of America also operates as a religious organization which makes it tax exempt from Manhattan Island taxes. Why tax your own corporation right?: LINK

The bottom line is that indirectly, Vatican city, the Netherlands, Manhattan Island and the United States of America is setting the Government of The United States of America up as a hostile country and Government which do not uphold religious rights, which will disqualify The Human Rights Tribunal as upholding human rights which will eventually be turned into a group of anti-government domestic terrorists locally. Then the patriot groups will be told that the people in the domestic terrorist group are agents against the patriot groups and the problem of Organization of American States is resolved and it is business as usual.  Does that about sum it up?

All the Organization of American States had to do was accept the Government of The United States of America as a member wherein the Government of The United States of America could hire the city of Washington D.C. as its administrators for its port. The debt problems would be extinguished, the human rights violations would disappear, the Government of The United States of America would have shared the port with the United States-US and the human trafficking problem would be resolved and George Washington, his successors and assigns would be cleared of all human rights violations. How did these people ever get appointed to run their own countries? Paranoia will destroy ya!