Why is the Military so upset over the New Patch?

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Published on 10-01-2015 by the American Herald


There has been an uproar about the new patch issued to the Military as seen below:



Lets connect the dots:

1: The patch was approved on March 23rd, 2015.

2: On the 19th of June, 2015, the name of the country was changed back to The United States of America from the name United States. LINK    ISO LINK

3: The Military has been told for years that the United States is a corporation of Manhattan Island and recently were told that there were two governments in existence: LINK

4: Further they were told that the there is a three city state empire: LINK Further: LINK

5: Then the Military was told about this: LINK

6: The Military was made this offer: LINK

7: The Military was noticed about this: LINK   and this: LINK

The whole thing is obvious:

1: Manhattan Island has joined the three city-state empire and has abandoned the United States inc.

2: The three city-state has decided to reveal itself and at the same time it is moving itself away from the Government of The United States of America. Other sites will kind of tell you that the three stars represents land, sea and air forces. The three stars represent the city of London, Vatican city, and the city of Washington D.C. as a three city-state empire. There is a another  National Government in place and the three city state empire no longer needs to hide itself nor any of its alliances.

3: This Government has been telling people that the only people in the world that do not know the truth are the U.S. citizens. Many have tried to tell them and help them but usually get their lending hand cut off in the process.

4: The people have a organized National Government and the trustees no longer need to hide from the people. This is not a bad thing folks! The people are free and have access to a National Identity, that is not a bad thing.

5: The people have a chance to decide their own future and destiny, that is not a bad thing.

6: The people have access to a full title, debt free, interest free currency that gives out 5 continental dollars to every account holder everyday, that is not a bad thing. LINK

7: We all have a country with a name: The United States of America which is a National Identity, that is not a bad thing.

8: The country has its property rights back and private ownership rights, that is not a bad thing.

9: The people have freedom of religion, speech and other cherished freedoms back, that is not a bad thing.

Let the empire do what it does. It respects the law of nations as everyone has witnessed and it has alliances with the Arab Nations, big deal!

Let this Government do what it is designed to do, bring the States back together and enjoy the prosperity that we all now have a chance to work and achieve.