Candidate Tom Goudey for Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America

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My name is Tom Goudey, and I am running for the office of Secretary of State for Government of The United States of America. I am a proud member of the Confederation Party. I have been appointed since January 2015 and an Affirmed American National since 2013. My oath of office and acceptance of office can be viewed publicly online at

While in office, this Government attempted to grant over one Billion Continental Dollars to the Secretary of State of the State of Texas. The Billion Continental Dollars was debt free and interest free, and earmarked for the relief of all of the flood victims in Texas this last year without any ties or obligations to the Government of The United States of America. The Confederation Party did not even receive a thank you for the offer. It appeared that the republicans and democrats advised its constituents and office party members to ignore the offer. It further appeared that the help from the democrats and republicans means to place flood victims into perpetual debt whenever this kind of disaster strikes.

This Government issued a debt and interest free Currency offer for all the States for the purpose of assisting the States out of debt. This offer fell on deaf ears, the Democrat and Republican Party have blocked the Confederation Party from any offer of tax burden relief for the people.

This Government and this office have attempted time and time again to help the States and the people only to be blocked at every turn by the Democrats and Republicans. This office can only guess that the republicans and democrats are doing the bidding of Manhattan Island or just indifferent to the needs of its constituency.

This office also had a problem getting an Affirmed American National out of a Detention Center in the State of Maryland who is also a member of the Confederation Party. He was finally released after six months when they realized that he was not a US Citizen and further might cause the democrats and republicans some legal issues brought by the Confederation Party if they continued to hold him.

Not once has this office received so much as a phone call from any Republican or Democrat to discuss the future of this Nation nor has the Confederation Party been asked to come to the table to discuss matters of utter importance. The future of this country hangs in the balance and the Russians are destroying ISIS. Does anyone hear what I am saying? The “Russians” are destroying ISIS. The Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than an embarrassment to every American. This office would like to thank President Putin for cleaning up the mess that the Republicans and Democrats created.

The Democrat and Republican Party operate as if no other Political Party exists except their Political Parties and their agenda. These Political Parties operate without any authority within The United States of America. These Political Parties are tied to the Globalists, Manhattan Island, and the IMF.

The Confederation Party Members can not travel, set up commerce or use their own Continental Dollars without being blocked by the Democrat and Republican Party.

The former Governor for The United States of America was kidnapped in 2014 with a $60,000 bond, only after the Confederation Party accused the Democrat Senator Harry Reid of committing an act of war against the Confederation Party was the Governor released and all charges dropped. The Democrats and Republican Party have denied the Confederation Party Human Rights, Religious Rights, Political Rights, and International Rights.

If elected, I plan to continue to work with foreign countries, establish trade, and reciprocity agreements. The goal that I have is to unite this Nation, work with the Native Americans and continue teaching political and human rights to democrats and republicans.

The time is now for all the American Nationals, the Confederation Party, The United States of America, and the Continental Dollar to overcome this war of attrition against the Confederation Party claimed by the Republicans and Democrats based on ignorance.

Tom Goudey