General Post Office Division 3 takes over all duties of the former Bank of North America!

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Published on 11-09-2015 by the American Herald


Here we go again readers, the globalists interfering with National Security!

The most important condition that needs to be achieved is clear title to the entity that issues the National Currency of the country.  Underwriters take on the responsibility of clearing titles. 

General Post Office Division 3 is clear and without controversy.

The logical thing for the Government of The United States of America to do when there is an international conflict is to resolve the conflict in the interest of National Security and peaceful settlement of disputes.  LINK

Based of the claims that the Bank of North America is Wells Fargo today, whether right or wrong would take months if not years to settle. LINK

The logical thing to do is to move the whole administration under another entity and proceed as if nothing happened and the National Currency is available right away.

The whole process that was put in place for Bank operations was moved in less than 24 hours and proceeded as if there never was a claim. LINK

The United States, in Congress assembled dissolved the entity “Bank of North America” under the involuntary dissolution act of 2015 for none performance under its original charter and non-support which was the intent of the original charter of 1781. LINK

The whole conflict is resolved and the people get their National Currency that much quicker. No one has to argue over who owns this and who owns that while National Security is at risk.

No one was removed from any office and the Bank of North America website will be taken down in a couple of weeks when people know that the whole operation has been moved to a more secure entity: LINK

The only object lesson to take away from this two day event is this: Government can be efficient, timely, and organized if it wants to operate that way. It is not the job of Government to cause the problems and for the people to have to work to fix the problems. If Government is not working, it is because of a third party making a dysfunctional situation on purpose. 

If there were people in Washington D.C. that would stop working in the interests of the Globalists and start working for their own country. This particular Government would not have been necessary to exist again.

Either way, the General Post Office is issuing the National Currency under General Post Office Division 3 also known as GPOD3. The division was created sometime last year and is well established. Problem Solved!