Communists caught attempting to manipulate private property rights of the inhabitants



The legislature for the U.S. colony of New Hampshire has shown its true communist colors once again folks! This time they voted 14-10 to impose their will upon families with the intent to split families apart, a violation of international law, while arbitrarily taking away the inhabitants right to own private property.

The new “Red Flag law” approved by the legislature of the aforementioned colony, “would allow the family member or housemate to seek an “ex parte” order – meaning that the defendant would not be present – that would temporarily require the person to relinquish their firearm. That order could be carried out by law enforcement, according to the bill.” LINK

The use of any “Red Flag law” — which permits the confiscation of lawfully owned weapons from a person because of what the person MIGHT do — violates both the presumption of innocence and the Due Process requirement of proof of criminal behavior plus the opportunity to challenge that allegation before liberty can be infringed. 

Further, the measure violates both the US Communist Control Act of 1954 and the Communist Expulsion Act of 2019 of The United States of America wherein the US colony of New Hampshire is imposing Marxism and Communism by arbitrarily depriving the inhabitants of the intangible property right to own tangible property.

Hereby Published by the committee for the American National Union of The United States of America