In the matter of LANNY KAY TALBOT, PMA v Gary Herbert, Sean Reyes, Brody Keisel, Holly Ramsey, David Nuffer, Heather J. Chesnut, Paul Kohler and Marie Talbot

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 10-15-2020


Judgment and Order: LINK

“The contract for murder of the Claimant was hidden within the dismissal notice written by Respondent HEATHER J. CHESNUT, and accepted and acknowledged in the care custody and control of Respondent David Nuffer, shows clear and convincing evidence that Respondents arbitrarily re-classified the claimant as a sovereign citizen/ domestic terrorist in attempt to hide their disregard of their own U.S. Public Policy wherein the case had been discharged in full when the claimant tendered payment in full (+4,500 Continental Dollars valued at $72,000 Federal Reserve Notes) and was denied back on September 3rd, 2018; and”

The main part of this case is simple, Lanny Talbot was and is attempting to get the attorney’s to follow their own rules and policies. 

The pattern is that when someone does this in any U.S. court or state court, the person is classified as a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist which is nothing more than a contract for murder.  The contract for murder is done openly and notoriously and inhabitants are blind to this realization because it is done so openly and publicly. 

In this case, it was done in a motion to a U.S. district court and the U.S. district court did nothing other then agree with the contract for murder. 

The message is clear, if you do not agree with a lawyer and don’t do what they tell you, they will murder you through classification of the person. The term sovereign citizen is nothing more than a code term to the police that a contract for murder has been placed on this particular person and the police are to carry out the order through a traffic stop or other means. The next traffic stop will prove that the contract is real when 5 police cars and 15 to 20 police officers surround the car just waiting for the subject of the contract to make a perceived aggressive move and its over.  An example is that the police will give contradicting orders like don’t move your hands and at the same time give the order to open the car door or roll down the window.

The media is complicit with the contract for murder because they plaster all over the news that the person was a dangerous sovereign citizen and then repeat the bogus profile created by the communist party/SPLC/Lawyers Guild etc….

This is called political assassination by the communist party at the order of the lawyers and judges directly working for the city of London and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. 

This practice has not changed under Donald J. Trump.  

Published by the committee for the American National Union of The United States of America