Stevinson Toyota West Violates The Bi-Lateral Social Compact Agreement of An Affirmed American National In The State of Colorado


Published by the American Herald on 11-29-2020

International and National Public Notice


November 28, 2020

Comes now, Derrick William Hoffman Brickert, Trustee (hereinafter “affiant”) being competent to testify and being over the age of twenty-one years, after first being duly sworn according to the law to tell the truth to the facts related herein states that affiant has first- hand knowledge and belief that these facts are true to the best of affiant’s knowledge and belief, and;

On, November 28, 2020 Saturday afternoon, 3:45pm, an hour and a half before the parts department closes, affiant went to Stevinson Toyota West, 780 Indiana Street, Lakewood State of Colorado 80401 to purchase some bolts for his truck.  Upon arriving affiant noticed the front doors of said Toyota dealership had a sign that stated that masks were mandatory. Being a medically exempt affirmed American National in bi-lateral social compact agreement affiant figured it was appropriate to explain affiant’s situation if confronted. As affiant walked into Stevenson Toyota West, affiant proceeded to the parts counter and waited approximately 10-15 minutes in line waiting his turn to be helped.  Not one time while entered the building or waiting in line was affiant asked to wear a mask.

Affiant told the parts lady and showed her what part he needed, she went in the back and on the second try was able to locate the right part.  At this point another 5 minutes had passed.  As affiant was being rung up for his order the other parts person, Maurice Jones, came around the counter and approached affiant with a box of masks by 3M, which on the side of the box clearly state they do not do anything for Covid-19, and told affiant he needs to wear a mask.  Affiant explained to Maurice Jones that affiant could not wear a mask due to medical reasons.  Maurice Jones then said that if affiant did not wear a mask he would need to leave.  So affiant said he was leaving and left without being able to buy his much needed parts for his truck and being discriminated against his medical condition.

When affiant got out to his truck he called Stevenson Toyota West dealership and asked who the owner of the store was and was told the General Manger is Deck Hughes.  Affiant states that the dealership is enforcing the arbitrary guidelines of an unelected organization known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (hereinafter “CDC”) to which any orders from the CDC have been outlawed in Article 31 of the bi lateral social compact agreement by and between the people for The United States of America. LINK

Maurice Jones took upon himself to deem the CDC guidelines superseded affiant’s right to determine what is best for affiant’s own health and well-being.  Maurice Jones treated affiant as less than human and hereby accuses Stevinson Toyota West with the political crime of communism for enforcing CDC guidelines.  Maurice Jones demanded that affiant either wear a mask or leave thus discriminating against affiant’s medical condition.  LINK

Affiant further sayeth naught,

Derrick William Hoffman Brickert, Trustee