The sovereign citizen movement and ideology is now being enforced within the courts of Minnesota and its federal courts!!

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Published on 10-20-2016 by The American Herald

International Public Notice

The Government of The United States of America is now accusing Minnesota for violations of Human Rights and charges are expected to be file within the Human Rights Tribunal as early as today.

Allegedly, Minnesota nor any of the other 49 states can prove that their union is legal that was created after the civil war. This means that the states are notwithstanding on anything they are doing under any compact agreements that have been made. The Compact Agreements made by and between the states are not regulated in anyway by anyone.

Today’s compact agreements are riddled with human rights violations and since Minnesota likes to say in one case it does not have jurisdiction over American Nationals within the States of the Union while in other cases it keeps and places an American National under pain compliance, it appears that Minnesota is known as a bi-polar state.

The properly vetted claim of first in time first in right by the Government of The United States of America places the United States Government in the back seat along with the states and union it created.  The United States Government is looking at so many human rights violations, it will remain in debt for its crimes for many generations to come.

Mr. Derusha filed a motion to dismiss under Title 28 rule 17b. The local courts ignored the motion and a AO91 form has been filed at least four times. The local chief judge has ignored the AO 91 and so have at least 3 federal judges. This means that there are judicial corporate officers claiming and identifying themselves as sovereign citizens.

The sovereign citizen movement and its ideology is now being enforced in various courts in Minnesota and other states by court officers. They believe the court rules do not apply to them nor are they subject to upholding human rights. Many of the sovereign citizens within the courts are there for the money and create many court schemes to collect money from unknowing victims. The sovereign citizens within the courts believe they are a privileged class of people and the law does not apply to them. These sovereign citizens within the courts and various law enforcement agencies harass people for payoffs. They look for bribes for the privilege of using Title 28 rule 17b and various other courts rules and remedies.

It is best to hear it from their own mouth:

These self proclaimed sovereign citizens are extremely dangerous and pay people through its political parties to cause riots to further their political agenda which is nothing more than terrorism by definition in patterns and practices. These sovereign citizens reach all the way to the Department of Justice in some cases. Their human rights violations are being addressed and the violators will be brought to justice. 


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