The Secret of the U.S. Supreme Court


Published on 10-22-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

The Secret of the U.S. Supreme Court is the most sick twist concoction ever devised by the human brain.

Luckily, the information needed to put a halt to this sick plan came to the right people.

People have been watching the U.S. Supreme court make interpretations that are taking the privacy rights of their subjects for a while. It has been chipping away, one by one, over and over and claiming that the interpretations are constitutional. These interpretations are cunningly issued with the most diabolical thinking that the human brain can achieve.

Many have heard of a shadow government, but it remains a secret to the people because of lack of understanding.

The shadow government is simply a private membership association. A private membership association is nothing more than a club.

There is a particular association that has received the corporate authority of the U.S. congress. This transfer has happened over a period of years. It has everyone’s Social Security numbers, addresses, pictures, credit card numbers, bank accounts, credit history, and everything else that can be imagined about a person. The information can be bought for 50 bucks.

The association is responsible for the real id act, North American Driver License Agreement, Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991, International Registration Plan, SAVE Act and Worker Registration, AAMVANet, HR 418- A National ID Bill and many other communist policies that violate every human right imaginable.

The association openly received its power in 1993 when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommended it. Apparently it takes a simple recommendation for representatives to traffic their constituency to private organizations.

Here are a few conditions that affect everyone’s life because of the association that has been enacting policies in a closed board meeting: 

1: Everyone needs a state drivers license to open a bank account, to cash a check, to gain employment, to rent a home, to enter a court room, to receive electricity, or anything else that is necessary to basic services.

The reason why all of these communist acts are determined to be constitutional is because the U.S. congress nor any states will be enforcing any of those acts on anyone publicly. 

It will be the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) that will be enforcing its communist agenda through each state DMV as sub members of the association. The DMV of each state simply deals with registration and titling of motor vehicles. The AAMVA enacts everything else and simply has to ask the U.S. congress for anything it needs and it is done. The states fall in line with state legislation and there you have it. 

The AAMVA controls every aspect of the lives of people and no one knows about them. That is why they are called “the shadow government”. The association was started in 1933. LINK

The same group of people took over both company political parties of the U.S. and is simply destroying the customs and traditions of the country as a whole. The customs and traditions of the country as a whole were never shared by the United States Government of Manhattan Island. They were simply tolerated because they were good for business. Christmas especially. 

The real nice thing about Article 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is that Article 8 removes all immunity’s provided under Article 1, 5 and 14 of the company U.S. Bill of Rights for nefarious acts. If private associations commit nefarious acts of any kind, its immunity is null and void regardless if a contract exists. 

The number one concern is how a private membership association can claim government powers and authority and do it in the dark under shadow government type disclosure. That sounds pretty nefarious, don’t you think?

At the very least, the result of this International Public Notice is that whenever confronted with nefarious communist acts, people can bypass the police and straight to AAMVA in a civil law suit. AAMVA is in every aspect of your life, your media and your thinking. It is time to bring AAMVA out of the shadows and into the light for the purpose of explaining why it and all of its associates feel that the lowest form of government on the planet “communism” where only the stupid can be manipulated into believing that communism is a good thing and not a pure criminal idealogy of a nefarious nature.