The American National Union of The United States of America assembly places the original Union back together!!

Published on 08-10-2017 by the American Herald

Public Notice

The American National Union of The United States of America assembly convened on 08-08-2017 and accepted and acknowledged all original constitutions and the metes and bounds of each State of the Union, and LINK

The assembly further proclaimed the existence of 48 States of the Union and then accepted each and everyone into the original Union of 1774 and proclaimed their existence within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America, and

The week before the assembly created a legal department and voted that the Private Attorney Generals Across American Association as the head of that department.

The assembly further created a section of the Union called the “Laws of the American Union” and setup a title under the Laws of the American Union: 

1: Uniform Traffic Laws of the American Union.

A: Uniform Traffic Laws are required to be compliant with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This means it is forbidden to arrest or detain anyone under an administrative traffic crime in accordance with Public Law. Foreign and domestic Administrative Traffic Crimes are not Human Rights Complaint and therefore must be re-classified as civil under rules of evidence rather than criminal otherwise face human rights violations. 

This further means that intangible property rights must be a part of every administrative process otherwise an agreement or administrative revised statute is notwithstanding anywhere.

The assembly was upbeat and excited about being a part of history in the making. If anyone that was born in one of these United States would like to join the original Union and become a part of the changes that are being made each week, go to: and sign up to be a part of this Great Country once again.