Notice of Non-Association with political gurus and political dissidents!

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Published on 11-22-2015 by the American Herald


IT IS NOTICED: There are a lot of individual political dissidents and “liberty” groups led by political “gurus” that have nothing to do with the Government of The United States of America although it may appear as if they are associated to the untrained eye.

The political gurus go to the websites of the Government of The United States of America and the General Post Office and take information to make it appear as if the Government of The United States of America is associated with them or working with them. It is a way for the political gurus to make money off of political dissidents.

Many of the political dissidents will come to this Government and attempt to use it as a weapon against their political enemies. They will grab knowledge and information for political gurus that is legitimate and staple and sew bits and pieces together that look like a Frankenstein monster sold by political gurus attempting to legitimize their paperwork or position to the untrained political dissident. The political gurus use only pieces and parts to avoid copyright issues and make it appear as if the political guru wrote the document themselves. The main goal of the political guru is to make it appear to the political dissident that the political guru has all of the answers. The political guru usually creates more problems than they resolve. The political dissident is usually placed on a sovereign citizen domestic terrorist list as a result of the political gurus efforts.

These political dissidents have no comprehension in law and the political gurus have no consideration for the human rights of others. Political gurus plagiarize, ignore copyrights and  believe that anything on the internet belongs to them and usually use the information to form bizarre liens in the name of political dissidents to attempt a big payoff for themselves.

The Government of The United States of America stands alone. It does not work with any groups in the U.S.

The Government of The United States of America works with legitimate foreign organizations. The international organizations that this Government works with are usually in the field of human rights, diplomatic relations, judicial reform, alternative currencies, human trafficking and other humanitarian causes. The same protocols are followed by the reign of the heavens society.

Any documents that are produced from the Government of The United States of America are designed to deal with international issues, it is not valid to be used by and between any political dissidents and their governments.

Any and all notices published by the newspapers are addressed to the International Community and not intended to be used as a weapon against any organization by political dissidents.

The American Nationals that are legitimate are all listed on this website:LINK which is updated at least once per month.

In the interest of peaceful foreign relations, if any individual receives these bizarre documents and or some kind of commercial lien against them when no exchange of products has occurred, please contact the General Post Master Council foreign relations division at [email protected] to have the lien invalidated or removed.

Please keep in mind that these political dissidents are generally peaceful people that have a difference of opinion and act on that difference of opinion with bizarre paperwork produced by political gurus. Most political dissidents do have legitimate human rights complaints which cannot go ignored.

However, most of the political dissidents are hard headed and stubborn once polluted by a political guru. It takes three months or more to correct the damage done by a political guru. It is more effective to ignore the political dissident than any other tactic used against the political dissident once polluted by a political guru.

Most political dissidents are trying to learn and use the system to test the waters. Most political dissidents pay for paperwork and honestly believe they are doing the right thing no matter how bizarre it looks to others.

Most political gurus start verbal confrontations on phone calls to test their political theories and arguments. Most political gurus sell, distribute and promote paperwork they would not dare use themselves and most of the information is stolen from other sources. Political gurus rarely do their own research and rarely file their own theories.

If the courts would like to send the bizarre paperwork from these political dissidents to the General Post Master Council to deal with the issues; send it to: [email protected] and copy the U.S. Department of State.  The paperwork will be reviewed and shown to  the political dissident as to why it is invalid. Throwing the political dissidents in jail adds fuel to the fire stoked by the political guru and makes the dissident a hero among other political dissidents which in turn fills the pockets of the political gurus.

There are legitimate steps that can be taken for political dissidents to resolve political conflicts and the Government of The United States of America is qualified to resolve those issues.

Creating “domestic terrorists” out of political dissidents is never the answer. Proper classification removes the political guru element from the equation and restores the human rights of all involved in a political conflict.

No one can arrest their way out of a political conflict. Only a totalitarian thinks that way and is proven wrong every time throughout history.