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Published on 11-23-2015 by the American Herald


The main issue of immigration that concerns the General Public is totalitarianism. It was the main concern of the original Government of 1781 and has been found to exist as far back as 1789 within the United States, especially through the re-establishment of slavery in 1789 by excluding all others except “citizenship to white males only”. 

Just after the revolutionary war, all people were allowed citizenship within the original 13 States and that must be honored today. The Government of The United States of America was re-established for that purpose, to establish a Nationality to all that adhered to the basic principals of non-totalitarianism.

The people of the States, at least in 1952 knew the importance of non-totalitarianism and the fact that totalitarianism was a country killer.

So the States wrote and passed Public Law 414 on June 27th, 1952. The Act was entitled “Immigration and Nationality Act”. Nationality is most important when preserving a country because the status directly prohibits the existence of totalitarianism. However, 30 years later, the States stopped offering Nationality and an oath or affirmation to the United States, or to any one of the States meaning any one of the United States. Therefore, the original Government of  The United States of America also known as the original United States was brought forward to honor the will of the people of the original 13 States and their struggle against totalitarianism.  

Bohemian Grove and its members advocate, organize, enforce and profit from  totalitarianism of which every Governor in the new union is a member today. Membership of Bohemian Grove is required before becoming a Governor.  The totalitarianism of Bohemian Grove has extended to the import of even a greater threat that advocates for totalitarianism. 

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“…seize them (mushrikun/unbelievers/ idolaters/ALL non-Muslims) and kill them wherever you find them…” Sura 4:89;”

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“…I will throw terror into the hearts of the mushrikun/unbelievers/idolaters/ALL non-Muslims: smite you above their necks/behead them and smite all their finger tips off them. This because they contended against Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad): if any contend against Allah and His Messenger, Allah is strict in punishment.” Sura 8:12-13;

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“When you meet the mushrikun/unbelievers/ idolaters/ALL non-Muslims, smite at their necks/behead them…” Sura 47:4;

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“When (Ramadan) the sacred months are over, kill the mushrikun/unbelievers/idolaters/ALL non-Muslims wherever you find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them…” Sura 9:5;

Order issued by the office of the Governor for The United States of America on 11-08-2015, 

“IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that all metes and bounds of The United States of America are hereby closed to illegal immigration by the authority of its National Currency immediately due to the fact that the National Currency known as the Continental Dollar has already been issued.” LINK

The previous orders were amended to apply to General Post Office Division 3 instead of the Bank of North America, however, the orders were what the Military would refer to as a lawful order.

The Government of The United States of America did not issue an order for the sake of issuing orders. It was because it is the right thing to do to fight what all of the people came here to escape from and declared independence, fought and died to destroy, so the future generations could be free from totalitarianism.