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Published on 11-29-2015 by the American Herald


Dear Readers,

It was considered in the beginning of this article to name it “BEYOND TOTALITARIANISM”, however, Part 2 sufficed due to the nature of this article.  

Some of the committee members were surfing the net and found something that was written and placed on the following website that answered a lot of questions that American Nationals have about the States and the United States. LINK   and therefore our gratitude is hereby extended to those individuals that took the time to do the research and explain the findings.

The American Herald would like to expound on the findings made by that website owner into other aspects and point out the significance of their findings. Please keep in mind that none of the validity of the research is in question nor controversy. 

According to the research it reads:

“[T]he provision is, that ‘all persons born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens.’ That means ‘subject to the complete jurisdiction thereof.’ What do we mean by ‘complete jurisdiction thereof?’ Not owing allegiance to anybody else. That is what it means.”

This is a question answered that most people have been trying to answer for a very long time. So if we expound on the aforementioned statement, it brings up a few observations and according to the research, it also reveals the complete thinking of a couple of Senators at the time. 

1: Total allegiance in everyone’s thinking today would also include God meaning if one had total allegiance to something other than the United States, this would also include but not limited to God.  This would explain the removal of the ten commandments, removal of prayer in the schools, removal of the bible from anywhere except a church and the requirement of a 501c3 status of a faith based institution.

2: The statement “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” would mean that all Catholics are in violation or considered enemies of the United States because all Catholics have a certain amount of allegiance to the Pope, a head of state, foreign to the United States. 

3: The statement “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” also explains why evolution is pushed so hard from one generation to the next and why the Christians are persecuted because creationism and any type of allegiance to Jesus Christ would be deemed owing allegiance to someone else other than the United States.

4: The statement “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” also explains why a marriage license is required because citizenship is under privilege and not a human right. Therefore everything would be a privilege. Any type of protesting is considered an enemy act according to the meaning of the statement that was placed in the 14th amendment.

5: The statement “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” explains why property can be condemned at will because if anyone publishes the wrong thing that appears to be or is considered against the States or the  United States, then property can be taken quickly because property ownership is a part of the citizenship privilege. 

There are many points and examples that will help people understand the condition that they were born in and raised under. When someone is raised a certain way, it is hard for them to see their condition from an outside point of view.

It is obvious that the people today do not see the real intentions of the Senators that put the 14th Amendment together and debated over its wording. It is beyond totalitarian thinking. It was written in a way that is impossible for anyone to obey. It is impossible for people to place a government or country in front of God, family, love and relationships other than a government. It surely explains the existence of SPLC and why the Department of Justice praises its work in demonizing everyone.

Even when the current house majority leader mentioned that he wanted weekends for his family, it was debated as to whether or not he was fit to lead and it was explained that the particular job did not allow for weekends off. Total allegiance is required. Total allegiance placed the State(s) before our Father in Heaven.

It is hard for most to believe that the true nature of the United States and the States that put it together are beyond totalitarianism, however the wording speaks for itself. At least the requirements of totalitarianism can be achieved by some, beyond totalitarianism is impossible and therefore created for the purpose of perpetual war and conflict. If there is perpetual war and conflict, the United States never has to pay off its creditors and therefore the statement: “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” would or could also be interpreted as evading its creditors.


Link to the records of the wording of the 14th amendment