The psychology of Communism

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Published on 01-05-2015 by the American Herald


Dear Readers,

The psychology of Communism is a very simple concept. However, difficult to explain in a newspaper article.  

We can start out with a few questions to better understand:

1: How many decisions in the past 30 years that have come out of any court in any of the States or the federal courts that wasn’t the worst decision that could have been made in any court?

2: How many decisions out of the courts that have released criminals or have basically slapped the hands of a criminal and the honest and good people get twice the sentence for something that is minuscule in comparison? 

3: Why is it that there are more people in jail in America then the rest of the countries combined?

4: Why does a man or woman serve three years for a murder or rape and 20 years for killing an eagle or other animal?

5: Why do police clearly murder people on tape and there are no charges filed, released for whatever reason, back on the job after a 30 day paid vacation?

6: How is it that people can be killed by prison guards and nothing happens other than an investigation and the decision is normally not guilty  as a result of the investigation, when on tape it shows a clear murder?

All of these questions reveal a pattern of behavior. Each act that happens on a daily basis is done on purpose. The purpose is simple, conformity and obedience.  It is a form of training and has nothing to do with judicial decisions or government policy.

Here is what a communist wants:

1: The communists want people to believe the problem is greed and corruption.

2: The communists want people to believe that something cannot be fixed because the decision has already been made.

3: The communists want people to forget the past because there is nothing anyone can do about it now and concentrate on the future and we can all do better together. This happens when confronted with a crime committed.

4: The communists want people to believe that as long as people are obedient and loyal, they will never get hurt.  

The main goal is conformity. Conformity is a value just like a car or property. The reason why bad decisions are made, and mistakes are made is a form of training. The training consists of bad decisions, and the bad decision has to be obeyed otherwise the crime of non-conformity, also called an offense, has been committed against the state.

All laws in the communist party are not really laws, they are rules of conformity and to be obeyed. The rules must be obeyed even if the rule does not apply to the situation.  Political correctness is also conformity and not a law. It is a rule established by the communist party on what is authorized to say and what is not authorized to say.


If people protest a decision made by a court. The protesters are often called “anti-government”. Many would say  they have a right to protest, however, to a communist, the protester is anti-government because if the protester was a conformist, then the government can do no wrong and there is no reason to protest.

Everyone that criticizes a politician in Washington D.C. is either anti-government or committing some act of terrorism or could possibly be a terrorist in the eyes of a communist. The main stream media usually reflects this pattern.

Many people would say that free speech, gun rights, religion and other basic freedoms are a necessity to keep a government from becoming tyrannical. People that believe that way are terrorists, right-wing extremists, anti-government and dangerous to society according to the communist party. 

Why go through all of this training. The reason is simple, control over other people and their thinking is worth more than gold itself.  All of the minerals in the world are minuscule in comparison.  

Why spends billions to train a whole country in the pattern of conformity and obedience? Because the control and obedience can be bought and sold just like a well trained and powerful soldier.  A perfect obedient soldier is worth more then a military jet or a fleet. The return on the investment is enormous.

The civilian population will ask, what does that analogy have to do with everyday civilians? The conformity and obedience is for one purpose. People trained to conform and obey every command without protest or question will work for pennies on the dollar to support their political party.

Every communist country that has ever existed always pay their people next to nothing and live in run down public housing. They always drive cheap cars and have to watch government sanctioned television shows. They will always have a selection of government sanctioned clothing and food or school uniforms that are required. Public transportation is always free because it is paid through 70% to 80% taxation, however, the state is always struggling, always in debt, always corrupt, and can never supply the people with what they want because there are enemies everywhere and all over the world and those resources are needed by the government to protect the people. 

Does any of this sound familiar? and can anyone say “slave camp”?