State or Government owned Property?

Published on 01-07-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Dear Readers,

This article has been a long time coming. There have been some articles/notices published in the American Herald about the communist party. However, this article is going to cover a mechanism by which the particular party has been committing crimes against the people in America.

The country itself has been unknowingly representing itself as a communist country to the rest of the world. 

The people made a political decision to convert to communism without even knowing that a political decision has been made, recorded and documented. The decision was hidden within a private contract under a deceptive term. The deceptive term was re-defined in a law dictionary so the people would UN-knowingly make a political decision to change their political party to the communist party.

The whole plan was to create a real estate bubble which popped in 2007. There were three words placed in the deeds to define any transfer of property where the owner was transferring an interest in property rather than the property itself thereby the owner was never the real owner. When the words were added, it made the owner of the property a tenant and the State the owner that created a rent situation or a fixed fee that resembled a rent.

When a situation arises where the people live in State owned housing, former private property becomes public housing.  When a situation arises where the people were swindled out of private property ownership by  a cunning political party that exists illegally within a country, it becomes international crimes, political crimes and an act of war against said country.

When a candidate is running for office and calls himself a socialist, and that individual is not arrested right away, that is a problem.

There is a movie called “The Big Short” that explains in detail what happened in 2007 and why millions of people were forced from their homes. It is a highly recommended movie to watch.

The three words that were added to almost every deed are “in fee simple”. The words were cunningly placed in what is referred to as a “habendum clause”.  An habendum clause is not legally required to be added or a part of any form of deed in order that the deed is legally valid. All that is required is that the granting clause is present within the deed, yet the states will not record a deed without an habendum clause present and that the wording include “in fee simple”.

Fee Simple is defined here and also in blacks law dictionary as:

“Highest form of legal estate in freehold land denoting complete ownership.’Fee simple’ means ownership that will not end with the death of the present owner but will descend to his or her heirs. ‘Absolute’ means that owner’s rights of ownership are not limited by any condition. And ‘in possession’ signifies immediacy of those rights. Also called by its short form ‘fee simple.'” –

That definition of fee simple is a misrepresentation of the truth because the origins of fee simple are somewhat different in its definition and more expansive:

In English law, a fee simple or fee simple absolute is an estate in land, a form of freehold ownership. It is the way that real estate is owned in common law countries, and is the highest ownership interest possible that can be had in real property. Allodial title is reserved to governments under a civil law structure. Fee simple ownership represents an ownership interest in real property, though it is limited by government powers of taxation, compulsory purchase, police power, and escheat, and it could also be limited further by certain encumbrances or conditions in the deed, such as, for example, a condition that required the land to be used as a public park, with a reversion interest in the grantor if the condition fails; this is a fee simple conditional.[

Further, the word “fee” and its origins can be found here: LINK

in part it reads: “The word “fee” is derived from fief, meaning a feudal landholding. Feudal land tenures existed in several varieties, most of which involved the tenant having to supply some service to his overlord, such as knight-service (military service).”

These aforementioned definitions beg some simple questions.

1: Are the States operating as a monarchy or a communist state? They are definitely not operating as any form of republic where the people own private property where those metes and bounds of private property ownership make up the territory of the State. This is why communism is illegal and a threat to any country. The State cannot exist without private property ownership making up the States territory.

2: Why add and require an habendum clause to a deed when it is not required to properly convey property?

3: Why would a state want to retain allodial title to private property which would deprive the people of land ownership thereby placing the people in public housing?

4: Before the real estate bubble burst, why would the mortgage companies promote and train all of its employees to add “fee simple” to all of the deeds?

5: This is what it states on a mortgage QNA website: “Fee Simple is a legal form of ownership. This is the most common form of real estate title. In a fee simple ownership, you have “absolute ownership” subject to basic government rights such as taxation and subject to deed restrictions.” So how is something absolute if there are restrictions?  LINK

Therefore, this form of vesting implies absolute ownership even though in reality absolute ownership does not exist within the agreement. LINK

To clarify, fee simple means that the owner has a complete legal right to the owners interest in the property and not necessarily to the land itself which would mean that the property, if not privately owned would revert back to the state held as public property thereby converting all private property to public property and all homes to public housing.

6: Which political party promotes the people living in public housing and completely despises private property ownership?

It would be suggested that the people, if they do not like communism, either amend their deeds and record them meaning  the amended deed should remove the habendum clause which is not legally required to exist within any deed in order for the deed to be valid. (Habendum Clause: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD in fee simple absolute)

The people were politically deceived into making a political decision unknowingly switching to the communist party which is a crime under international law and  the law of nations of which the American Bar Association is a subject thereof.