Hammond Family; are they being helped?

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Published on 01-12-2016 by the American Herald


Dear Readers:

Please watch this video and challenge yourself to figure out what is wrong with this picture?


The first thing that jumps out is where is the county court order to take the fence down?

The Militia that took the federal building that belonged to Harney County Oregon has yet to establish law and order.

1: If there is lawlessness in a county, militia has the same restrictions as any military. It also has the same duties and responsibilities as any military in the world, if a military force is going to invade an area to assist the people.  

2: The militia has to find the mayor, track down the charter, call for a town meeting and appoint temporary office holders, verify the population by taking a census, then setup elections while upholding law and order during the process with regular patrols and answering to the concerns of the people.

3: There are many people claiming that the constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are not followed by the republicans and democrats, however at the same time violate the same documents. If one side does not following two simple documents, that does not give rights to the other side to violate the same documents while trying to enforce the terms on others at the  same time (two wrongs do not make a right). If there are leaders lacking, it is up to the people to take the lead, however, in this case of the Oregon issue, it appears to be an arena and an episode of the Jerry Springer Show.

4: Where are the rights of the people that work for BLM and their trial?

A: Where is the indictment from the county grand jury?

B: Where is their defense council of which as human beings the BLM employees are entitled?

C: When was their day in court?

D: When did the trial occur to take the fence down?

E: What is the difference between the federal district courts and the people of Harney County, Oregon? 

Further, the last question is: Which side is not violating the human rights of everyone in America and the duties and responsibilities of man?

During this episode of the Jerry Springer Show in Oregon, the Hammonds went to jail and are still there. Law and order has not been established when there has been plenty of time to do so. The militia has diminished themselves to private free lance mercenaries, and now the U.S. Military has the legal right to intervene to re-establish law and order as a military force.

We are sure the Hammond family is thanking the Bundy family for this one. The whole process has turned into nothing more then propaganda machine for a constitution and a bill of rights that has not had any real force and effect since the Pan American union of 1933, and nothing has been accomplished as far as any hint of justice for the Hammond family, if in fact their human rights have been violated.

On the other hand, people are very well aware that there is corruption in the judicial system and every other branch of the company, however, stooping to their level accomplishes nothing. The people have to be better then their leaders in order to earn the right to lead.