A Declaration of War on the Innocent by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir!


Published in the American Herald on 07-10-2021


An enormous amount of controversy has erupted from a video that has surfaced of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir (hereinafter SFGMC) declaring in song LINK that the gay community will be converting the children of parents with traditional values that may believe same-sex relations are not acceptable and such activity should not be tolerated in accordance with the Creator. 

Admitting within the song lyrics that the baal peor (gay) community is corrupting children LINK with the slow process of converting the children to homosexuality the members of the SFGMC are now under investigation for, but not exclusively for, violating all Public Laws-101 for declaring war on innocent children by means of Social Engineering and Communism as the SFGMC has made it clear that they are targeting a select age group to convert to the worship of the Baal Peor religion, therefore inciting the breaking up of family units. See video evidence of the declaration of war beginning at the 19 minute and 54 second mark of this International Public Notice: LINK

Further the SFGMC has claimed power of attorney for the gay community and there has been no statement from the members of the Congressional LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus serving as a resource for members of the U.S. Congress whether they approve or disavow the message from the SFGMC members leaving the question as to whether a response will even be given by the Caucus.

The lack of response to the song indicates that the Caucus approves of the message sent out to corrupt the children of traditionally parented children therefore the Congressional LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus may need to recognize their accountability for the actions of the SFGMC and the gay community since they have kept silent about the controversial video.

Wherein it states within the Gospel of Luke:

Luke:17:2 “It would be better for him if a millstone
is put around his neck, and he were
thrown into the sea, than that he should
cause one of these little ones to stumble.”

Being an obligation of all Nations to establish a public religion in accordance with the duties and rights of a Nation, the people for The United States of America have established a public religion through Article 3 of the Bi-Lateral Social Compact Agreement by and between the people for The United States of America on 09-01-2020 known as “the followers of the Way the Truth and the Life;” LINK

The authority to establish a public religion is cited below:

Excerpt from the Law of Nations Book 1 Chapter 12 Of Piety and Religion §129. Public establishment of religion

“The establishment of religion by law, and its public exercise, are matters of state, and are necessarily under the jurisdiction of the political authority. If all men are bound to serve God, the entire nation, in her national capacity, is doubtless obliged to serve and honour him (Prelim. §5). And as this important duty is to be discharged by the nation in whatever manner she judges best,—to the nation it belongs to determine what religion she will follow, and what public worship she thinks proper to establish.” LINK

The authority to protect and support the religion established by the political authority:

Excerpt from the Law of Nations Book 1 Chapter 12 Of Piety and Religion §131. When there is an established religion.

“When the choice of a religion is already made, and there is one established by law, the nation ought to protect and support that religion, and preserve it as an establishment of the greatest importance,— without, however, blindly rejecting the changes that may be proposed to render it more pure and useful: for we ought, in all things, to aim at perfection (§21). But as all innovations, in this case, are full of danger, and can seldom be produced without disturbances, they ought not to be attempted upon slight grounds, without necessity, or very important reasons. It solely belongs to the society, the state, the entire nation, to determine the necessity or propriety of those changes; and no private individual has a right to attempt them by his own authority, nor consequently to preach to the people a new doctrine. Let him offer his sentiments to the conductors of the nation, and submit to the orders he receives from them.”

The declaration of war on innocent children by the SFGMC to socially engineer children into direct disobedience with the Creator through the Baal Peor religion is a violation of Article 3 of the aforementioned social compact agreement by and between the people for The United States of America and a violation of the Law of Nations Chapter 12 §129 and §131.

These crimes rise to the level of capital crimes against society and are being investigated as attempts to convert children into a satanic religion.

Published by the office of the Special Prosecutor for the War Crimes Tribunal for The United States of America