Human Rights Defenders Reports!


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Published on 03-20-2016 by the American Herald


The following links contain complete comprehensive reports from The Human Rights Defenders International.

1: Report #1:  Treasury Report: LINK

2: Report #2: Chemtrail Report: LINK

3: Report #3: The Burgess Trust International Protest: LINK

Although the aforementioned reports are available to be used as exhibits within various court cases, the wording cannot be altered nor copied and pasted into other documents thereby mixing the subject matter of the report with other subject matter. The use of these reports are authorized to be used as EXHIBITS ONLY as supporting documents and references to support the cause of related courts cases. Particular paragraphs can be referenced as quotes, however it is strictly forbidden from using the references as the writers own material.  The source of the reference must be noted when quoted.

LINK to the Human Rights Defenders National Great Registry Publications.

More reports will be available as soon as the investigations are complete.