The Government of The United States of America is authorized by the Law of Nations to support this course of action taken by the people!

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As keepers of the constitution for the United States of America it is the duty of the Keepers to inform the people.

Presented by the Government of The United States of America!

The subject matter of the Public Notice within the video within the first minute or two is absolutely correct. The Government of The United States of America established a Human Rights Tribunal International which is a part of its Judicial branch of the Government of The United States of America that is with the proper jurisdiction to hear the case noticed within the video. 

The Government of The United States of America cannot support as it pertains to threats against police, federal employees, or any other kind of threat on facebook or the internet as a whole, etc… Any threats of loss of life and limb must cease and desist because of the human rights violations. The police and federal employees are caught in the middle. The people holding those offices are trying to correct the problem, but are being used and pawns and cannon fodder by the Bar Association(s). 

However, when the people are right, the people are right, and the Government of The United States of America must act to support the actions and course of action being taken within the Public Notice of the video.

The Trustee(s) of each Bar Association are exclusively responsible for any and all human rights violations committed by their Bar Association members.  Each Trustee knows that the revised statutes apply to members of the private Membership Association(s) and do not apply to anyone else that is not a member. The Trustee(s) of each Bar Association have been publishing lies and deceit by publicly claiming that revised statutes published and acted upon by the Bar Association(s), apply to the people of which are just the first of many nefarious acts perpetrated against the people. The Bar Members themselves are not responsible, it is the Trustee of the Bar Association that is responsible for all nefarious acts perpetrated by its members. The Bar Association is an international private membership association wherein the Human Rights Tribunal International is with the proper jurisdiction to hear any case brought against the Trustee(s) of any Bar Association.  Human Rights Violations are nefarious acts along with War Crimes where the Trustee of any Bar Association cannot claim privacy laws, civil torts, or any type of immunity from Human Rights Violations and the Human Rights Tribunal International. 

The Human Rights Tribunal also has jurisdiction over other associations as the subject matter pertains to nefarious acts in the form of Human Rights Violations including but not limited to the Clerks private membership association, Judges private membership association or any other private membership association. All rules, statutes, laws etc.. exclusively apply to its members. All members must be notified that they are members before any enforcement of any rule, law, statute, policy etc.. can be enforced against the member(s). Secret enrollments or deceitful enrollments are strictly forbidden by the Law of Nations and is a human rights violation which are nefarious acts in nature wherein the private membership association committing said acts are notwithstanding as a private membership association. Any private membership association openly claiming the immunity of a nation-state or government is notwithstanding in accordance with the Law of Nations.

Any claims of nefarious acts against any Trustee of any private membership association can be sent to: [email protected]. The defender sends the case to the office of the clerk of the Human Rights Tribunal where the case is filed and an initial hearing is scheduled.

Presented by the Government of The United States of America!


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