Published in the American Herald on 09-28-2021



In accordance with the Judgment and Order issued on Case # WCT20210803-000002 by the War Crimes Tribunal for The United States of America LINK in the matter of American National Union of The United States of America (hereinafter “Claimant”) versus Respondent(s), a Notice of Lien(s) is hereby declared for Respondent(s) now classified as fugitives as listed herein LINK and LINK for violating all 30 Articles of Public Laws-101, formerly classified as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The following fugitives are hereby subject to a lien in the amount of One Million Dollars (+1,000,000) each;


  1. Tim Seelig-
  2. Tim Rosser
  3. Charlie Sohne
  4. Paul Saccone
  5. Troy Iwata
  6. Daniel Quadrino
  7. Jonathan Amores
  8. Kenan Arun
  9. Jeremy Bauer
  10. Bryan Blair
  11. Tom Burtch
  12. Jilbrto J.esqueda
  13. Steve Gallagher
  14. Mitch Galli
  15. Raymond Mark
  16. Gonsalves
  17. Nick Harper
  18. Vinney Le
  19. Lawaence Lin
  20. Gregory Marks
  21. Andrew Marah
  22. Jeff McCow
  23. Aaron McRae
  24. Mark Mazan
  25. Eddie Reynolds
  26. Juan Popablo Pico
  27. Ayden Shaupe
  28. Jeff Sinclair
  29. Eric J, Sota
  30. Brian Abascai
  31. Sal Baglieri
  32. Dale Becherer
  33. Jeff Backar
  34. Sam Brendfield
  35. Timothy M. Cavenaugh
  36. Earl Friedberg
  37. Brad Gibson
  38. Michael Imprescia
  39. Clint Johnson
  40. James Kinney
  41. Randy Laroche
  42. Eric Mata
  43. Ray Omani
  44. Don Ruthroff
  45. Michael Tate
  46. Steve Valdez
  47. Jeffrey Mercury Vansciver
  48. David Shawn Wallace
  49. Michael Castro
  50. Devlon Clouser
  51. Rory Cox
  52. Glenn DeSandre
  53. Erik Ducut
  54. Roy Eldeberry
  55. Robbie Frederick
  56. Timothy Green
  57. Dave Hayes
  58. Link Hughes
  59. Jonathan Jones
  60. Sam Kimbrel
  61. Ray McCabe
  62. Rob Mitchell
  63. Mike Mykolalchuk
  64. Case Natziger
  65. Chris Padula
  66. Tom Paulino
  67. Robert Rufo
  68. Jeff Tolman
  69. Mark Wise
  70. Michael Bankert
  71. Frederick Baumer
  72. Jim Bohannon
  73. Miguel Bustos
  74. Esteban Manuel Caraba
  75. Kyle Carriere
  76. David A. Diaz
  77. Ray Fletcher
  78. Michael Freiedman
  79. Christopher Grant
  80. Geffrey Haass
  81. Steven Harvey
  82. Matthew G. Hastings
  83. Kevin M. Healy
  84. Tim Jackson
  85. David Laudon
  86. David Lowe
  87. Emir Paciab
  88. Paul Saccone
  89. Elliot Simon
  90. Chris Smith
  91. Scott Walton
  92. G. Shotz


  1. David Cicilline
  2. Sean Patrick Maloney
  3. Mark Pocan
  4. Mark Tacano
  5. Angie Craig
  6. Sharice Davids
  7. Chris Pappas
  8. Mondaire Jones
  9. Ritchie Torres

The Great Jury for the American National Union of The United States of America renders this Notice of Lien(s) with the authority from and in accordance with Article 15 of the Bi lateral Social Compact Agreement by and between the people for The United States of America wherein it states;

“Article 15: The people agree that in all indictments of agreement, the truth may be given in evidence; and if it shall appear to the Great Jury that the evidence is true, and published with good motives and for justifiable ends, the truth shall be justification; and the Great Jury shall be the judge of the law and facts”, and

The Great Jury Further Sayeth Naught,

William Emory Reffett, Trustee

Great Jury Foreperson

This 192nd Day in the year of Yahweh 6023, translated the 27th day of September in the Two Thousand and Twenty-first year of the new covenant in Yahushua’s name. LINK

Published by the office of the Special Prosecutor for the War Crimes Tribunal for The United States of America