NOTICE OF NEFARIOUS ACTIONS In the matter of Kaleb A. Kensmoe, Trustee to the Kensmoe Family Trust!

Published in the American Herald on 12-6-2021


The United States of America
NAC address: 70PHZ P5FJ2
State of Indiana judicial district #14
Address: 7S8TX PMKZ3
Human Rights Defender International
Email: [email protected]

To: Melanie A. Haynes, Sarah Mondragon and Krishnan Christopher Jayaram operating in the   District Court of Johnson County, the corporate subdivision of Kansas’ Civil Division (hereinafter collectively “Respondents”),


In the matter of Kaleb A. Kensmoe, Trustee to the Kensmoe Family Trust (hereinafter “Trustee”), having granted Limited Power of Attorney to WILLIAM EMORY REFFETT, PMA evidenced in Exhibit 1 within this Notice, it is now evidenced that Respondents are committing nefarious actions for declaring war on Trustee (War Crime), a foreign military member of the Continental Army, a Military Branch for The United States of America wherein the United States Federal corporation declared war on (March 19th, 2021) under the gold fringed United States Federal corporation flag witnessed throughout the corporate subdivision of Kansas’ private membership BAR association hearing rooms, and

Further, Respondents are attempting to take power of attorney over Trustee’s natural legal rights and obligations to Respondent’s child evidenced in Exhibit 2 within this Notice with a project named COPARENTER, therefore denying Trustee’s natural legal intangible rights to tangible private property (War Crime). Respondents do not have a Social Compact by and between Respondents and Trustee authorizing a body politic to administer legislation or justice, therefore Respondents are attempting to administer executive policies upon Trustee in violation of international Law, the codified Law of Nations Book I Chapter XIII Of Justice and Polity § 158 A nation ought to make justice reign, and

Furthermore, Respondents are attempting to force executive policies for experimentation of synthetic gene therapy upon Trustee’s children, evidenced in Exhibit 3 within this Notice, arbitrarily giving authorization to medical personnel over Trustee, therefore advocating for the New World Order agenda social compact as inscribed on the Georgia Guide Stones LINK in violation of Article 1 of the Nuremberg Code (War crime), and

In the matter of Respondents taking power of attorney over Trustee’s natural legal obligations and rights of earning emoluments to be distributed by Trustee’s own conscientious dictates, it is evidenced that Respondents failed to describe the specific currency to be distributed by Trustee to the other parent at Trustee’s own discretion. As the Federal Reserve Notes (hereinafter “promissory notes”) issued by the private Federal Reserve system have no substance or value, said notes are considered debt currency with no possibility to discharge debt, therefore considered currency for enslavement (War Crime), in opposition of positive National currency, the United Continental Dollar (hereinafter “UCD”) having substance and value. Upon Trustee’s own discretion, Trustee shall consider transferring UCD’s to the other parent accordingly, and

The Trustee to WILLIAM EMORY REFFETT, PMA (hereinafter “Special Prosecutor”) holds a position with the office of the Special Prosecutor for the War Crimes Tribunal for The United States of America, holds a position as General Post Master for The United States of America and is a member of the Continental Army. It is the duty and obligation of the Special Prosecutor to inform the War Crimes Tribunal of acts of aggressions that may constitute a declaration of war upon other Continental Army members (contrary to Exhibit 3 page 7) resulting in a charging instrument against Respondents responsible for such nefarious actions to be presented to the Judges within the War Crimes Tribunal to seek accountability for Respondents actions, and

A Notice of Default by the Government of The United States of America challenging the United States’ claim to be a government has been published in International Public Legal Notice herein LINK and shall serve as further evidence of Respondents nefarious actions operating a state within a State, a charge of Treason by Respondents (War Crime) as the original State of Kansas is held in trust within the metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America, and

Any further attempts of communication by Respondents shall be directed to WILLIAM EMORY REFFETT, PMA in accordance with the Limited Power of Attorney evidenced within this Notice and any attempts to circumvent said Power shall be filed as further evidence against Respondents, and

May this communication serve as better understanding that with Social Compacts by and between a permanent population of a State rights and obligations are preserved, whereas the non-alien residents of a state within a state are limited to privileges and benefits. Trustee’s rights and obligations shall not be forfeited to executive officers committing Treason upon the original State of Kansas, violating Article 1 of the Nuremberg Code and declaring war upon foreign military members.

Respondents shall be granted Ten (10) days to give rebuttal to

this Notice of Nefarious Actions or all claims within this

Notice shall stand as Fact.

Special Prosecutor Further Sayeth Naught,

William Emory Reffett, Trustee

Representative for Kaleb A. Kensmoe, Trustee to the Kensmoe Family Trust

Kaleb A. Kensmoe, Trustee
Kensmoe Family Trust

This 259th Day in the year of Yahweh 6023, translated the 3rd day of December in the two thousand and twenty-first year of the new covenant in Yahushua’s name. LINK