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Published by the American Herald on February 8th, 2015

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Many have been asking about the results of the Human Rights Tribunal cases. Here is the report:

1: In the Lanny Kay Talbot case: http://reignoftheheavens.com/…

A: The case was faxed to Risk Management according to procedure.
B: Risk Management did an investigation and found that the sheriff is making 109,000.00 per year, and the deputies are making an average for about 80,000.00 per year.
C: The highway patrolman that committed the human rights violations is no where to be found.
D: Five people were released after rick management made a visit.
E: The tort claimant is no where on the court docket and is being left alone.

2: All foreclosure cases have been stayed meaning they seem to go away except for one where the tribunal procedure was overlooked and that is being corrected now.

3: Carolyn Rousseau case: http://reignoftheheavens.com/…

A: Carolyn is still being held in the institution.

B: Nancy Doty won’t answer any phone calls or mail. She is refusing all service and we don’t blame her.

C: A quiet title action was placed in a civil court and an attorney is pleading to intervene on behalf of the defendants. This case is a rough one because it goes all the way to the United Nations. We will publish any results when available.

4: Most of the other cases have either gone away or just sit there waiting for something to happen. We can honestly say that the Human Rights Tribunal has made a major positive impact on the country as a whole. It is a court of record and was created and operates in accordance with Article 8 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right. ACIJ is trying to takes its place, but that is another story that will be published soon.

There have been some criticisms about the process as far as not notifying the human rights violators that there is a case or a claim against them. This is the reason for the case being sent to risk management and no arrest is attempted by the human rights defenders. It is up to the individual States to police their own and they are policing their own. However, no real jail time for the violators which is to be expected. If they did the arrest, then it would be the same as admitting that the Human Rights Tribunal has jurisdiction over the violators meaning State officers. These are the games that are played by the States under the U.S.

There have been really positive changes and the Human Rights Tribunal has many connections and has been welcomed in the International Community with open arms.
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The Government of The United States of America is declared a Home Rule Type!

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Published by the American Herald on 02-12-2015:

Dear Subscribers,

Many people have been asking what type of Government did the American Nationals form out of the original Confederacy, the answer is simple.

1: Home rule-noun: a form of government in which people have control in their own country, rather than being controlled by another country or empire.

2: Self-government-noun: a situation in which a country or region is governed by its own people, not by people from outside.

3: Self-rule-noun: the state in which a country or region is governed by its own people, not by people from outside.

Source: LINK

The confirmed American Nationals can definitely claim the National Government formed as the Government of The United States of America as a Home Rule National Government that elects its office holders. 

The Confederation Party would be classified the same as the Government as a Home Rule Political Party.

Another way to define a National Government is to declare what it is not:

Democratic Republic:

Usually, a “democratic republic” is not democratic and is not a republic. A government that officially calls itself a “democratic republic” is usually a dictatorship. Communist dictatorships have been especially prone to use this term. For example, the official name of North Vietnam was “The Democratic Republic of Vietnam.” China uses a variant, “The People’s Republic of China.”