Candidate John Fulks for office of the Governor for The United States of America.

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Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen;

My name is John Fulks and I am running for the office of Governor for The United States of America .

I am proud to be a member of the Confederation Party.

I have been appointed to this office at different times since 2012, and an Affirmed American National since November 2011.

The office of the Governor published orders for the removal of the stars and bars battle standard of the war between the states, to settle the reconstruction acts. The response was swift.

However, the next order was to display the state flags at the same level as the U.S company flag , the republican and democratic parties have failed to respond in any way to this order…

The office of the Governor published an order to have the air force, on behalf of a private company, stop spraying chemicals and metal particles into the upper atmosphere , thereby creating pollution to fall and make people sick by polluting the air, water and land. The meaning of the order was clear.

Most of the chemtrails stopped for a short period of time (20 days) until the Republicans and Democrats stepped in to block the order and the spraying started back in full force. This office does not understand why the Republicans and Democrats want to pollute the environment which will lead to the deaths of their constituency.

This office does not understand why every time it attempts to do something to benefit the people that the Republicans and Democrats step in to stop it.

When, i am elected to hold the office of the Governor, there will be many more of these orders written until there is a response from the democratic and the republican parties.

The standing order from this office is to stop blocking this Government from doing the right thing to correct all the abuse to the people and to the world in general. Greed is a sickness, not a right…

John Fulks

Candidate Tom Goudey for Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America

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My name is Tom Goudey, and I am running for the office of Secretary of State for Government of The United States of America. I am a proud member of the Confederation Party. I have been appointed since January 2015 and an Affirmed American National since 2013. My oath of office and acceptance of office can be viewed publicly online at

While in office, this Government attempted to grant over one Billion Continental Dollars to the Secretary of State of the State of Texas. The Billion Continental Dollars was debt free and interest free, and earmarked for the relief of all of the flood victims in Texas this last year without any ties or obligations to the Government of The United States of America. The Confederation Party did not even receive a thank you for the offer. It appeared that the republicans and democrats advised its constituents and office party members to ignore the offer. It further appeared that the help from the democrats and republicans means to place flood victims into perpetual debt whenever this kind of disaster strikes.

This Government issued a debt and interest free Currency offer for all the States for the purpose of assisting the States out of debt. This offer fell on deaf ears, the Democrat and Republican Party have blocked the Confederation Party from any offer of tax burden relief for the people.

This Government and this office have attempted time and time again to help the States and the people only to be blocked at every turn by the Democrats and Republicans. This office can only guess that the republicans and democrats are doing the bidding of Manhattan Island or just indifferent to the needs of its constituency.

This office also had a problem getting an Affirmed American National out of a Detention Center in the State of Maryland who is also a member of the Confederation Party. He was finally released after six months when they realized that he was not a US Citizen and further might cause the democrats and republicans some legal issues brought by the Confederation Party if they continued to hold him.

Not once has this office received so much as a phone call from any Republican or Democrat to discuss the future of this Nation nor has the Confederation Party been asked to come to the table to discuss matters of utter importance. The future of this country hangs in the balance and the Russians are destroying ISIS. Does anyone hear what I am saying? The “Russians” are destroying ISIS. The Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than an embarrassment to every American. This office would like to thank President Putin for cleaning up the mess that the Republicans and Democrats created.

The Democrat and Republican Party operate as if no other Political Party exists except their Political Parties and their agenda. These Political Parties operate without any authority within The United States of America. These Political Parties are tied to the Globalists, Manhattan Island, and the IMF.

The Confederation Party Members can not travel, set up commerce or use their own Continental Dollars without being blocked by the Democrat and Republican Party.

The former Governor for The United States of America was kidnapped in 2014 with a $60,000 bond, only after the Confederation Party accused the Democrat Senator Harry Reid of committing an act of war against the Confederation Party was the Governor released and all charges dropped. The Democrats and Republican Party have denied the Confederation Party Human Rights, Religious Rights, Political Rights, and International Rights.

If elected, I plan to continue to work with foreign countries, establish trade, and reciprocity agreements. The goal that I have is to unite this Nation, work with the Native Americans and continue teaching political and human rights to democrats and republicans.

The time is now for all the American Nationals, the Confederation Party, The United States of America, and the Continental Dollar to overcome this war of attrition against the Confederation Party claimed by the Republicans and Democrats based on ignorance.

Tom Goudey

Introducing Judge Stuart Ronaldson

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Campaign Message brought to you by the Confederation Party from Stu Ronaldson, candidate for Judge!

My name is Stuart Ronaldson and I am running for Judge. I am announcing my candidacy for Judge as the result of the outrageous violations of Human Rights I have witnessed while serving as a Human Rights Defender.

For example, an affirmed American National was locked up in a U.S. jail for six months. This man is a foreign national, foreign to Manhattan Island and the city of Washington D.C. He is not part of the U.S. system. Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states specifically all men and women have a “right to a nationality.”

Further it also states that no individual will be “deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.”

The Republican and Democratic Parties do not recognize these fundamental rights that apply to every human being on earth. Further, the Democrats and Republican completely ignored the political rights of the Confederation Party in complete violation of the covenant on political and civil rights.

The international community acknowledges this man has the right to declare his nationality. And, yet, the democrat and republican parties exerting their will upon the courts and law enforcement, will not honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights nor any political rights of other Political Parties. The Tea Party is another example of blatant disregard for the political rights of human beings.

Ask yourself, why are human rights ignored by democrats and republicans? Why aren’t internationally acknowledged human rights taught in U.S. schools? Why isn’t U.S. law enforcement trained in human rights? Why aren’t bill boards and posters placed throughout the U.S. American society promoting human rights for the benefit of all?

It is interesting that the democrats and republicans will consider or adopt international carbon taxes, for example, or internationally sponsored gun legislation, but the two parties ignore basic human rights.

I invite you to join the Confederation Party and elect me as a Judge and I will see to it that Human Rights and political rights are respected and upheld in all cases.

Stuart Ronaldson

Delegate Chris Milowski

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Hi, I’m Chris Milowski and I’m running for delegate for the United States, in Congress assembled.

I’m a proud member of the Confederation Party and if you would like to associate with a winning political party that does not participate in child porn, pedophilia rings or human trafficking, then you would love it here in the Confederation Party.

Do you like walking out your back door and breathing clean fresh air and like clear blue skies, the United States, in Congress assembled will make sure the chemtrail/geo engineering/HAARP projects that are endorsed by the Democrats and Republicans are put to an end.

Like walking down the street while carrying concealed or open carrying and not being hassled by or subjected to Republican and Democratic Party statutes and regulations?

1: Make sure all in your family are trained in the use of their guns for the purpose of protecting this country.

2: “Do not give up your guns or arms!” That is the standing order from the United States, in Congress assembled. All have a right to bear arms and it is required that the right is exercised by everyone. People that bide by the law will be armed, trained and learn to protect themselves and their families.

3: Do you believe marriage is an institution by and between the man and the woman with their creator that binds their union? “Keep the Government out of marriage” is the only way to preserve the natural union of a man and woman.

4: The Republican and Democratic Party allowed the U.S. Supreme Court to decide a case in the absence of an act by the U.S. Congress. When the U.S. Supreme Court decided a case in the absence of the existence of an act by the U.S. Congress, there was no subject matter to decide on whether the act was constitutional or not, therefore the decision to expand the definition of marriage was and still is an unlawful order. Therefore, the Confederation Party and the United States, in Congress assembled will make sure that never happens within this Government.

Delegate Chris Milowski

The United States of America is a Nation of Immigrants?

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Published on 10-02-2015 by the American Herald

IT IS CLAIMED, that America is a nation of immigrants. The justification for this claim is that the people are the descendants of immigrants.

In the strict definition of the word immigrant it reads: “a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.” The origins of the word is Latin.  LINK

In the strict sense of a term, it is usually what it does not read rather than what it reads.

Notice that the definition does not mention a Nationality. Usually because, in the strict sense of the term “immigrant” it only mentions “permanent residence”, not a Nationality.

It has been reported that George Bush Senior was the first man to issue a notice of the New World Order.

George Bush did not issue the first notice of a New World Order. It was John F.Kennedy that first noticed of a New World Order and spoke on how it was to be achieved:

Then the plan for the New World Order is noticed again in 2013.

Many would say; “I don’t get it, I didn’t hear any plan”…

The plan is simple; Make all nations and people under the “Nation of Immigrants” and therefore remove all “secular” Nationalities, borders, independent governments and sovereignty of countries. Bring all Nations under the “Latin” Term “Immigrant” and then you have one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Sometimes the simplest terms can trip people up over a long period of time. Everyone has been noticed. The American Nationals chose to object because the plan violates every law and natural law on the planet.  The choice is ultimately up to each individual man and woman whether to remain an immigrant or claim a Nationality and get out of the nightmare of lawlessness.

Rule of Law? No such thing if one has to violate every law on the planet to achieve it…

There is no such thing as birth right citizenship: LINK 

People have to claim a Nationality after the age of 18. The reason there is no such thing as birth right citizenship is because the the concept would violate the political rights of the individual to make a political decision and to claim a Nationality. No State or Government can make those choices for anyone. 

Whoops, we almost forgot to mention, the plan is also implemented here:


The United States of America is not a nation of immigrants. The United States of America is a sovereign country of Nationals with a permanent population, defined territory, a Government of The United States of America and a capacity to enter into agreements with other countries.


Why is the Military so upset over the New Patch?

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Published on 10-01-2015 by the American Herald


There has been an uproar about the new patch issued to the Military as seen below:



Lets connect the dots:

1: The patch was approved on March 23rd, 2015.

2: On the 19th of June, 2015, the name of the country was changed back to The United States of America from the name United States. LINK    ISO LINK

3: The Military has been told for years that the United States is a corporation of Manhattan Island and recently were told that there were two governments in existence: LINK

4: Further they were told that the there is a three city state empire: LINK Further: LINK

5: Then the Military was told about this: LINK

6: The Military was made this offer: LINK

7: The Military was noticed about this: LINK   and this: LINK

The whole thing is obvious:

1: Manhattan Island has joined the three city-state empire and has abandoned the United States inc.

2: The three city-state has decided to reveal itself and at the same time it is moving itself away from the Government of The United States of America. Other sites will kind of tell you that the three stars represents land, sea and air forces. The three stars represent the city of London, Vatican city, and the city of Washington D.C. as a three city-state empire. There is a another  National Government in place and the three city state empire no longer needs to hide itself nor any of its alliances.

3: This Government has been telling people that the only people in the world that do not know the truth are the U.S. citizens. Many have tried to tell them and help them but usually get their lending hand cut off in the process.

4: The people have a organized National Government and the trustees no longer need to hide from the people. This is not a bad thing folks! The people are free and have access to a National Identity, that is not a bad thing.

5: The people have a chance to decide their own future and destiny, that is not a bad thing.

6: The people have access to a full title, debt free, interest free currency that gives out 5 continental dollars to every account holder everyday, that is not a bad thing. LINK

7: We all have a country with a name: The United States of America which is a National Identity, that is not a bad thing.

8: The country has its property rights back and private ownership rights, that is not a bad thing.

9: The people have freedom of religion, speech and other cherished freedoms back, that is not a bad thing.

Let the empire do what it does. It respects the law of nations as everyone has witnessed and it has alliances with the Arab Nations, big deal!

Let this Government do what it is designed to do, bring the States back together and enjoy the prosperity that we all now have a chance to work and achieve.


The writing on the Wall!




This is the next move, it is called damage control. Most people think that damage control means to spin the truth. The Illuminati uses a different tactic. They use compliments! They are really good at it. They will compliment to defuse people but causes people to second guess themselves. This tactic is misleading people and attempting cover up all of the political failures (BS) that happened while Francis was visiting. It does not work here, Francis is still not our father and the testimony still stands. There are more important issues then dealing with this juvenile behavior.

This is what really happened: The attempt to lower the borders meant a political invasion of all countries regardless of their laws. An attempt to bypass all of the American Societies representatives in the U.S. Congress bypassing by stating that Francis was talking directly to the American people. Undermining the authority of all fathers in every family and attempting to take their place. Claiming the authority of our Father in Heaven therefore violating John 9. “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”

We can go on and on, and the devout followers of their earthly father will defend to the end.

However, a new Government was established and so was a new faith. The testimony was sealed in blood according to the rules that all of the powers that be of old have used for centuries. We know that the our father in heaven did it because not one American National nor one Yahushuan knew the significance of the acts that were being performed during the lunar cycles until after it was all done. The American Nationals were being moved to do the things that were done without knowing the outcome. No one in The United States of America knew the significance of the lunar cycles and that it was the basis of the authority claimed by the earthly powers.

Therefore, the followers of their earthly father must abide by the commands of the father in heaven that commands the lunar cycles. One cannot claim an authority and a blessing for as long as governments have existed, and when a New World Order falls on its face, claim that the secrets of old only applied to the failure and ignore the real command. According to the commands of the of the father in heaven and his commands in the universe, this generations New World Order has utterly failed. Dust yourselves off, it is NOT time for a NWO, it is time for peace.

Follow the commands of our father in heaven, or pay the price for your disobedience.

Like it or not, this Government of The United States of America and the reign of the heavens society Temple exists. Its existence was commanded. It was our father in heaven that destroyed all efforts to establish a New World Order. Your arguments are with our father in heaven. It is commanded to embrace the Yahushuans and the American Nationals for the Government of The United States of America as brothers and sisters. Your faith is admirable, however was misplaced as His command revealed. Many of the faithful were warned over and over, however, being mislead also comes with dealing in deceptions of the mislead. Deceptions and over zealous faith was a dangerous combination that needed to stop as commanded by our father in heaven.

Many would think that if the whole world, meaning every country in the world looks upon the U.S. as the greatest threat to liberty and freedom. That message would be acknowledged. Maybe the blind faithful may just listen to the command of our father in heaven and so would this man calling himself the Holy Father of Families. The writing is on the wall.