Affidavit of Fact in the matter of Allegations Presented by Iowa Department of Human Services!

Published in the American Herald on 2-11-2022


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Affidavit of Fact 

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Now comes, Noah Sammual Jacob Juhas, hereinafter “Affiant” with Facts on the matter of the allegations presented by Iowa Department of Human Services, Adult Protection Notification Registry Numbers D202200364, D202200366, D202200368 Claimant has first-hand knowledge and belief that these facts are true to the best of Claimant’s knowledge and belief, and

  1. Affiant was hired by AmeriServe International hereinafter “Ameriserve” to provide in home aid services to persons in a group home with disability’s, including a wheel chair for some, and
  2. Affiant’s duty’s included care such as cooking meals, administering medications, checking blood sugar levels, helping household residents to and from bathroom, and supervision, and
  3. Affiant’s hours were from 3:00 PM UTC-6 to 11:00 PM UTC-6 as stated to Affiant by AmeriServe supervisor known to Affiant as Kassie hereinafter “Respondent 1”, and
  4. Affiant states that there was a brief class on the administering of medications however Affiant was told not to fill in answers, That AmeriServe staff would tell Affiant what to fill in as answers, and
  5. Affiant was trained to take blood sugar readings once by the “house lead” known to Affiant as Britney hereinafter “Respondent 2”, but neglected on how to interpret the readings and was told to input readings into a computer, and
  6. Affiant, after employment had ended, did some research on found that AmeriServe did not have a gait belt that is required to move a person from a wheelchair to any other place, and
  7. Affiant was told to write things in the log that did not occur by Respondent 2 such as: “Staff gave verbal praise + one for ‘John’ putting his dishes in the sink.” Affiant did question here that the statement was false and was told by Respondent 2 to put in the log anyway, being Affiant’s superior Affiant complied, and
  8. Affiant states that later in the week on Affiant’s shift a new staff member had joined on Affiant’s shift known to Affiant as Jamie hereinafter “Respondent 3”. Later on Affiant had knowledge of Respondent 2 being no longer part of AmeriServe, and
  9. Affiant assumed that Respondent 3 was a house lead due to Respondent 2 being terminated from employment via text message that Affiant received, and
  10. Affiant states on (January 6th 2022) had to make arrangements for transportation to and from work. When Affiant’s shift had ended no one showed-up for the next shift, and
  11. Affiant called Respondent 1 for a different residence at or about 11:15 pm UTC-6, and
  12. Affiant states Respondent 1 replied: “OH, shit I forgot to ask Tree to come in”, and
  13. Affiant’s transportation was there to pick-up Affiant, and
  14. Affiant states that after some time Respondent 1 was calling people to find someone to fill the next shift, and
  15. Affiant texted and called Respondent 1 that she needed to stop trying to find people to fill the next shift and it is her responsibility to fill the shift herself and worry about the details later as it was getting later and Affiant’s transportation was getting impatient, and
  16. Affiant states that on or about 11:50 PM UTC-6 Respondent 1 showed up for the next shift about an hour after Affiant’s scheduled time, and
  17. Affiant states that on January 11th 2022 that after Affiant’s shift was completed yet again no was there for the next shift, and
  18. Affiant states that phone calls were placed to Respondent 3 at 11:15 PM UTC-6 with no answer and no voice mail phone just hung-up, and
  19. Affiant states that on or about 11:40 PM UTC-6 called a number on the house white board 402-871-7530 Affiant presumed that this was a supervisor as it was the only number on the white board, and
  20. Affiant states that calling the office would have little effect due to it being closed, and
  21. Affiant states Affiant left his shift at 12:00 AM UTC-6 (midnight), and
  22. Affiant states Affiant made good faith attempts to rectify the issues with the next shift, and
  23. Affiant states that due to experience and witness of supervisors for AmeriServe, said supervisors are not qualified to hold those positions, and
  24. Affiant states that it’s not Affiant’s responsibility to act as a supervisor nor was Affiant trained to be a supervisor, and
  25. Affiant states that AmeriServe has full liability for the actions by Iowa Department of Human Services, Adult Protection Notification Registry Numbers D202200364, D202200366, and D202200368 due to breakdown of services of AmeriServe which Affiant presumes is a violation with the state of Iowa Department of Human Services and possible Medicare fraud, and
  26. Affiant states that AmeriServe did not provide proper training (instructed to fill in answers provided by AmeriServe), and
  27. Affiant states that AmeriServe did not have equipment required to move persons in a wheelchair, and
  1. Affiant states that AmeriServe staff told Affiant to falsify documents, and
  2. Affiant states that AmeriServe used Affiant as a scape goat when their staff was not able to cover the contact obligations of AmeriServe made to state of Iowa Department of Human Services, and Medicare, and
  3. Affiant concluded that AmeriServe had made a determination to submit three (3) actions of dependent adult abuse to the state of Iowa Department of Human Services to cover their breach of contract evidenced herein to cover their lack of staff, and default of obligations to state of Iowa Department of Human Services, and Medicare, and


Respondents 1, 2 and 3, under the supervision of the Board of Directors for Ameriserve LINK have arbitrarily circumvented liability for the aforementioned events, recorded by Affiant, and arbitrarily terminated Affiant for allegations of dependent adult abuse wherein Respondents 1, 2, 3, and the Board of Directors are liable for. The responsibility of continued obligations to provide service for those persons with disabilities by employees for Ameriserve is not the responsibility of Affiant. Affiant’s recorded time schedule was fulfilled and upon failure of obligations by supervisors to provide relief for Affiant, Affiant made adequate attempts to contact supervisors regarding the aforementioned circumstances, without remedy, therefore the damages incurred upon clientele lays solely upon Ameriserve, and

Course of Remedy

 Affiant seeks relief from allegations of adult abuse entered by AmeriServe and issued by the state of Iowa Department of Human Services stated in the Affidavit of Fact are to be stricken from Affiant’s name and any record thereof, and

Affiant seeks Justice for the victims in exhibit #1, 2, and, 3 wherein AmeriServe has failed their obligations to the victims for lack of any competent structure, leadership, and planning, and

Affiant seeks justice for placing injustice on Affiant due to lack of AmeriServe providing the necessary provisions in place to cover the obligations entrusted to AmeriServe for the amount to be determined by the Human Rights Tribunal for persecution of person, Bering false witness, breach of trust, fraud, sabotage of job, and withholding evidence, and

Affiant seeks justice that Medicare and Iowa Department of Human Services is notified of the facts of the matter of AmeriServe be reprimanded for their actions herein, and

Affiant Further Sayeth Naught,

//Noah Samuel Jacob Juhas//

This 357th Day in the year of Yahweh 6023, translated the 11th day of February in the two thousand and twenty-second year of the new covenant in Yahushua’s name.